Stanton Friedman Is Real — UFO Investigator — FREE MOVIE

The human side of one of UFOlogy’s most recognized figures — and his critics.

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Stanton Friedman Is Real — UFO Investigator — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. I like this guy. He’s smart and coherent in his delivery of information.
    Especially his emphasis on «some UFO’s are Alien flying craft (flying
    saucers)». Too many You Tube videos demand that you «believe» every blurry
    object in the sky is an Alien space craft from outer space or some other
    dimension. Boloney!

  2. the documents stanton presents is not signed by unknowns? or not signed at
    all? who does that debunker think he is? people who leak documents dont
    sign there name on them…there signed by the person who wrote or sometimes
    received the documents….debunkers like him think they can claim anything
    and uninformed people will believe him because hes on tv and thats total
    BS. like the majestic 12 documents were all signed by officials of the time
    who were supposedly involved with the documents, not by the guy who leaked
    them, stanton claims he never met the man who leaked them, they were sent
    in by a guy who claimed he knew about stanton and his colleague through
    there work and figured it be best to give them to him…and MOST of
    stantons documents come str8 from the national archives or other official
    archives, and at places like the national archives you are watched, they
    keep everything locked up and you sometimes have to ask them to bring you
    anything pertaining too, and if you get access to the documents someone
    escorts you the entire time so you dont steal them or add fake documents to
    the collection etc….these debunkers are so full of shit, i think the only
    documents ive seen stanton present that were not from an official archive
    are the mj12 papers, if there real or not they have nothing to do with the
    rest of what hes uncovered…and stanton has uncovered plenty that lends
    credibility to the documents being real, watch his work in documentaries,
    he has mj12 documentaries he goes into detail after detail, thats why he
    sticks with it, not because he thought they were real at one time and cant
    do nothing about it now because hes scared hell be attacked or lose
    credibility so he just has to keep promoting them…ive heard him say
    something that he thought may of been real turned out to be bs…and at
    this same time, i dont think stans perfect, but hes definitely done his
    homework on what he lectures about…but some things i think he shouldve
    looked at more thoroughly but what ever at least hes doing more research
    then the rest of these debunkers who only make claims based on there
    beliefs like the class line «the universe is to big so they cant get here»,
    no you cant believe they could for one reason or another, that does not
    make you correct…

  3. ‘Belief’ in UFOs is like «belief in religion». The difference between
    ‘flying saucers’ and ‘UFOs’ is worth noting. Every ‘flying saucer’ is a
    ‘UFO’ but not every ‘UFO’ is a ‘flying saucer’. ‘Flying saucer’ has been
    made into a joke and this is sad. It’s a + for the debunkers in that they
    use the ‘stymie factor’ which is the element of ridicule and it has stymied
    many honest and serious researchers,but the tide IS slowly changing.

  4. @erichouse2000 who cares for al gore… >.> go somewhere else to lick the
    asses of skeptics as amazing randi… first of all: earth climate is
    changing fast. ask urself this: if the earth climate is sooo bad, that
    maybe… just maybe ur kids will not have nice time of earth… but of
    course u are impotent and without kids :3

  5. @boi187 Sure believe in Santa Clause if you want but it does not mean it
    makes sense. For sure intelligent on other planets exist, mathematically it
    is highly improbable that there is no intelligent life. «God» well there is
    absolutely no proof except people talking shit about it and some «black
    books». Logically… god or «higher power» does not need to exist. If you
    believe without proof that is your opinion but it does not make sense

  6. When Stanton denied Bob Lazar’s story, I started wondering if I should
    believe Stanton…maybe Stanton is the dis-information tool sent by the
    governments ! Lazar has made more sense out of the operation of the craft
    than anyone ever will and Stanton flat out doesn’t believe it ? wow,

  7. Friedman: first rate reasearcher and debater. Informed, erudite, persistent
    and sincere. Also an excellent sense of ironic humour. A conference with
    him, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo would be mind blowing. All three:
    VERY informed, brave truth seeking individuals.

  8. Stanton Friedman is my favourite person on this planet right now. Someone
    that adults can look up to and admire. This man must never be forgotten
    when disclosure finally happens.

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