Strange Biological UFOs Over America? UFO Sightings [New UFO Video] Over L.A. 10/11/2014

Biological UFOs Over America? UFO Sightings [New Video] Over L.A. Also Did Modern Human Build Stonehenge Share Your Thoughts! 10/11/2014 Check out Robert Bin…

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Strange Biological UFOs Over America? UFO Sightings [New UFO Video] Over L.A. 10/11/2014: 25 комментариев

    I can not upload videos of the white shperes, and the ones said to have
    been shot down over Duluth last November, because «they» are after me! help.
    We were calling them the Demonic Reptiilians, yet to not offend the Earthly
    demons we now say the Moronic Reptillians, tiny brained and so obsessed
    with sodomy, sad i know — the super secret truth is just too gross to
    YET — as the message was — ‘find the machine» — well I did — a super secret
    mind control matrix computer, the local one in a large building near the
    old Duluth airbase. So — since we have no way to bust this mind control,
    said to have been made with the help of the neutral Greys only to be taken
    over by the nasty lizards (see Weird Al video FOIL for more) — Word for
    today — WE will over ride this matrix with an Angelic Peace vibe —

  2. Dint they have ox and could tow large weights. i mean it is big. but what
    about using animals like ox or donkey, that are quartered together in a
    yoke, dig huge ditch where stone will eventual lay permanently and slide it
    with horses int the groove ad then hoist into position you have to polk
    the full weigh on top of the stone. No human hand alone didi it without
    some kind of scientific advantage. not to say aliens had anything to do
    with Stone Henge it was dating calendar that celebrated fall and spring and
    winter and summer and the equinoxes. the stones are set in counts of days
    and months and even set up to align at certain parts of the year. 

  3. Of course it is Biological. It’s a bat. Just like the bird from the first
    google earth image you put up. I had no idea that thirdphaseofmoon was now
    entering animal watching. O.o

  4. The universe is so unfathomonably giant that it is impossible to say life
    doesn’t exist elsewhere. In fact it is very likely that life started in
    many places at many different times throughout the universe. It is also
    extremely unlikely that any intelligent life formed anywhere near us to be
    able to send a ship to us, neither travelling at the speed of light, nor
    through a «wormhole.» They would likely be millions of galaxies away, and
    our galaxy is small compared to most. Trillions upon trillions of light
    year away… For all we know it may be literally impossible to travel that
    far by any means unless it took billions of years.

  5. Have you ever noticed the pulsating stars that appear to be in our
    atmosphere? There colors vary between a blue and red oscillating flash and
    can also have a green and white combination of flashes. They usaully
    triangulate amongst each other. If you see one look for the other two. 

  6. Aliens are not from another planet. They are multidimensional entities. The
    biblical demons, fallen angels, evil ones that are trapped here on earth.
    Don’t be deceived. They are all evil. And even if you do see a ufo, so
    what. Keep it moving. Aliens aren’t movie aliens.There are no good aliens.
    Their spirits inhabit a shell just as you and I. They are thousands of
    years old, and excellent at deceptions. They are demons and have been here
    since before the days of Noah, and interfering with humanity for a long
    time. Eventually we will need the government to «save us» from this alien
    issue. yeah right

  7. Why can’t we in this day and age with technology being where it is…why
    are the pics and vids ALWAYS blurry…I see high definition videos of the
    space station all the time but as soon as there is an anomaly involved it’s
    always blurry

  8. Read Wikipedia. Those photos are from the 1958 Stonehenge restoration where
    3 stones were were reset in cement bases to stop them falling . there were
    2 restorations previously and one more after 1958. The first was in 1901.
    One stone was straightened and reset . 

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