Paul Hellyer Former Defence Minister of Canada — UFO’s, free energy and the global financial fraud At 89, former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer is still as active as ever, and deeply engaged in a wide variety of wor…
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Paul Hellyer Former Defence Minister of Canada — UFO’s, free energy and the global financial fraud: 23 комментария

  1. Paul Hellyer’s been fed a huge steamy load of bullshit concerning ETs and
    it really shows his weak mentality since he’s obviously fallen for the
    stupid crap. Talk about *Mr. Gullible!*

    That said, he’s pretty much spot-on as far as everything else.

    (The ET thing is all made up as yet another power grab by the world self
    anointed «elite»» crime cabals. They’ll make a big *BIG* try to convince
    you stupids ETs are here *very* soon!)

  2. Stop Knocking Paul Hellyer hes the highest ranking believer in UFOs and if
    anyone has a right to say if its real or not its him and he didnt believe
    any of it till about 10years ago hes a logical person not crazy, Cant you
    see if hes right we might all reach an equal world and better world or lets
    leave it and all get killed in WW3 shall we?Idiots!

  3. the QEG and SEG is out and blossoming in many countries … which quite
    frankly alarms me because … where is the suppression … and if the
    suppression is not coming from psychopathic men then maybe … a natural
    cataclysm is on it’s way …. the scary thing is is I can almost prove one
    is …. is that denial? 

  4. The Bible is not an example of disguised flowery description of aliens.
    Rather, it contains warnings about the sort of thing the aliens are
    involved with. As far as I can tell from research online, and confirmed by
    one dying scientist’s videos, some time ago the aliens struck a deal with
    the devil, a fallen angel, and being already hive mind telepathic before
    that, are readily directed or at least influenced by him and by his evil
    angels, and these piggy back on the alien telepathic signal and in turn
    affect humans. BEWARE. meet an alien? exorcize him/her/it.

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