Still Don’t believe in UFO’s? Watch this amazing Alien UFO video.

Still Don't believe in UFO's? Watch this amazing Alien UFO video.

Best UFO video evidence of 2012! UFO or Secret Air Force plane project? What is the Pentagon hiding? DEMAND UFO DISCLOSURE NOW! Film of USAF F16 jets chasing…
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Live perfomance from 1986 tour.
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Still Don’t believe in UFO’s? Watch this amazing Alien UFO video.: 50 комментариев

  1. The problem with this video is that while you and others like you are
    clowning around the real alien agenda moves forward. People like you hinder
    the effort to get the real message across that these things are real and
    that they are demons poised to deceive mankind.

  2. Shitty dodo. Silly anal probe liker.Your video is as the spatterings of
    many goats on the walls of Tikrit.Sha hananana! I massage my prostate in
    your direction.

  3. Wow… that’s some really shitty CG work. The disclosure I seek here is the
    disclosure that while this video was created, no child labor laws were
    violated. It’s pretty clear that someone around the age of six created, and
    posted it. 

  4. It seems Ronnie James Dio invented a time machine before he passed away!
    Just look at 4:30! I swear its a 2000’s Ronnie James Dio standing in the
    middle of the crowd! Damn, what a genius! ../. (*_*)…/

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