Secret UFO Project Bluebook Sightings Released by Air Force

Finally, decades after the United States Air Force closed their official investigations into the UFO phenomenon, the files are online in their entirety for f…
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Secret UFO Project Bluebook Sightings Released by Air Force: 23 комментария

  1. We as a collective need to b voracious readers…with huge appetites!
    Governments hiding, lying, like we r at really the beginning of our
    evolution. Sorry to say that I dont think in my lifetime will we know
    exactly what is and has been happening. We look at the objects near the
    sun, moon Saturn’s rings…..we as a collective know nothing we really are
    at the very beginning of the human condition…. We can c but barely coming
    out of caves into the daylight.. I feel so insignificant n the more I see n
    read the less I really know….I give Lear, Freidman ,Lazar, others who
    come forward with evidence, they have knowledge n we as a whole need to
    take notice! We r not alone and have never been. We need to take notice of
    what is here but we keep getting the » YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Bcus I
    don’t think that we really can… We r being observed people, every day…
    every minute…..we r so far in the dark we may never c light….we r
    humans n we r intelligent. But as war rages n continues u tell me r we as a
    whole ready for what is really who we r n where we have come from? Better
    yet what changes can we make amongst each n every one of us….think
    people…why r we only getting dribs and drabs of basically nothing. We r
    only but amoeba because that’s who we really r in the vastness of what is
    out there……All these centuries pass how much have we changed in the
    bigger scheme of things? Tell me? ..How do we look to the rest of them?
    Childlike, children perhaps? What they must think of this planet? We must
    look to them as a very hateful race, we r large brained for what reason

  2. I cant believe anyone is interested in this and not receive any response
    about it .This is the best material ufo ever published on the website but
    it seems that nobody cares that this site is down.WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmmm weird. Thought that was old news. I had the book for about 20 years.
    Printed out on paper. When the internet had just started for the average
    consumer. Back in the ms-dos days

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