Roswell: The UFO Uncover-up — Updated — FREE MOVIE

The culture and counter-point to 50-years of UFO crash denials in New Mexico. Recently Updated.
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Roswell: The UFO Uncover-up — Updated — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. Good points, but if I’m supposed to believe the most amazing event in all
    human history has taken place I’m going to need a little accuracy. Sure
    something happened in Bent-waters, probably was not aliens but something
    happened. Why do I say it was nit aliens? Well it’s a giant leap to go from
    a light in the sky to aliens, it’s even a giant leap to see a craft land
    and call it aliens because you don’t have any knowledge of where it’s from?
    By the way, even Halt made giant errors in observation that he does not
    seem to go public with. For example when they say there is a «beam shooting
    down to the ground» did they see this with the naked eye or through a »
    starlight scope»? Fact is it was through a SL scope, the » winking eye»
    same thing it was lens fade,burn ought whatever you wish to call it that’s
    how it looks when you stare at a bright light or to make matters worse if
    the light from the light house was picked up and it would have been it fits
    the description perfectly. Now was there anything flying, clearly yes but
    things fly in the sky every day, huge leap to say look, I don’t know what
    that is therefore it’s aliens. With reasoning like that we could all stop
    brushing our hair and work for ancient aliens.

  2. The difference between you and many of us out there is this, we want the
    truth. I don’t care if it’s aliens,secret military junk, swamp gas or an
    old shoe, I just want the truth. So no I won’t STFU, that’s a super
    ignorant thing to say actually. » believers» always assume they must know
    more than those of us that call bunk, well I have read everything I can get
    my hands on, same as you I suppose. However I’m just nit convinced, I need
    more than a story

  3. Even some of the best cases ever told fall to bits after some basic
    investigation with an honest and open mind. First of all let me define an
    open mind, to me this is a person that is willing to look at the evidence
    and follow it even if it proves them wrong. Many UFO people are called »
    believers» I am not a believer and I don’t ever want to believe, I want to
    know. I will never believe this on faith. It’s not a religion it’s a
    science. For many years I felt the 1980 Bent-waters England case was the
    real deal, then I started to look at the skeptics point of view to see what
    they had to offer, most of what the skeptics said made sense and some were
    just insane. However neither the skeptics or the people that were there had
    much in the way of evidence. Then time went by and Jim Penastin started to
    change the story, so did two other guys. The story became so ridiculous I
    actually found X Files episodes that matched what these guys were saying
    and those episodes aired ten years before these morons spoke about the
    details. JP has now changed the landing location three times ans says the
    aliens face him important information in a coded brain download, are you
    kidding me? 

  4. Edward I have to agree with you 100%, I have spent twenty years looking at
    this subject and yes I have seen some very good story’s but nothing proving
    UFOs are even aliens. UFOs are real and it’s highly likely some are ET
    creations but as far as the abduction cases go not one seems legit. The
    Betty and Barney case falls apart very fast once you look into it in
    detail. The Walton case is very good in that those men did see what they
    believe to be a flying saucer. Now as far as Travis Walton goes it’s just
    one mans story, he has zero evidence proving his abduction was real. I am
    not calling him a liar I’m just saying he has zero proof. Now as far as UFO
    crashes go the entire lore surrounding crashes is absolutely silly. We are
    supposed to believe there are men sitting and waiting all around the world
    ready to spring into action the moment the most unlikely event in history
    might happen. These amazing units would require hundreds of aircraft and
    thousands of men, and if you think the military can spare heavy lift
    aircraft and men to just sit around and wait for an alien crash then your
    nuts. Sure it’s possible there was a crash in Roswell but that’s where this
    subject falls apart. After the Roswell books started to make money authors
    drained that well dry. So in order to keep the cash flowing they had to
    invent new crashes and then once those dried up or were debunked they had
    to invent more

  5. I don’t agree about Aliens giving us the Integrated circuit, I worked at
    Motorola 17 yrs and I know by reading internal records that company made
    IC’s the hard way, spending millions in research and manufacturing

  6. Unless we have ventured to every star system that’s out there, (Which we
    haven’t) no one knows for sure if we are the only intelligent life or not.
    And for those who say we are, are the stupid ones cos they cant prove it
    otherwise, less N they’ve been to all those star systems which they
    haven’t. Now does that mean I believe in little green men? No. But till we
    have been to all the star systems that’s out there, who’s to say? Myself, I
    don’t know what’s all out there. But I’m one of the smart ones cos at least
    I have the smarts to admit as much. Those who think they know it all & have
    never been out there to see for themselves are the stupid ones, cos they
    don’t have the proof to back up there big mouths. And that’s it, in a

  7. I don’t really know what I would think, I would think I would be shocked
    initially. Firstly though I would question myself (am I imagining this?),
    but if they turned out to be real (video evidence, pictures and my personal
    experience) I would think they would be a kind of extra-terrestrial being.
    I’m not religious, so I would favor a scientific explanation. Why do you
    ask? Have you had an experience of some kind?

  8. Yes the general public do not want to hear that another intelligence in the
    universe are abducting them and taking sperm samples but these
    intelligences are really demons. People that is why they are being covered
    up by the government the demons that run this world does not want you all
    to know about them or their will be a great Christian revival and Satan
    knows this

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