Shocking New UFO Documentary! «The Alien Human Project II» Full Length Watch For Free! 2014

Shocking New UFO Documentary! The Alien Human Project II Full Length Watch For Free! 2014! Incredible New Insight to The Phenomenon of Alien Abduction, and I…

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Shocking New UFO Documentary! «The Alien Human Project II» Full Length Watch For Free! 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. I cannot imagine that aliens with such high technology have not already
    cracked the human genome LIKE WE HAVE and using THAT for whatever their
    needs are. There is simply no reason to take sperm or eggs when you can
    take a hair strand.

    This is the same logic used in the Annunaki theory where aliens travel
    light years across the galaxy to visit our planet specifically to mine for
    gold when we already have the technology via nuclear technology to create
    it ourselves.

  2. Fuck off third phase of moon… There was me thinking steven greer might be
    creditable but if he is giving you permission to use his material then he’s
    obviously stupid as well

  3. Really guys;ET´s are making tourism here,they dont want direct contact with
    us.For them,our planet is a safari…Ohhh lets tag this dudes to follow
    their steps and study this alien (us!/Earth) civilization…like human
    tourists and scientists make in Africa,antarctica,the oceans…etc…taking

  4. Its refreshing to watch something new and this doctor is credible. I
    recommend anyone spend the time to watch the 5 day hearing on disclosure he
    is referring too. Took me a week to go through it all minute by minute but
    if your a sceptic, you will likely change your views at the end…

  5. Old news. We have grays physically assisting us in skunkworks, we have
    copied their engineering in many regimes, we ave built our own UFOs, and we
    know of several races of aliens. 

  6. The most valid abduction story may be the Reed family one. Look it on here.
    They took polygraphs, they had scoop marks, a compass spun when held near
    their car. Lots of stuff like that. One of the aliens they drew was
    something like a spider but with two legs and an alien head.

  7. Aloha, we are created in the image of God. They want to tap into that . Yes
    they are evil and are fallen angels. This is why there was a flood. Jesus
    said in the end times it will be like the days of Noah.Same creatures that
    polluted the gene pool trying to stop the Messiah. Get your Bibles out
    people. The term Christian soldier, will become literal. We can stop them
    with a word. That word is Jesus. Get Him in your heart. Make Him your Lord
    and Savior. The other choice will be the new age gospel with these
    creatures as your savior. One is Heaven with a loving and grace centered
    God. The other is with these creatures in hell. Your choice there is no
    middle ground . Get to a Bible believing church and Jesus will be the Rock
    to hold on to.

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