Rambo Amadeus @ UFO 2013 (Intervju)

Rambo Amadeus @ UFO 2013 (Intervju)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

A close look at the footage shows the object was hit by an missile or something . Ufo Shot Down Meteor over Russia Russian Meteor NOT FAKE.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Rambo Amadeus @ UFO 2013 (Intervju): 31 комментарий

  1. Kao prvo, nek se javi car sa 0:09 jer ga čeka besplatna piva! Svaka čast. A
    Rambo Care, ako slučajno pogledaš ovaj intervju, molim te izvini na
    prekidanju i blebetanju — bio sam pijan k’o krdo divljih Isusa. Don’t
    happy, be worry

  2. I think that is not an UFO. This is some kind of top secret aircraft.
    Russia and USA have this technologies for a long time. Here in Russia we
    got places, where such «UFO’s» appears very often. Sometimes u can not only
    see. but hear the voice of working engins. I belive, that in US it’s all
    the same thing. Our governments hiding the truth and continious to testing
    such objects. I don’t belive the aliens really cares about people of

  3. I can see why you would think that- and here we are, humanity being
    oppressed by our corrupt and greedy govt., that has hidden our true
    history, bilked us out of trillions of dollars, attacked other countries
    around the world just to acquire their assets, when they told the American
    people they were going into Iraq, they lied and said Hussein had «weapons
    of mass destruction» they had none but they pulled a museum heist, like the
    thieves they are, they assassinated thousands of our people,,between 9/11
    and whistleblowers! It’s one false flag after another, and the freakiest
    thing is people here seem like they are in a daze, or they just express
    apathy over any govt.corruption, it’s like they are mind controlled- very
    few of us can see thru the bullshit, and that drives those of us who do see
    through, nuts! They are so entrenched in denial I don’t know how we will
    reach them! This «shadow govt. Has deceived us over and over again, I don’t
    think Russia is as oppressed as we are now in the US, but Putin must have
    to play along to a certain extent, no?

  4. you can only see this «UFO» at this camera cuz its not «UFO» its just light
    and window from the car… in other videos u cant see this… see original
    video and you will see… ufo hehe wtf….

  5. Also, those were not ours or yours, trust me- we have the capability, but
    we are a long ways from mastering those maneuver skills — our Black Ops
    pilots try to practice these maneuvers in Nevada, but still cannot remotely
    do anything like that just yet so it’s probably ETs. They also destroy and
    disable nuclear warheads, it was definitely them! Now which «THEM » and
    «WHY»? That’s a whole different thing! Are they protecting the planet? Us,
    their «livestock», again, Us, lol, or do they truly function in higher
    consciousness? I think many do- just my opinion.

  6. Это был звездолёт, а не метеорит. Как может цилиндрическое тело
    километровой длины быть метеоритом?! То, что поразило его, выглядит как
    энергетический выброс наподобие солнечного, что наводит на мысль о наличии
    обладающего интеллектом силового купола.

  7. My god… The aztecs were correct, back then they replied saying the world
    would end in 2012 but there calendar was backwards! So this is saying the
    world will end in 2021, unless we could protect ourselves, also, if we die,
    the aliens die, so theres a 78% chance they could save us!

  8. Keep being a skeptic. See how far that gets you. That craft entered and
    exited our spectrum of vision. That is technology that exist and it is
    technology that is being used, by all races, all species. 

  9. I guess we can leave it to the «experts» to tell us that this was a natural
    explosion, but then again those same experts never warned anyone that this
    large rock was coming, and from what we can see going on in this corrupt
    world the powers that be hold a tight grip on the way things are running.
    2/15/13 we saw this and another bigger asteroid come so close to us that it
    was underneath our own satellites. But what Bizarre story broke one day
    before all this happened on 2/14/13? The Oscar Pistorius murder story from
    south Africa «coincidentally» grabbed all the headlines and the attention
    away from these events. A story that I believe Hollywood would even have a
    hard time writing up.

  10. After I saw the 1st one at the beginning that was enough for me with your
    dramatic music lame! It is a reflection off of the glass or window you

  11. Two nights ago I was attempting to get your attention to what seemed to
    have shot through that asteroid or meteor. Instead, here is a more subtle
    version of what I was trying to convey to you.
    Whatever it was shooting right through it did not lose any velocity.

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