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Secret Space Best Documentary of the UFO Evidence HD: 23 комментария

  1. hi my name is toney my mum and her gran was walking to the shops in catford
    se6 in 1976 my mum was 7 at the time on the way to the shops they swear
    bright lights in the sky it was round like shape with lots of color lights
    on it they just stop to watch it then the lights wear gon they walk to the
    shops wen they got to the shops they wear all closed they made there way
    back home wen they got home every one wonted to know wear they have bin
    they got told they wear gon for 4 hours they left the house at 3pm and got
    home just after 7pm the shops wear 5 mints from the house they told the
    family about what happen on the way to the shops wen they swear bright
    lights in the sky it was round like shape with lots of color lights on it
    the family told them that they never tell any one outside of the family for
    years my mom as always wondered what happened to them on that day wear did
    she and her gran go for all that time they just remember seeing the lights
    witch lasted for 10 mints then they started walking to the shops can anyone
    answer this question yours toney robertson in scotland uk 

  2. All of these Alien abduction reports can be easily explained since an
    estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older or about one in four
    adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. When
    applied to the 2004 U.S. Census residential population estimate for ages 18
    and older, this figure translates to 57.7 million crazy or almost crazy
    people that we know of in the United States. Think of how many more there
    are in the world ! This PHD is just one of those crazies !

  3. Why on earth these stuck up the ass sceptics come up with their high bound
    opinionated comments as if they know it all. How dare they insult the
    intelligence of many millions of credible people who have witness and felt
    these experiences, changing the lives. It’s is the the scientific community
    who lives in a fish bowl and not these witness. 

  4. 3 Million People are telling the truth. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. why would 3
    million people lie?? because they like to be ridiculed, pigeon holed as
    freaks or looneys? Look at Animal Mutilations, look at Phil Schneider
    ,Richard Dolan, Bill Ryan, Timothy Good, The 1947 Twining Memo, 1949 FBI
    Memo UFO’s (Top Secret), 1952 CIA (Chadwell) Memo, 1953 Oak Ridge Memo. etc
    etc….. do your research.

  5. To Michel Meurger (40:59): There are many people who have described
    «abduction»-types of experiences who have had no contact with American
    science-fiction, American movies or Western culture. So your attempt to
    explain the phenomenon away as being a result of such exposure is

  6. I Was abducted in 1986 and this is true. I was at two of my friends
    apartment I went to college with one the other guy went to a different
    school in same city, anyway I found out years later that they were gay but
    that doesn’t have anything to do with what happened I don’t have a prob
    with gay people, anyway we were partying we had smoked a couple of doobies
    I was on my fourth beer, I like to drink straight from bottle or can but my
    friend brought my fifth beer in a glass and it tasted funny,I think its
    because it was in a glass, anyway 45 minutes later I was out, the next
    morning I woke up my butthole was killing me and bleeding and a sticky
    white substance was in my boxers, this is the dye the aliens use when they
    probe you. anyway my friends explained we all went outside and a ufo
    whisked me up and dropped me off 2 hours later, my rectum was also greasy
    like the aliens lubed the probe when I was exammend, I remember nothing,
    just felt like shit when I woke up the next morning like I had taken 5 zany
    bars, and my butt hurt for two weeks, so trust me aliens exist and they do
    abduct people I am proof my buddies said we should not mention this to
    anyone because no one would believe us.the aliens also put my boxers back
    on backwards, just a side note

  7. Well, well.. 3 million people, eh? Personally I don’t believe UFO’s (as in
    extraterrestrial crafts) exist… and the so-called abductions are noting
    but bad dreams everybody sometimes have. The «implants» are not implants
    from little grey aliens, but just something they stepped on or even just a
    hoax. I live in a country the size of a postage stamp, so there are no
    deserted roads to be found…that’s why there are no abductions happening
    by extraterrestrial «beings» or UFO’s to be seen here. All this stuff is
    happening in remote areas (usually in the US) with people who like to earn
    some money by selling their story. I’m pretty sure that interstellar travel
    is impossible, aliens don’t exist and what some people see as an
    extraterrestrial craft is just man made or some sort of freak nature
    event.I have seen clouds that resemble a flying saucers so much it easily
    could be believed it was one. I even have a photo of one..weird looking,
    but absolutely natural and in fact beautiful. As they would say in Canada:
    keep your stick on the ice, people!
    Just my 2 cents…believe what you want, I won’t stop you.

  8. Oh no. The first 3/4 of the video are pretty straight forward reports of
    what researchers are finding. But towards the end, they feel a need to pooh
    pooh the whole business, implying that it’s probably all just a cultural

  9. Ok,31:00 I couldn’t believe what I just heard.The «implants» that Dr Roger
    Leir found and then implied to be of extraterrestrial origin,wasn’t shared
    with independent researchers.

    Can someone explain why?

  10. The scientists grasping at thin air like Persinger with his so called «god
    helmet» are completely ridiculous. These scientists have their
    consciousness focused only on the material, physical level of reality. They
    ignore the other 99% and are like blind men groping in the dark.
    Consciousness is primary and the brain is a receiver, transmitter, and
    interpreter of perception. The so called scientists ignore the subjective
    experience and testimony of millions because it would shatter their egos
    and their whole lifes work would go kaput. 

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