Space Brothers Here To Help — The UFO Contactee Movement — Gerard Aartsen

Space Brothers Here To Help - The UFO Contactee Movement  - Gerard Aartsen

Gerard Aartsen gives a presentaiton on UFO Contactees of the early days up to modern times. He says that this phenomena has been happening for a very long ti…
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Space Brothers Here To Help — The UFO Contactee Movement — Gerard Aartsen: 25 комментариев

  1. The Bible warned us, » As in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the End.»
    Hybrids then, and there are Hybrids showing up now! The Flood was ordered
    then because of this, and very soon it will be Fire!

  2. There is something that must be addressed concerning mans mindless
    ambitions to venture forth even within our own solar system..
    As we all know there are »great plans» to send a manned mission to Mars.
    Yet our scientists are overlooking a very serious matter.,;- By visiting a
    planet we have no right to set foot on.
    Mars may appear to have no dense physical life as we do here on Earth, -but
    , never the less, there is life on all planets .
    Our scientist’s are only aware of three levels of physical matter,-that is
    solid physical, liquid physical , and gaseous physical . Now above gas
    there are four further states of matter that are more refined with each
    higher sub-plane , however never the less, still physical, only more
    refined and subtle .
    If you went to Mars right now , you would see nothing unless you had that
    dual focus that would enable you to see all forms of life teeming through
    out the planet clothed in this higher and refined state of matter , such as
    vegetation, members of the animal kingdom ,and to your amazement you would
    come to know the fact that there are 9 billion people on Mars.!!!.

    We can not just go into space and step upon every planet we so desire. That
    , my friends, is breaking the rules as set down by the »Cosmic Parliament
    of Planetary Civilizations»;- of which our humanity is not as yet a member
    due to our warlike nature and puny mental development.’
    How ever with the »Gathering of the Forces of Light,- it may be a living
    reality that humanity could be admitted on a sort of applicant for
    »Probation’ , ‘and therefore must set out to understand ourselves and
    begin to reassess our understanding of our part to play in the great grand
    scheme of cosmic evolution.
    Yes there will be a manned mission to Mars, but not as a result of
    humanity’s selfish ambitions. When humanity achieves a measure of peace,
    the regeneration of our ecology, and when right human relations are
    beginning to define our relationship to ourselves and the planet ,- then we
    may have a chance to take a cosmic tour within the solar system.
    If we can solve these problems on our own,; then yes we will go to Mars ,
    not over curiosity,….but by an Invitation only , by the Rulers of the
    Martian Civilization Themselves.
    Here are some links that will go more deeply into this most intriguing
    topic. .

    Space Brothers Here To Help — The UFO Contactee Movement — Gerard Aartsen
    »The Space Brothers,— Here to Help»

  3. Was wondering why there was no mention of the Valiant Thor incident… Did
    I miss it? How about Van Tassel or Menger? There’s now way all of them
    could’ve been omitted… I’m going to watch it again just to make sure!

  4. Can anyone else see energy distortion fields, funnels adjoined, spirals
    from above, the electricity coming out of your finger tips??? If anyone
    thinks I am weird, guess what you are weird too because if you close your
    eyes, put on a blindfold, and concentrate on a very basic level, you will
    see awesome movement when you motion your hands and arms in front of you.
    ANYBODY can do this, see without opening your eyes GUARANTEE. 

  5. You lost me at about 10 minutes in, when the alien visited in a spaceship
    FROM VENUS. We’ve got pictures of Venus. There isn’t a civilization with
    physical spaceships there…. I’m with you in that the powers that be
    (military industrial complex, and some greedy wealthy people at a lower
    materialist consciousness) want to sell weapons by promoting war…,.. but
    I really think your group is creating these visions or beliefs from your
    own wishful thoughts. At least you have a positive twist to it

  6. In the book, The Mysteries of Sedona by Tom Dongo, I read about witnesses
    who worked at nuclear power plants and military bases where nuclear
    warheads were being held and they saw ET-like light orbs hover around the
    outside of the buildings and all the systems would start to fail.

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