Strong Delusion Coming in The Last Days: Aliens, UFO’s and Fallen Angels..?

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Strong Delusion Coming in The Last Days: Aliens, UFO’s and Fallen Angels..?: 5 комментариев

  1. Hey Sean,
    I can tell you with 100% certainty that God via the Angel from the East
    with the Seal of the Living God mentioned in Rev 7, has revealed to the
    Elect that there will be 72 false prophets that will perform many stunning
    miracles in front of all o the world. It’s Satan’s Hell bait.

    Many of the Seal(ed) Elect are in trouble. Many who have been Seal(ed) have
    rejected God’s more strict guidelines to live by, than were given in the
    scriptures. For example, none of the Seal(ed) Elect may attend the Holy
    Congregations that can last from two to 40 days unless they abide. Not one
    attendee could have consumed intoxicants of any kind, including a single
    glass of wine, nor are any allowed who have partaken in the eating of any
    animal flesh for years before they could qualify to attend the Holy
    Congregations. The newborn Elect attend basic level classes to clarify
    their final instructions, and to do away with all heresies, of which there
    are many. Most transform very quickly and are happy to give up what is evil
    that they were previously unaware of.

    ◄ Isaiah 65:25 ►
    New Heavens and Earth
    17For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall
    not be remembered, nor come into mind.

    24And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and
    while they are yet speaking, I will hear. 25The wolf and the lamb shall
    feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust
    shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy
    mountain, saith the LORD.

    You see, one must be tuned to Heaven in order to arrive there. No eater of
    death could possibly enter the Kingdom. It is not possible. As you can see
    above, in the New Heaven and New Earth, there are no meat eaters. Even the
    formerly ferocious lion will eat grass like the oxen. Whoever thinks that
    they can commit or contribute to the grievous evil of our slaughterhouses,
    or the slaughtering of innocent flesh in the wild, and consume that flesh,
    making their temple bodies into graveyards, without sincere repentance of
    this, is simply delusional.

    This I can testify to you with 100% certainty.

    Did Jesus partake of the Passover lamb?
    Did Jesus really feed His disciples fish and wine?
    Did Jesus multiply fish with the loaves?

    No, and No.

    No flesh entered Jesus’ mouth at any time in His lifetime. This has been
    revealed to the Elect by God directly to the them.

    The story of the fish and loaves is confused and distorted. In those days,
    and to this day, there is a wild grain that grows in that region. The name
    of that wild grain is called «fish weed»
    Just like Ezekiel had said before Him, they would take the fish weed grain,
    moisten them until they sprouted, mashed then into patties to then cook
    them on hot rocks in the mid day sun. There were no fish in any baskets for
    days in the desert. That is a lie. Jesus never fed any of His disciples any
    dead flesh. EVER.

    It is an abomination. If you do not think it is an abomination, but that we
    must return to Heaven as a child, then gather some very young children,
    take them on field trips to various slaughterhouses, and then you come back
    with the pictures of horror on the children’s faces as they cried when they
    witnessed the pure evil…

    Then you can compare their reaction to the adult masses who think they are
    good to know for sure. The masses think nothing of this horror. They are
    scoffers of thise who speak out against this evil.

    More notes.

    Many Christians unknowingly commit blasphemy. God sent messengers to
    different regions of this world over the last 5000 years to instruct men
    according to the time, place and circumstances they were in. Many
    Christians slander them out of their ignorance. Heaven has revealed
    clearly, that to slander a God sent sage, or their teachings, is a grievous
    evil, and the recompense of such actions are horrific and most often long

    Therefore, one should be very cautious in their speech and actions, lest
    they unknowingly send themselves back for a time that would be hard to

    Also, Jesus spoke about :

    «Blessed are those who partake in the First Resurrection»

    Then typical Christians start into talking about the Second Death when they
    hear this.
    This is pure folly. God has revealed clearly, and warns His Elect that He
    is worried that some of them will be swept into the lower realms during the
    coming exponential quickening / cleansing / acceleration, because they have
    not wash their robes.

    Many have become good parrots and have an outer seeming holiness, but the
    inside of their cups remain unclean. Their repentance has not yet been
    sincere. Time ran out for us long ago, if it were not for the Holy Ones,
    with the Elect buying more time for us through their personal elevation,
    and by the company of countless Heavenly Beings being present with them in
    the Holy Congregations, we would have already seen the End of this.

    They were told, as I was present, that the second resurrection will occur
    after another 10,800 years. This is what is at stake. I will also declare,
    as God is my witness, that there are no eternal Hells. The worst Hell, the
    beings are killed, and reborn there, and killed again 40,000 times each
    day, and that the inhabitants of that Hell will be there for what seems
    like eternity, and if they remain as they were when they died, there is no
    escape for them, but eventually they repent and are released.

    The number of different Hells would be hard to count…possibly near the
    number of grains of sand in all of the rivers and oceans on this Earth. One
    is called the Land of Ice and Snow. In that Hell, the coldest hearted of
    murderous rulers reside in ice cages there with their enemies outside,
    tormenting them with sharp spears.

    You see, anger is inner Fire, but cold heartedness is inner Ice. If one is
    a killer out of hatred, into the Fire he will go, but those who are able to
    kill without any feeling whatsoever for their victims are cold hearted, so
    they find themselves after death in the Land of Ice ans Snow (A Hell)

    One other Hell that I willl mention in my leaving is the Lake of Steaming
    Excrement. The Hells beings there are almost drowning in the molten
    excrement because of the filth they had in their minds when they passed
    from this Earth.

    Did Jesus not say :

    «Test everything. Hold onto the good» (paraphrase)?

    Yes He did, but the haughty..their ears are closed. Even if Jesus appeared
    before them, they would reject Him because their hearts are hardened into
    many untruths that need to be corrected. It never ceases to amaze me to
    hear what sound like sincere Christians, profess to be knowing of so much.
    They even talk about God telling His servants to go invite anyone who will
    come to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, but those same people ignore and
    reject messengers of God that have come to invite them to that same
    Wedding, out of their false pride. Who can talk to them? Most have not
    acquired their knowledge from seeking and ever knocking in submission to
    God unitl the truth is revealed to them. They have adopted the false
    interpretation of men from the past and present. It is so pervasive. These
    same ones are quick to ridicule other churches that deserve ridicule and
    rebuke, but they themselves are far off the mark. Their own plank prevents
    them from seeing things as they truly are.

    Glory glory glory to God!
    Holy holy holy is our Lord, the King!


  2. This is fun. My wife and I just finished watching Trey Smith’s youtube
    video on fallen angels. He does a great job on this topic. The video
    showed all kinds of skulls from across the world. Fun timing. If you can
    pick and choose what you believe out of the Bible, then the Bible becomes
    no more than a guide. I go 50 years of my life believing their is no God,
    now on year later, I am learning about giants and fallen angels. I can
    become Christian and still not give up my scifi, the only difference is now
    it is real. God bless you and all your listeners. 

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