Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (4)

Some of the best UFO activity over the last few weeks are on this video. Links to all sightings can be found in this description box. I have sent messages to…
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Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (4): 24 комментария

  1. It’s 2014, yet people are still recording these UFO’s with a fucking
    potato. This whole alien business is a joke. Just like religion, no
    evidence of any kind has ever been presented. Just theories and
    conjectures. These supposed «alien spacecrafts» are man made, either in
    photo shop(which you can tell most «sightings» are), or military/government
    I’m sure there are other life forms out there, but none of which are
    visiting are polluted planet. Who the fuck would??? So wake the fuck up. 

  2. It’s so amusing to me to read the Christian comments. They don’t know how
    to respond to the fact that humans are not the only intelligent creatures
    in the universe — actually we’re probably some of the most primitive — so
    they call the UFOs and occupants ‘demons’. That’s funny to me. Christians:
    This is your wake up call. Realize that your religion is faulty and the
    root of much evil in this world.

  3. +Honey Pie You’re right, it does take only half a brain to consider them
    ‘demons.’ It takes a person with a full brain and enough logic and common
    sense to dismiss that as silly and absurd. Most of these sightings are
    easily debunked. Take into consideration that a lot of these videos are
    taken with camera phones. That technology allows for editing. That people
    who arent educated enough with the night sky misinterupt different things
    as aliens. By the way, its Nome, not ‘Gnome’ so maybe it’d be wise of you
    to learn geographical locations before using them as a poor basis for a
    factual statement. I imagine you’re trying to reference that horrible ‘4th
    Kind’ movie.

    To actually think there are real demons flying around in the sky, abducting
    people? Lol. You wonder why people laugh at Christians. You see it isn’t
    your God I have a problem with, if anything the existence of life elsewhere
    in the multiverse (I say multiverse because science has proven this theory
    possible) would suggest that maybe your God spread life all over.

    It’s just the delussional, backwards and ignorant fanclub of his I can’t
    stand. Next you’re going tell me the Earth is 6,000 years old.

    Either way youll just qoute something from the bible, which Im sure you
    hardly ever follow its teachings. Lol.

  4. I love how every. single. video. is shaky, unfocused every few seconds and
    blurry as hell. It’s like some of these people don’t have anything to set a
    camera on and keep steadily. No excuses.

  5. I’m noticing people ridiculing the Christians who are playing the demon
    card. C’mon, that’s not nice. *What’s more special than a UFO? **A fellow
    human being.* So let’s not miscall one another. After all when a Christian
    says «it’s a demon» they mean to convey their belief in an alien
    intelligence. It’s primitive language, as all language is, trying to
    communicate a more profound truth.

    Now here it comes, «they’re not demons.» I speak as a Christian whose
    pretty sure demons are not responsible for this or anything in our modern
    climate. Let’s rest that hypothesis.

    Secret government technology, secret private technology, time travel
    technology and tomfoolery are my guesses. Aliens? MAYBE. I dunno but
    there’s certainly strange things to be seen in the night sky, every night.

  6. Im going to start by saying that i am open minded person or spiritual i
    might say…meaning that i do not discredit religion nor extraterrestrial
    life! BUT…i came to a conclusion, that if you notice the type of world we
    live these days ( or how its been since we can remember) that Religion is
    most likely the reason for violence and death i.e muslims, Christians,
    catholics etc….it separate us, create barriers between humanity! One
    thing that all religions have in common is that they all have «a God», a
    creator, which i believe that as well, but its very narrow minded to think
    that in this infinite Universe, with Billions of galaxies, there could be
    no such thing as extraterrestrials! Just because we haven’t seen them,
    doesn’t mean don’t exist! 

  7. *Google search, «Aleister Crowley lam» to unmask the true identity of these
    so-called «aliens.» Don’t be fooled. Satan’s plan will ultimately play into
    God’s hand for the end times. If you think you’ll be OK without Jesus
    Christ, think again. He’s coming soon, and He will judge the world with
    unbelievable wrath for their wickedness. If you aren’t trusting in Jesus,
    you’d better forget about trying to save yourself or outsmarting God, and
    come to Him NOW for forgiveness.*

    *Anyone who really understands Bible prophecy knows that the Vatican will
    be a key player in the final Antichrist and the aliens are just demonic
    fallen angels posing as our progenitors. The Pope and «aliens» will be part
    of the «strong delusion» talked about in the bible…and the sheep will
    fall for it and lose their chance to live forever under God’s just and holy
    eternal order.*

  8. There is something in the sky. Most of it is man made like the flares in
    the first two stories of this video. Then you have actual unknown shit like
    the last craft in the video. Every so often it doesn’t take a genius to
    kind of put two and two together. For example does anyone remember about
    the Apollo tether incident when a tether was broken in orbit and nasa
    filmed many donut shaped crafts coming around to have a look? Well check
    out the last craft in the video.

    Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2…:

  9. It gives me the «chills». There’s always that «fear of the unknown» I
    just respect they’re out there and not trying to harm us. Great video and
    God bless your channel.


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