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Stan Deyo ★ UFO Antigravity Propulsion Alien Technology Free Energy Illuminati ✦ Cosmic Conspiracy: 20 комментариев

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  2. I read the Cosmic Conspiracy and had a few engineer friends of mine go
    over Deyo’s diagrams and information on anti gravity devices……….. I
    guess Stan likes attention but uses misinformation and pop science to
    obtain it. The flying saucer and his anti gravity explanation are both
    implausible making basic errors in both physics and science. 

  3. INTERESTING, to say the less, so now that we have watched this what is
    going to happen, oh you are now tagged as a UFO follower , , , ,but like
    some of use just enjoy the fiction, don’t we ? 

  4. So why do elliptical orbits exist? other forces of gravity acting on them?
    And so Solar flares are like rogue waves int he ocean…. building, and
    piling on one another…sending out a ‘frequency’ in space…..the whole
    ‘wobble and reverse’ rotation reminds me of videos of the Celtic stone or a
    wobble stone, where it wobbles and goes the other way. Since fluids have a
    lose molecular bond, are you sure this is not just temporarily ‘weaving’ a
    tapestry for the sphere to dance on, when resting, it then finds space to
    slip back through? Like if I have a grid and an object that can fall
    through, but I never stop miving the grid it will dance on the surface, or
    like running on water with corn starch in it, im fine until I stop. In this
    case the object is not moving but the surface is ? So instead of up and
    down, why not use the vortex to push an aerodynamic ring.(like the dyson
    blade-less fans and ring paper airplanes… that have lift just by being
    ring shape. I understand how you are dispersing all the energy into the
    environment of operation but how can that be focused? The stones like the
    Vitrification stones…. crystal. And the Boyd Bushman mentions Bismuth
    telluride or possibly Cadmium telluride, geranium and palladium ….
    crystals, frequency….all that makes me think of Leedskalnin and his coral
    castle, and his cigar sized box that was thought to be a key. And I was
    watching / reading about using LCD screens and old monitors and a poor
    man’s solar cell.

    check out


  5. In response to your video called:
    Stan Deyo ★ UFO Antigravity Technology Free Energy Magnetism illuminati ✦
    Alien Cosmic Conspiracy
    Your such a bullshit artist liar! You lie and explain nothing of importance
    at all in the video, second anyone working on a project like this would
    damn well remember if it was brass or copper! Stating because of the color
    I can’t tell which metal we used! Third the » magical nail » bit stating
    you can’t REMEMBER what metal we made it out of is such bull shit you and
    any one else would damn well remember that get the hell off YouTube and
    stop wasting peoples digital time dumb ass!

  6. OMG! Looking at gravity like this makes COMPLETE sense. Simply unreal and
    yet revolutionary! Another reason why the GOLDEN RATIO is so important.
    And why it has always been important.

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