Phil Schneider ★ Dulce New Mexico Underground Base Secret UFO Alien Agenda ♦ Last Lecture

Phil Schneider ☆ Dulce New Mexico Underground Base Secret UFO Alien Agenda ♢ Last Lecture In May, 1995, Phil Schneider did this lecture on what he had discov…
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UFO Sightings Father And Son Abducted By Aliens! Incredible Accounts 2015 Plus Insight to Last Weeks Incredible UFO Videos Submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon..With commentary from Dr J and Johny.
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Phil Schneider ★ Dulce New Mexico Underground Base Secret UFO Alien Agenda ♦ Last Lecture: 24 комментария

  1. UFO Sightings Father And Son Abducted By Aliens! Incredible Accounts 2015
    Plus Insight to Last Weeks Incredible UFO Videos Submitted to
    Thirdphaseofmoon..With commentary from Dr J and Johny Webb!

  2. Blake i think that u and your brother are doing the right thing on your
    channel. Everybody really need to open there mines and eyes about all this.
    I being a subscribed for a long time now on your channel. And i believe
    that there are things that are in the sky. Myself i also have seeing things
    in the sky that i can’t explain. Not to long ago about 4 weeks maybe i was
    outside just looking up in the sky and i see this big silver thing going
    cross the sky and i just look at it and it didn’t make no sound it was not
    a plane from far because it was close but large and long it move slow. I
    just look at it in still it was gone. Yea it shock me but it was something
    amazing that i ever seeing be for. I’m always looking up, because u will
    never know what u mite see. Keep up the good work Blake and your brother.
    Its good that u guys do this. People need to wake up about UFO!!!!!!!!

  3. I just had 2 sightings the past week, orb like objects that vanish into
    thin air
    one of them was just 10 minutes ago, I usually don’t see them that often.
    The last one was 5-6 days ago, there two of them side by side also vanished.
    Not sped off, dematerialized.

  4. NASA = COWARDS. Remember, NASA is NOT the benign, civilian agency that can
    do no wrong. It’s a MILITARY agency, answering to the department of
    defense. Look up the NASA charter, even states it. Also, Presidents
    don’t have the clearance, HE’s on a need to know basis…..Carter tried and
    he was threatened. I think JFK was killed because he tried to get a JOINT
    US-Russia moon mission and end the cold war 30 years early. Also, NASA was
    run by hardcore Nazi scientists, guilty of horrible war atrocities.

    One reason for cover ups…according to Dr. Greer, with whom I agree with,
    said is for Oil and the petrodollar empire. When word gets out that we are
    NOT alone, people, smart people will ask, «what makes the spaceships run?»
    Obviously they don’t run on unleaded…and the oil industry and public
    utility in general is a multi BILLION dollar industry….you think big oil
    will step aside and let superior energy sources come out, and pretty much
    ELIMINATE energy bills, no more digging stuff out of the ground to burn,
    and have it where EVERY 3rd world country can have free, clean, safe
    energy? No, the big oil industry is gonna fight it….WE gotta fight
    BACK. Or do you PREFER a dog-eat-dog, survival of the most economically
    viable, world run by artificially created, and maintained status quos?

    Choose…..REAL FREEDOM or continued slavery and misery to those elite few
    who don’t give a smeg about us, the planet or life in general.

    I chose the former, AND to see for myself the beauty and wonder of life
    beyond the earth, amongst the universe. Don’t like it? I’m sure there’s a
    lot more Kim and Kanye videos out there you can go watch, and let us, the
    real adults, witness something wonderful, mmmmmkay?

  5. I find it strange that the «thing» in the sky is squarish — I’ve seen a
    time-release photo captured by a retired police officer of a UFO AND its’
    «portal» — it was a tapering spiral shape. The only thing I can think of
    (other than some HAARP effect, but again, HAARP works in circles in all the
    recordings I’ve seen) is a craft sitting there with a fake cloud cover.
    This effect has been documented only once that I’ve seen, but it was
    brilliant! It showed the edge of the craft where the fake cloud cover was
    too short. Great catch, Stephan. Cheers! 

