Территория заблуждений. Межпланетные станции. НЛО — секретные материалы. Древние НЛО. Тайны океанов

Территория заблуждений. Межпланетные станции. НЛО — секретные материалы. Древние НЛО. Тайны океанов Новый сезон 2014 Вот уже много лет физики, астрономы, ант…
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UFO Sightings Controversial Footage Flying Saucer Public Reacts! Extended-Cut 2015 Callers into Thirdphasefomoon share their opinion on Eds footage of what looks to be a Hostile Looking Flying…

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Территория заблуждений. Межпланетные станции. НЛО — секретные материалы. Древние НЛО. Тайны океанов: 31 комментарий

  1. all ides about life in space, on other planets could be and im sure, is,
    wrong. they have different solar system, and rest. water isnt priority,
    same as oxygen. different minerals and period of time, used to evaluate
    life forms, makes it all totally different. doubt we can even imagine how
    they look, but we would like to think, they are more or less, like us,
    cause its much easier for humans, from psychological side, to think, they
    are our brothers n sisters. wrong till core of this idea!

  2. if you want to get closer to the «truth» would you mind speaking more about
    trb3’s? those things are real — and to see one is astonishing. the one i
    saw in september 2011 was at the time claimed by the met office as a
    «meteor shower» — this «meteor shower» DID NOT fall from the sky, it
    traveled across it from northwest uk and was seen sometime later in north
    wales uk. it is true they are completely silent in motion, 6 miles across
    claims are false. there is further documentation available regarding the
    september 2011 sighting if you google it. whether man made, alien, or a
    combination of both — seeing one of these is almost beyond comprehension,
    one of the most mind blowingly beautiful things you will ever see. I was
    with 4 other people during this sighting and at least 2 of them will
    confirm what happened that evening.

  3. let me give my professional opinion on this Ed guys vids …
    FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on people all his vids looked the same ,will
    someone please do a legit background check on this guy , hes prob. a gov
    plant ? but back to the point this shit is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have a very serious question to ask, I just heard in the beginning part
    of the video, to leave questions down here. I have had a personal
    encounter, at least 1, up close and personal, with a species of alien that
    I have never ever seen or heard anybody else report. Is there any way to
    talk confidentially? It’s very personal but I’ve been searching forever, on
    this species and have found nothing anywhere. 

  5. The design appears to be the fantasy of an earthling who has engaged in
    many hours of hollywood scifi films. I find it difficult to accept that any
    being capable of creating a vehicle to travel through space would design a
    spaceship with a dish on it…. fake

  6. Nothing valid about ufos will EVER be on the «news» unless and until it
    fits in and works with the agendas of the powers that be. Before any
    naysayers start flipping out remember that this statement applies to
    politics and pretty much every major scandal as well as the «workplace
    violence» of terrorism, «islamophobia», «racial injustice» et cetra. Any
    national news that isn’t a «fluff», entertainment or sports piece is well
    chosen and tailored to fit the views and agendas of the network owners and
    the monies behind them. It’s no secret. It’s also common knowledge that
    anyone with a story NOT fitting in with or contrary to those agendas is
    ridiculed, torn apart, attacked, made to look foolish or crazy,
    marginalized and OCCASIONALY even killed. When UFOs are acknowledged in a
    serious way, I won’t be jumping up and down with joy saying «finally!» I’ll
    be seriously wondering «why now?» And what the H!## are they up to behind
    the scenes? Because we can be sure it won’t be ANYTHING good for us.

  7. You are correct. I’m looking to have an opportunity to do a slam dunk
    truth. Hope I can do it. Peace. I know what I saw and they weren’t from
    our world. All should look up into our skies and not at their damn cell
    phones. Enough said.

  8. lol «i see no refraction of light» HAA you see it in the very beginning of
    this «shot footage» on the outer edge of the craft, you can CLEARLY see the
    clouds deteriorating behind this said «craft» in a way that just simply
    wouldnt happen. since when do clouds turn another shade one second and then
    another the next? if the sun is seen as a stationary object in which the
    earth rotates around while oscillating then the clouds would have a
    relative spectrum to that of the foreground. That is not the case in the
    first 2 seconds of this «footage». this is basic photography knowledge that
    you learn in high school. light bends, but it sure as shit doesnt refract
    unless there is reason. there is no reason that the light behind the craft
    would change spectrum that dramatically. you can even do this at home. hold
    a ball, get a flashlight, hold it behind the ball and tell me if the
    spectrum changes behind the object you are holding. it simply does not.
    this is such crap and im beyond sick of it…

  9. Hello Blake i tried to reach you several times, what i do i analyse this
    material. Your analyses are nice but i have to tell your analyst something.
    The bottom of the ship is translucent Blake when you analyse this object
    you got to concentrate on the bottom part. The bottom is also uses as a
    «magnifying glass» so you have lighten up the bottom part if you want to
    see whats in it consider the magnifying idea good luck.

  10. These days we have hi-tech high-resolution equipment yet we STILL seem to
    always see fuzzy, out-of-focus and/or grainy images.

    What’s with that?

    And remember we’re beginning to use 4K now.

  11. Disclosure Petition VII — Congressional Hearings
    WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Support congressional hearings for
    government/agency/political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events
    and evidence.
    It requires 100,000 signatures in 30 days to receive a White House response.



  12. Looks fake flying saucers dont exist or they are very very uncommon. most
    of the ufos are biological living entities, that can mimic objects if they
    wish, mainly balloons as crazy as it sounds, they use this as some type of
    camouflage. Eventually the truth will come out about these entity’s that
    live in space and are atmosphere.

  13. i have filmed over 20 ufos today, probably the best footage ever. if you
    want to buy it contact me. this footage is so good im not going to give it
    away. a week ago i filmed 10 of them. you can see ships leaving the main
    ship. this is disclosure people!!! please contact me for questions.

  14. Even though this craft may have a rather intimidating appearance it may be
    nothing more than an alien version of a utility truck. We have some very
    weird looking heavy duty tow-trucks and bulldozers and cranes that are a
    lot uglier than the automobiles we us for simple transportation. 

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