Rilakkuma Crane Game ~ リラックマ UFOキャッチャー

Rilakkuma crane game(UFO catcher). It was the day of shutting up shop, so the game center made play easily. リラックマのUFOキャッチャー。ゲームセンターの閉店日で、取り易くなってました Square Do…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dan Stapleton discusses why XCOM: UFO Defense is his favorite game of all-time.

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Rilakkuma Crane Game ~ リラックマ UFOキャッチャー: 47 комментариев

  1. Released as UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe. Still have the original
    packaging. I hope..

    — Random generated levels.
    — Building your own bases.
    — Research and development.
    — Global HUD for ufo engagement, side-down view for ground troops.
    — Bases were NOT randomely generated, so you could actually walk through
    your base the way it was how you built it.
    — Soldiers go up in rank.
    — Soldiers have morale/psychic powers/stats which heavily influence
    — Can build remote controlled tanks with different weapons.
    — Fighter Craft have different weapons and stats, giving the player some
    control during engagements.
    — Disable and capture aliens rather than killing them to interrogate them.
    — Use enemy weapons against them.
    — AI was (definitely for the time) comprehensive and difficult to beat.
    — Mission outcome was a HUGE factor for gameplay, a few bad missions and
    you could say goodbye to your funding and support, unlike in most games
    these days.
    — Day/Night cycles.
    — Selling alien stuff for profit.
    — Waypoint guided Fusion missiles.
    — Level generation also depended on location of chrash/landing sites
    (Apparently not in the version displayed in this video, the one I own
    always had different biomes such as desert, plains, rural, artic, etc)

    And I probably still forgot a lot of features!

    All in all, definitely the PC game I played most growing up. Out of a score
    of a 100, I’d have to give this a 95+ rating. Despite all the numerous
    prodigy this game produced, still my favourite of the series.

  2. One of the reasons this game was so brilliant at the time is because the
    internet wasn’t about so information and strategy for the game was found &
    made by you and your friends.

    Also the unknown aspect of each mission was actually pretty scary

  3. Too bad all so called «AAA» titles today are just rushed crap for casual
    Just look what they do to games like Battlefield, which is just a shallow,
    noob-crutch invested clusterfuck of a broken game that has the quality of
    an early access title.
    Oh how glorious were the days when games actually required skill and the
    core mechanics were thought through AND ADDICTIVE!
    And the game designers did not have to add a million unlocks and ranks to
    give the player some reason to continue to play it…..

  4. Ahah! Kikoskia video! Seriously underrated let’s player.

    Why haven’t you still watched his let’s play of this game?! It’s GOOD
    STUFF. Seriously.

    I love how the people at IGN who have said stuff have some decent taste (I
    really enjoy every game they’ve mentioned in these until now at least) but
    many people watching are «this is no call of dooty i no like».

  5. My first experience of pc gaming was a demo of this game. To this day it is
    still number one on my list. I’ve been a gamer ever since and it’s all
    thanks to xcom. I still play this fantastic, complex, imersive game every
    year, and how many twenty year old games can boast those stats I wonder. As
    far as the dated graphics goes, I’ll leave you with a quote from
    ShoddyCast, «Playing a video game for its graphics is like watching porn
    for its storyline.»

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