  6. For ‘the record» my brother and I ( 65 & 59 ) were awestruck to witness two
    hovering beside each other only (approx.) 100 ft. above us, in heavy
    traffic. July 10, 2014 10:35 p.m. still light outside in Thunder Bay,
    Ontario, Canada. I’m ready to greet n’ meet our galactic sisters and
    brothers. P.S. Only a few people believe our sighting, if that. 

  7. this guy who tells been abducted seems to me honest, other times other
    callers don’t, I do not judge anyone Mr. Cousin but this is youtube made to
    watch and share comments!
    thanks and keep your eyes on the sky, I’ll see you next time, here on third
    phase! wokkom backkkk!

  8. I can easily tell you why it is still being covered up, have you forgotten
    about religion I mean the Catholic Church?
    We are supposed to believe that the bible 100% true and is the word of g0d
    even though it was written by human beings…
    Food for thought huh?

  9. And the negative ET abductions, the really sinister one, I hear are done by
    US……we go the technology to both make AVP, alien reproduction vehicles
    and PLF, program life forms…essentially ‘organic robot’ with computer
    circuits in their neural pathways, to make a fake ET invasion to ‘unite’
    earth to fight the ‘evil aliens’ ala Starship Troopers under a totalitarian
    regime….like Gulf of Tonkin to the next level, or 9-11.

  10. I have a samsung smart tv im watching this from it right now and the smart
    electricity meters we said no to because of hacking and spying but iv
    removed the app and program off my newish tv so the camera and voice
    cammands are obsolete! ! Iv been watching your show for the past year
    through it so no doubt they’ll have some tap on this as im getting more and
    more convinced every minute about things theres just to much unexplained
    things that have happened around here recently in UK! For example above the
    river high up sat a silver ball everyone has seen it and talked about it it
    was in the same place for exactly 3 days!! Looking on to the school and
    housing estates etc then the 4th day get this! There was a vauxhall blimp
    bloon in its place the day after it disappeared and you can now clearly see
    the ties going straight to the garage! So im waiting to see what has to be
    said about it i bet you any money they’ll say it was juat an advertisement
    bloon!!! But its a blimp not a silver ball with no strings so im diying to
    find out what they say this was! I’ll write again and update you! 

  11. if snowden REALLY keeps back essential information und EBEs… wow honestly
    i think if that is the case he should sacrifice his life and release ALL
    information. a full disclosure is far more important than a single human

  12. By no means we shouldn´t make a mountain out of a molehill but that´s
    exactely what you guys from thirdphaseofmoon are doing by posting anything
    but nothing we do know much and speculating about oddities (a space gate,
    tall whites ..).
    I think you need only one serios agency in the US to serve as a contact
    point for so called UAP observations. That´s maybe the most urgent problem
    to solve. Just like the UAP cases at all (95 to 98% are allegeable), the
    here posted footages in the same proportion are allmost about crude
    phantasties or contributions from self explaned ufo-gurus from virginia who
    can call ufo´s on their demand or talk to them. The whole issue is out of a
    scientific point of view less investigated (officially) and instead of
    talking about hard facts (radar data, observations from credible experts)
    phantasy plays a major role. As long as we are able to hear such phantasies
    i agree that your socity isn´t really ready for disclosure you need to
    bring the people first back down to earth. To make a long story short you
    disoblige a serios disclosure but feed the mass of disinformation which is
    omnipresent here at youtube. Scientific works out from axioms, that means
    you have to proof the basics first before talking about speculations. What
    i mean with serios ufology is for instance the approach from leslie kean in
    her last book which has absolutely nothing to do with speculations. But
    maybe the way the people from the US react to this topic in general is
    because of the lack of official connections and links to institutes like
    the FAA, or the air force which has closed their investigations with blue
    book (officially). I don´t want to explain anything away, i´m not a heady
    debunker but a soft disclosure means to deal facts instead of enforcing
    phantasies which aren´t evidenced. And a soft disclosure (making the whole
    society aware about this phenomenon) is the most likely development i see
    for the US, because you never get the support from your government i

  13. Dolores Cannon is probably the most well-known hypnotherapist on UFO/Extra
    Terrestrial interaction and she says we agree to the experience, on a
    higher level of consciousness. 

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