Secret NASA Old UFO Videos-High Image Quality-Original-3D

Secret NASA Old UFO Videos-High Image Quality-Original-3D Keep in archive..
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Subscribe to the everyday dicker’dness… had to stop and get some shots of this but then it appeared they were getting into attack fo…
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Secret NASA Old UFO Videos-High Image Quality-Original-3D: 29 комментариев

  1. What the bloody hell does «suant» mean?

    «They’re under attacking me!»
    So, they’re hitting your feet? No. You either say. «They are attacking me!»
    or «I’m under attack!»

  2. The space life ladies and gentlemen. I got abducted by aliens one night
    when I was fishing, then a Sasquatch put me in a trance when I was gettin
    some water from the kitchen. Looked out the bay window and the big bastard
    was starring right at me. I awoke from my trance and two hours had gone by.
    Sasquatch are tricky like that, they put you in a trance so they can get
    away. Bmp 

  3. You are all laughing right now but trust me on this one, at any moment now,
    Almighty GOD, your CREATOR/BOSS is going to unleash them all and when HE
    does this, you WILL scream for HIS Mercy! DAUGHTEROFGOD.ORG UFOINVASION.ORG

  4. Something very interesting I have heard over the years is that the demons
    know the feelings we feel and they see everything that we do,
    the Bible says Satan is the accuser of the Brethren I know he watches us
    ,just to accuse us when judgement day comes,I don’t know why they are able
    to feel our feelings ,I could be wrong, but that is something that God
    could only know and I’m not really that curious to find out why.

  5. Them aliens get ahold of ya an then they stick their grimey fer frigsackers
    up yer anoos to test the pressures of yer program bud. They be crafty
    little fuckers 

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