Royal Connections To The Occult, Aliester Crowley, Secret Space, Paranormal, UFO’s & More

This has got to be the «Freakiest Friday» ever for the special broadcast from Truth Frequency Radio Network. Kev Baker, Martin Hardy, Christopher Everard & N…

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Royal Connections To The Occult, Aliester Crowley, Secret Space, Paranormal, UFO’s & More: 24 комментария

  1. Diana did not have a ceasar with William, are you sure that William was
    ‘sliced out’??? I am a big fan but wonder if you are correct on this.
    She was induced but gave birth vaginally with both William and Harry? Did
    she not??? Someone put me right if I am wrong.

  2. An enormous amount of what Everard comes out with was in David Icke’s two
    book’s «The Biggest Secret» 1998 and «Children of the Matrix» 2001 , I’m
    surprised Kev finds some Everard’s info as a revelation.
    It is hard for the majority of people to believe just how incredibly evil
    and world manipulating the Royal family are as were their ancestors, the
    Queen hides behind the head of the Church of England in the same way that
    Jimmy Savile hid behind charity work.

  3. occult simply means ‘hidden’, not dark or something scary thing. these
    practices are older than the current world religions. the lack of
    centralization of nature religions led to its demonization. many «houses»
    decreased the leaders of that time’s ability to monopolize on
    medical/psychological treatment and spirituality, which meant control for
    them. the reason for nature religions being secret is that it protects it
    from ignorance which could be used to persecute people. these are the roots
    of our sciences and pharmacological knowledge (check out thomas szasz book,
    «the manufacture of madness»). whats being practiced today is mainly
    ceremonial but never at the extent of what was practiced back in the day.
    it is a result of evolution perhaps, or dilution?, idk. but it’s definitely
    a good compromise if we are all to live together. the stone you mention
    under the throne could very well have ritualistic purposes since many
    nature religions use a special stone where a deity or spirit resides. this
    is referred to as the «foundation». these stones, for it to be effective,
    would have to come from a special place that have collected a certain kind
    of energy ie. mountains, rivers, sea etc depending on it’s purpose. my
    question is where is this stone suppose to be from? solomons temple or one
    of the many missing base stones of the great pyramids? both places would
    make sense for any kind of kingly or phaeronic ruling juju ;)

  4. Ray Bradbury was not Jewish, neither is Bono, even though he may want to
    be. This all very interesting to listen to… but backing up your argument
    with falsehoods does not help it. Witches do not belong to Satanic covens.
    There are Satanic witches who were influenced by Hollywood movies, the
    Inquisition and this very kind of misinformation. I’m not putting this guy
    down, he has compelling ideas. But, please, this is just starting new type
    of witch hunt and witch hunts are ugly.

  5. It’s amazing how the royal family have so much control over things,but to
    be honest I’ve always suspected that having so much they would never really
    let go of country’s they make out that they have given back to govern there
    selves away from imperialism that they put in place ,slimy inbred bastards

  6. everhardon is such a little know it all prick
    the windsaurs are reptilian germans and stole from Judaism like they steal
    from everyone else
    says that Israel only lasted 700 years and then it was always known as
    the greeks were kicked out of Israel by the romans, and then the romans
    named it Palestine after they massacred the jews for rebelling against them
    and burnt Jerusalem and destroyed the temple
    and the only reason the jews were made bankers that could charge interest
    was because after the Vatican arrested the Templars, who were the original
    bankers, they had to use jews for banking because Christians weren’t
    allowed to charge interest

  7. You guys are so awesome. I love the show. I love this episode. These
    «people» are done. Their time is over…finally. There is no going back at
    this point — the 100th monkey is awake. I’m so glad I found your show a few
    years back — whether you know it or not, we’ve travelled together (and
    still are) on this journey — it’s good to have you all here for this epic
    period in human history ❤️

  8. All of you are so very interesting. I do not think I could listen in for
    this amount of time if it were not for the wonderful discussions and
    information. Kev thank you !

  9. FYI Crowley believed he was the reincarnation of Edward Kelly, John Dee’s
    scryer, not Dee himself.
    ‘In the beginning was the Word’ opens The Gospel of Johnny, not Genesis.
    Great interview. Thanks.

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