Tales of the Unexplained: UFO Chronicles — Stanton Friedman — FREE MOVIE

Survivors of UFO encounters speak;, prospects of intelligent life in space, and the postulated link between aliens and dolphins is examined.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Tales of the Unexplained: UFO Chronicles — Stanton Friedman — FREE MOVIE: 24 комментария

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  3. The Roswell story is full of misinformation, its really hard to believe
    that story, like this is the one that they wanted to make a fuss about,
    again I seen a UFO, now what it really was I’ll most likely never know, was
    it built on and by humans or some other planet or a space station, UFO
    exist but what are they and who are they for I have no evidence 

  4. 40.00 on,….ha ha ha ha ,…ya matta fuccka! Send me an email as soon as
    the shift took place! Shit, we have to start training, soon we will catch
    the 4th dimension’s lifestyle! I f.ya!

  5. Lactic Federation of Aspartum Bubble-Gumers and candyfloss philosophy .
    They come from the constellation «sockiny’urmouth» at the edge of the
    galaxy «Whereda-Fukarewee». They came to earth to sell used hoola-hoops and
    rusty ideas. 

  6. I take this sort of stuff very seriously. I have been in UFOs and have had
    hot sex with many of the fems. Fortunately they are all blue eyed, white
    blondes with enormous hooters and only wear clothes when visiting earth to
    pick me up. As a result of repeated sexual encounters with them I have
    many kids on all of their planets. My reputation as the Sex God of Earth
    (SGE #1 on Vulva) is well known and documented by the Vulvanian government
    and all their fems. If not for me and my amazing and highly appreciated
    sexual skills their entire species would be extinct by now.
    I can firmly assure all of you that the UFOs are as real as my Chevy
    pickup truck, my dog (German shep) and all of my hogs. So don’t make fun
    of them or people like me who have had many multiple encounters of the X
    rated kind.
    I can tell you that according to every ET fem from the planet Vulva I have
    had (and I stopped counting decades ago) has assured me that their men have
    little weenies and no longer function.
    As a true man of Earth and a humble representative of all white men here I
    was told that I was selected based solely on my good looks, my Harley, and
    my Texas drawl.
    PS: On Vulva, the beer is cheap, gas is free, and their fems worship me
    like a god (SGE #1). And the second most wonderful blessing is that the
    weed grows wild and is everywhere and of the highest quality. And all one
    has to do is pick it from the nearest patch and light up. It grows in its
    own wrapper and papers are not required.

  7. Although I laugh at crackpot conspiracy theories by both the kooky right
    and the kooky left this does not mean all conspiracies are products of
    nuts. Both Roswell and the JFK assassination the government’s explanations
    are exceeding lame and pure bull sh*t.

  8. I stopped watching at about 44:36 when it said «a few people have made it
    their life long mission to explore the existence of dolphins» well thanx,
    but i did already know that dolphins actually exist.

  9. I’ve only watched half of this so far, but this is the best info I’ve seen
    on the Roswell Crash of ETs being real. The old timers in this vid, have
    pobably passed away by now, but imo, these men value integrity and can be
    trusted. The Roswell crash was real, and the Earth has been visited by
    extraterrestrials for eons…since the beginning of our existance, and more
    than likely, way before that. Good Video.

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