Strange UFO Sighting In USA 2013

Strange UFO Sighting In USA 2013

ufo sightings 2013 In this video we see the best UFO sighting in the United States in 2013, the UFOs idenfied we can see in the video resemble spheres in the…
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  1. Mexicans (well, Hispanics..) just sound stupid. It’s the fault of their
    language, which is very ‘sing-songy’, with rises and falls, and a lot of
    exclamations that say nothing. So to our Latin language laborers, learn
    English, and watch what you say, so you don’t across like a moron!!!

    that thumbnail? To the person who posted this,Please post a picture of
    yourself so that everyone can see what stupid looks like.Thank you.

  3. Anyone who is looking for a ufo like this thumbnail image will be
    disappointed with this shitty no good Fucking upload that shows a few
    lights in the far distance doing fuck all. 

  4. What is the matter with you people!? The aliens suck all the brains out of
    your heads? Who cares if their
    from another race, a different language?They could be Mexicans from a
    secret base in the mountains just
    ready to zap you morons into ashes. I think I heard they had a secret
    technology the U.S.A. has no hint
    of.So I’d be nice if I were you.!

  5. Two-third looked like the reflection of the camera onto the window-glass,
    because there was absolutely no deviation of distance between the white
    dots. Last one-third was nothing more than some lights in the sky.

  6. This is a video of perhaps a couple of ufo’s. Bye the way, there has never
    been an official language of the US because so many different languages are
    spoken here. !-)

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