Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (5)

Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO  Experience 2014 (5)

A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post this series once again. Some of the most interesting uploads over the last 2 months …
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Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (5): 25 комментариев

  1. Things are speeding up:) Celestial Lights are showing up Everywhere. James
    1:17:) Every good gift, and every perfect present; comes down from the
    Father of the Celestial Lights. 

  2. Thank-you for the upload and video footage of all the unidentified
    objects spotted by Amateurs and News crews across the Globe Hawkkey Davis.
    Excellent coverage as per all your Video content…we even had a UFO on
    Camera during a weather report here in Montreal that made the news. Still
    no one can or is willing to explain what they are.
    Peace Y
    UFO Live on TV News Montreal October 2 2014 Colette
    Provencher TVA 

  3. FALLEN ANGELS and their plans to DECEIVE the world into thinking that
    Aliens exist. With this lie, it will make people think again about God the
    true creator and only living God and what he says about him being the life
    giver and man was his creation. (IN WHICH HE IS)
    These lights of UFO (FALLEN ANGELS) Will one day land and say that they
    gave us life and they can make us live forever. We just need to tweek our
    DNA a bit to achieve it. Satan has been trying to do this since the days of

  4. I hate how the media covers this subject. They play the stupid music and
    the zooming in and out on a lamp for effect. It’s like ridicule and satire.
    Defiantly designed that way to keep viewers thinking we are all loonies. 

  5. Demons are manifesting more and more. Why is it these people look at these
    things in awe when they should be Rebuking them in Christs name! Sudden
    Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (5)

  6. I’ve read numerous statements and comments that the number of sightings are
    increasing, but I don’t believe that this is true. What is increasing is
    our awareness of them, and with more and more people carrying smart phones
    we’re able to capture more and better quality video. The video and picture
    quality is getting to the point now that the government «experts» are no
    longer able to wave them away as swamp gas and electrical phenomenon
    anymore so they are staying quiet instead.

    People keep asking, if these are in fact visitors from elsewhere why are
    they here. There is only one answer, life. If you look at the composition
    of the other planets, asteroids, etc in our solar system you will find
    every single mineral, gas and liquid that is present here on our planet,
    and in many cases in a far greater abundance. These resources are also far
    easier to access from other locations than our planet as well. The only
    thing that is absent is life. When looking at planetary signatures (the
    gases and emissions from the planet) the present of carbon based life is
    very unique and easy to locate. Even with our primitive technology we know
    what the signature looks like and have been looking for it. We have
    «found» thousands of exo-planets but actually have «seen» very few due to
    the radiations given off by the parent star, however, of those that we can
    actually see we have not located any other signature of life. Again this
    is with our level of technology so that doesn’t mean that it’s not out
    there, its just that we are still looking for a marble from thousand miles
    away while looking into a spot light. If you take a civilization that has
    advanced to the capability of interstellar travel, even if it is with
    automated probes, they would have developed the ability to locate that
    planetary life signature a long time ago. So with a planet like earth,
    that has been spewing out that signature for billions of years, we very
    well may be a bright little light in a somewhat dim room.

    Even if there are millions of other life bearing planets in the general
    vicinity, they’re all going to be very unique. Just a slight change in
    atmospheric gases can cause MASSIVE changes in the creatures inhabiting
    that planet. We are who we are specifically because of the parameters
    surrounding us every day, from the air we breath, the light we get from the
    sun, even the gas giants orbiting millions of miles away have an influence
    on our planet and how we live. If Saturn were in closer that it is now,
    it would cause out orbit to become more elliptical, creating a massive
    change in our climates. Everything around us is directly relational to our
    lives on this planet.

    Now try and tell me that there is no reason for another species to visit.

  7. I used to believe in aliens, mostly because of the show X-files and the
    movie fire in the sky which was a story of a northern Arizona man was
    abducted right in front of his co-workers. After doing research into UFO’s
    and alien visitation in the past I came to an answer. If you look up
    descriptions of aliens in the past they said that they fell from the
    heavens. Also doing research into religious and spiritual groups I
    discovered that according to the bible that angels were cast down from
    heaven after the great battle between Jehovah and Satan. Now I believe that
    aliens are not what they seem to be. Obviously they are demons. Most of the
    public now believe in aliens because of the uptick in sightings. This is
    what I believe is a set up to what is to come in the future. So I decided
    to do research on Satan. He is known for lots of things including one of
    his jobs in heaven being the musician. Satan is more well known for being
    the great deceiver, the master of deception. Just a thought, no one has to
    agree but you have to admit this info is very intriguing. 

  8. We are living in a world with the smartest drone’s …. big, smal, in a
    group in a formation they can do anything … plus even the people themself
    making the weirdest things … and you can get a drone in every store …..
    for me i dont know …??
    gouverments military testing the weirdest things .

    i believe in alien life … but i dont think they stupid to act like this
    ……. but he who am i , i just enjoy these video’s and som are actually
    really ufo’s i think ….

    peace yall ( sorry for bad english im dutch)

  9. I saw a small white orb way up in the sky above my home in Georgia when I
    got home from work around 6pm — I think it was around Oct 8th. I took
    notice when it did not appear to be moving so I got some binoculars and sat
    in a chair and watched it for over 30 minutes. It looked just like the
    white orb from your video shown over Breckenridge. It was white and shiny
    around the edges with something gray in the middle (just like the one in
    the video)! I made my husband, daughter, and neighbor look at it. No-one
    could figure it out.

  10. They might be Ebola dispensers? Think they wouldn’t? It’s just another form
    of the gas chamber. It’s their way of controlling the populace, and if
    things get messy, like the economy crashes because of debt to China, or
    whatever? They can push the reset button. They definitely have a reset
    button. These people can make anything happen, or make people believe it
    happened? Think tanks, we should all start one, or two?

  11. «A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post
    this series once again. Some of the most interesting uploads over the last
    2 months can be found on this video.»

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