Retired Pilot Saw ETs at UFO Crash Site

Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham says he visited the site of a crashed UFO in 1955 near Del Rio, Texas, where he saw the bodies of three non-human entities inside the ruptured hull of the…
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Retired Pilot Saw ETs at UFO Crash Site: 13 комментариев

  1. Colonel Willingham is telling the truth. He is my friend and is 86 years
    old. At this time he is not doing real good having suffered a stroke and
    living in the nursing home..

  2. I was 13 when this incident occured. It was on all the radio station, full
    coverage. The following day, all the radio stations retracted their
    stories. Finally, the truth is being told. Imagine the torture that the
    survivors of that crash endured? Welcome to Earth. ~Mike~

  3. After listening to the entire two programmes with the colonel, you KNOW
    he’s talking the truth and nothing but the truth — or I’ll be damned…
    Great job by Jeff!

  4. I certainly believe him. His voice tone tells me he is talking about
    something that definetly he saw or he believes he saw. How something like
    this never got any publicity . Isn’t there any news or articles in Mexican
    side of this sory?

  5. He’s telling the truth! Or a very good faker. Sad when people don’t beleive
    these witnesses. They are not all faking. At least one of them is telling
    the truth. Just keep that in mind! 🙂

  6. @Armookie — Agreed! Too much weird, unexplained things out there to be
    brushed off so lightly. I personally think there’s truth wrapped up in
    people’s conspiracies, making a bizarre story. I mean, seriously. There’s
    paintings of saints from the 10th century with UFOS on ’em. Can’t say
    they’re clouds when some of them have lights like port holes.

  7. The fire and smoke makes me think fuel. Which makes me feel earth made. Not
    to say that ET was not involved. The rumor is, the earth and Some ETs have
    made a deal and this may be part of that.

  8. Why was this story not in the national news then, or for that matter,
    now.Where is the crash debris and the bodies?Where are all the
    witnesses?All of this proves to me even more so of a massive coverup @ the
    highest levels of government.The truth should be told that in fact we are
    NOT alone and that the world is ready for disclosure.

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