Sirius Official Trailer #1 (2013) — UFO, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy Documentary HD

Sirius Official Trailer #1 (2013) - UFO, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy Documentary HD

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Sirius Official Trailer #1 (2013) — UFO, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy Documentary HD: 25 комментариев

  1. They have the evidence, But the world Governments will not expose the truth
    because of Power and Greed!!!! It is the technology of these crafts that
    they don’t want to expose. Because it is all natural free energy! And other
    technology that’s beyond comprehension.

  2. I’m not sure it’s possible for them to succeed, but I applaud their
    efforts, because anyone who, when told that something is impossible, or
    that they can’t do it, says «sod you, I’m doing it anyway» is to be cheered
    on and encouraged. It’s how humanity progresses, and if everyone had
    listened to people saying «you can’t do that», we’d have never got the hang
    of fire. :)

  3. but where is the proof, evidence or any official announcement from
    organisation, government or military from any country in this world..not
    all country will keep or do like what usa did by keeping secret closely
    those information about ufo or alien if alien been captured or killed..if
    they have any evidence, this will be the biggest story of the humankind
    then im sure it very impossible to be keep secret just like far
    most of information about ufo or alien i’ve seen in the documentary of
    ancient alien but it still bring more question than answer

  4. As seen in the video, I highly recommend anyone who likes to hunt or deep
    hike in the wilderness to invest in a 50mW+ blue/green or 2W blue torch
    laser, which would virtually guarantee not only being spotted by rescue
    planes and helos from over 50 miles by signaling them from the ground but
    you can actually start a fire with the 2 watt in case of an emergency. And
    you’re welcome for my intuitiveness, by the way.

    AAS Fire Science, Arson Investigations

  5. How in the world do you assume such vast knowledge to even remotely know
    that? You dont know… we know nothing. For all you you your believing
    exactly what the enemy wants you to believe.

  6. The ending of this movie leaves you questioning! How will I know that from
    just the movie trailer? I saw more than the movie trailer! It is easy to
    watch the full movie online (plus more) at this web site I discovered while
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  7. You don’t have to have any proof other than the fact that there are over
    400 billion observable galaxies in our universe. Just think about how large
    our planet is and then how large our solar system is, and then consider how
    large our galaxy is. Its just a waiting game for first contact really.

  8. Size, in this case the size of the observable universe, is working against
    you. See my other comment, if you can find it. Also, Randall Wasson is a
    fucking idiot. The movie has been out for ages. I found it through Sceper.

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