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СМОТРИТЕ МОЙ КАНАЛ!!! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ZHORAHITOVYI ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ НА КАНАЛ!!! Нло, нло видео, ufo, ufo…

Could Billy Meier Have The Smoking Gun Evidence We Are Not Alone? We At Thirdphaseofmoon Will Ask The Question In Future Episodes With Michael Horn American …

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Тайны НЛО! Лучшие кадры с НЛО!: 25 комментариев

  1. you’re talking about whether it would be possible that Russia or China U.S.
    attack? what have you smoked? USA for years attacked other countries under
    the «Title» «USA against terror», but you are the those who spread terror

    I hate America with each passing day more and more.

    USA — You are Parasites on this earth

  2. The early black and white video of a flying saucer on a pendulum, is just
    like an early Star Trek episode, Or Button Moon or the Clangers (If you
    remember that..)

  3. With the alien technology, noticed they let Meier take pictures as evidence
    of their presence,…why not give a new left robotic Arm? That would have
    been a Smoking cannon! Do not know what to think, again if aliens were with
    nazi, the second day they would have won the 2nd WW! Just an opinion!
    Something is going on, something weird hopefully not wrong/dangerous,
    …but I do not know what!

  4. I’m sorry, but even if Meier concocted this whole thing, he’s still a
    genius in my book. The photographs are beautiful. The story, his philosophy
    and the messages he claims they have… all peaceful. He’s probably the
    biggest and most creative stoner on earth. Billy Meier rules.

  5. Sadly, the Billy Mier person in this documentary was fully exposed as a
    fake, with 100% concrete evidence. Pointless to go over this again!

  6. Too many advertisements in these videos. What has Youtube come to? Don’t
    they make enough money. This will hurt their viewing audience and
    ultimately their traffic.

  7. I think he is being honest — it makes a lot of sense of what I have come
    across. I believe I heard of these scrolls being found years ago, and then
    you didn’t hear anything more about it. A lot of what he had said makes a
    lot of sense to me, comparing with other translations like Mauro Biglino —
    they all say the same. As well as the medieval paintings which look like
    the same descriptions in these translations, as well as my own personal
    captures I took. They have been around through our history, and are still
    here today — the truth is out there — how cool is this ;D 

  8. Joseph, from the Galactic Federation of Planets, has informed me that they
    intend to implode the artificial Moon above in Sept.2015, to be followed by
    two tidal-surges leaving N.& S. America on the new Equatorial Line then.
    Now is the time to move!

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