Richard D Hall — November 2013 — The Berwyn UFO Cover Up

Richard D Hall - November 2013 - The Berwyn UFO Cover Up

Richard D Hall’s November 2013 monthly broadcast and his film «The Berwyn UFO cover up». Evidence for UK government and military disinformation regarding one…

Exclusive Video Captured by Stan Romanek Famous Alien Abductee Wakes Up Neighborhood To Witness A UFO! Incredible Footage! Captured September 6, 2013 Colorad…
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Richard D Hall — November 2013 — The Berwyn UFO Cover Up: 40 комментариев

  1. this is a grt rainy day documentary. I have never heard of the Berwyn UFO
    I would love to visit the little villages surrounding the landing site.

    Would love to rent a #AUDI and drive the area.

  2. Maybe if the UFOs started firing back the world might get on a bit faster

    As the Black Watch motto has it «Nemo me impune lacessit» ……… No one
    «cuts» (attacks) me with impunity.

    It sounds like the RAF and USAF need a long hard taste of their own
    medicine. Would be fun watching those «heroes» bombing and murdering from
    30,000ft get what’s coming to them.

  3. What a ballbag Head Honcho is.. do some actual research like most of us do
    and then try ur trolling again… why watch something you obviously don’t
    have the remotest interest in.

  4. Oooh, now this is interesting, because, the geography/area at least, at the
    very start of this film correlates with the only strange experience I’ve
    ever had in my life. I grew up in the Worth Valley, near Keighley, not far
    from where this chap is, [which is I think is fairly obvious to us near
    locals by the monument in the background when he’s out on his bike]. Now my
    memory about the exact date is a bit hazy, I know the day really well,
    because it was the day before new years eve, but the year is more
    difficult, I’m thinking around 93 going into 94, but it could be 94 going
    into 95, I’m not sure. I was visiting a friend who was renting a cottage in
    an area that’s close[ish] to the supposed site of the Wuthering Heights
    house [from Bronte’s book], the chap he was house sharing with had a big
    dog and because it was Xmas he was away visiting family and it was my
    friend’s job to walk this dog.

    So off we set out for a good half hour with the dog, so she could do her
    ‘business’ and have her last walk of the day. it was obviously dark, being
    around 9 pm in December, very cold, but still and clear. We decided to walk
    to a local kind of beauty spot, because it meant we could stick to a semi
    made up road and didn’t need to go tramping on the moor in the dark. At the
    end of this road is a gravel car park that tourists use in the summer, and
    there’s even a public toilet at the entrance of the road farther down. We
    begin to throw the dog her stick and generally try to tire her out by
    making her run around. I’m looking out onto the expanse of moors and
    something catches my eye, there’s a light coming from the ground into the
    sky, a quite thin, narrow, white-ish light. Now this in itself is strange,
    because [1] it can’t be a torch beam, it’s far too large, it must project
    over 100ft into the air and [2] it’s in the middle of nowhere, there’s no
    roads where I’m looking, we’re at the end of just about the only road
    [apart from farmers tracks and footpaths] for miles and miles, it’s out on
    the moors, someone would have had to walk 7/8 miles to get there [I know
    that part of the moors really well, I’ve spent most of my life walking
    them, so 7/8 miles is a bit of an approximation, because it was dark, but I
    know the landmarks and the topography, so I’m reasonably certain of the
    distance]. Then the light begins to change, first the colour starts to
    pulse from one colour to another, then it splits and it’s like a single
    light laser show, with colours flashing and spinning and moving, all from
    what seems like a single light source [ it wasn’t lots of lights like at a
    gig] pointing vertically up far into the night sky, We were stood
    transfixed for approx. 10 mins not knowing just what it was we were looking
    at until it began to fade in intensity, colour and movement and it finally
    went completely dark again.

    We rushed back to my friend’s house, half bemused, half terrified, because
    it was so unusual, if it was people doing this they would have needed to
    drag a generator and whatever was creating the light miles and miles across
    a cold moor in the dark in the middle of winter, why would they do that
    when nobody apart from themselves, and a few people on the roads, would
    have seen it? We never told anyone outside a few friends, I’ve never been
    able to understand just what it was, never seen anything like it since,
    never had any other ‘strange’ experiences, it wasn’t a UFO as such because
    it was definitely on the ground and I don’t think it was a natural
    phenomena, it was too complex and too co-ordinated. Anyway, just thought
    I’d share it, don’t know if it’s in anyway related. We weren’t drunk or
    under the influence of anything, it was the day before NYE, the day after
    and you possibly could have accused me of having alcohol induced visions,
    but not that night! It was very, very weird and I don’t say that lightly!

  5. Fabby as usual iv seen many ufos here in scotland jst last month there were
    7black triangle shaped things which I watched from bedroom window they
    appeared at one time and then as if moving up dissappeared , also about
    5yrs ago I witnessed a silver disc with amaxing blue lights under the
    object the lights were shaped like leaves and it was very very close above
    me n silent I watched it for at least 15seconds , I hav witnessed oyher
    things but that was the most amazing

  6. What are the chances this is an extraterrestrial craft as opposed to
    something from around here? With all the things that are available today,
    such as lanterns, LED lights in helium balloons, and RC toys, the odds are
    it’s something from around here. I think Stan is deluded if he thinks
    that’s an alien craft. Is he desperate for fame? Quite possible I think.
    Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  7. ay Donald Marshall exposed the Illuminati… Human Cloning, Cloning
    Centers, Vril Lizards (Type 1, 2 & 3), “Parasited Hosts”/Hosts Of
    Vril/Drones, The Soulstone and more… Check Out: — Donald Marshall’s
    interviews on YouTube — —
    DonaldMarshall.Proboards . com — VrilLizards.Webs . com

  8. Satan? Who the hell mentioned him? Do you mean Stan? As in Stan Romanek,
    the guy who captured the video. Read the video description and my comment
    again lol 😀

  9. Wow, anytime the comments are this negative you must be hitting the nerve
    of truth. Keep strong ThirdPhaseOfMoon and Stan too. This video of his is
    amazing! Looks like human initiated contact. You can actually think and
    talk to them and they will respond 🙂 Plenty of evidence we are are being
    visited by ETs just from all the astronauts, military, scientists, and
    engineers coming forward. Check out ThirdPhaseOfMoon’s interview with Dr.
    Greer, as well as Disclosure Project/CSETI/SiriusDisclosure

  10. Lol @ this vid. You know Stan Romanek is completely full of shit, right?
    This guy plays on your gullibility for his own personal gain. Here is some
    info about this video. I’ll give you some insight into this video by
    proposing this to you. Think of something in your life that makes you
    excited and occurs quite frequently and has over the past umpteen years.

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