Paris France UFO December 2014! Recorded From Seine River Eiffel Tower Sighting

Another UFO video from Paris, France recorded from the Seine River on a boat, the camera was facing the Eiffel Tower. A female tourist was with her kids as she filmed this remarkable video….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Paris France UFO December 2014! Recorded From Seine River Eiffel Tower Sighting: 24 комментария

  1. All the cameras in the world, all the technology yet nothing… Yet we can
    find them daily on 100-300$ electronics. Plenty of people with thousand
    dollar cameras/recorders and yet, they never catch them… I’m waiting for
    something not grainy.

  2. I think that I would miss 99% of these types of daylight sightings IRT. It
    isn’t until he slows everything down and shows us where to look that I even
    see them in the videos. Imagine how much is up there that the average
    person doesn’t see. 

  3. This is definitely one of the most tantalising footage I’ve ever seen… It
    is probably a drone that just had to get brazenly closer to get a closer
    peek 🙂 This planet is definitely being surveyed by much older
    civilizations from either this galaxy or further away…

  4. The problem is that these new «drones» that are available to regular people
    now are going to be everywhere which will add to the problem of identifying
    these things. I think we’re in for a surge of sitings coming up
    (especially right now as I’m certain a lot of folks wanted these for
    Christmas lol) In all seriousness though, the drones and 4 propeller
    choppers are going to flood the skies and it’s not going to be helpful !!!
    Too bad cell phone camera’s are soo shitty

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