Planet X, Nibiru, Aliens, and UFO’S. Still Don’t Believe?

Made for content. Warning, viewer discretion is advised. Nothing in this video should scare you (find out why by watching it and listening, too). It’s 2014, …
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Planet X, Nibiru, Aliens, and UFO’S. Still Don’t Believe?: 25 комментариев

  1. what is most unbelievable is not the video/doc but the comments of the
    people that clicked onto this page that dont believe,want to call it
    BS,hoax,»do the greys taste like chicken»wtf?why are you here? you dont
    want to open your minds to these ideas and videos so why waste your time
    here,go get high on celeb news & tweets,go instagram &facebook yourself to
    death,its more comfortable in the darkness of denial,thats how your
    government wants u,stupid & skeptical of the»unknown»

  2. The very fact this video cites Sitchin proves the creators have no idea
    what the hell they are talking about. Sithin was debunked years ago. He was
    a total hack and a terrible human being as he lied to the public for
    finincial gain (ie- book sales).

  3. This is so obviously bullshit, do people want these things to happen? Do
    people have such uninteresting lives their okay with the entire planet
    being void of all life? What a bunch of assholes.

  4. Found written, about the war in Heaven, are subjects that over ride much
    infomation with in this video, thoe interesting how much truth is twisted
    and slaped together, trying to convince watchers that we are of alien off
    spring, and avoidong talking much about God’s Flood, and sounding like it
    was no big event. If the real Book Of Angels was also researched, they who
    put this together may have really been on to something.

  5. The Pattern in 8.0 Earthquakes indicates that Planet X passed by last year
    — this is supported by Meteorite Debris Peaking between 2013 -14 as
    recorded on the American Meteorite Society Fireball Reports.

  6. Man if you gonna edit something like this, please have a little more of
    sense, there are several theories but any of these have a conclusion. ok we
    get the message even in the US congress there´s statements about Aliens but
    nowadays we have to suggest or even within the scientific method we could
    be able to figure out what, where, and who exactly is or are the Masters.
    don´t you see?
    We have the clues and is like puzzle, we only have to fit the pieces.

  7. No i don’t believe. I’m not a fool. i don’t believe half the paranoid
    bullshit you people try to scare people with. It’s pointless to worry about
    something you have no control over. 

  8. Werewolf at 1;20;00, looked exhausted, nothing a belly rub, a bowl of
    water, & a stick to chase wouldn’t have sorted.
    Who’s a good boy, hey, who’s a good boy.

  9. this is a lie from the devil.. the devil will decieve people thinking
    aliens are real and really they are demons … god created heavens and the
    earth and everything in it so dont believe this junk from the devil … and
    repent and get batized and batism of the holy spirtit to know the truth and
    ur eyes will be open right now who believes in this junk ur in a strong
    delusion from the devil and if u wanna see clearly repent.. god is coming
    for his people this generation but know one knows the day or the hour…

  10. 15:46, it’s a fairy going for a swim. Seriously, notice the plant leaves
    being blown in the wind on the far left, just light reflecting the leaves
    into the camera lens and mirror and windows reflecting things. If you look
    closely at 15:39, you can plainly see the exact mirror shape of upper most
    tree leaf at the far left being reflected right in center of camera lens
    which gives the illusion of it coming out of pool. Nothing but light
    distortion from the pool, and shadows 🙂 That crap can be seen all the time
    in security cameras.

  11. at an hour and fifteen minutes some idiot starts talking and this video
    becomes dumber than talk radio, it may be a talk radio segment in fact I’m
    referring too…

  12. SERIOUSLY!!! Watch from 1:16:30…. That is the funniest thing I have seen
    for ages… A guy walking through a field with his video camera which is
    shit quality… «Tum te tum, I think I will casually pan round to see if
    there is anything of interest…. Oh my God!!» Priceless.

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