The Best UFO Footage Of 2013 (January and February)

Some of the best UFO footage of 2013.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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The Best UFO Footage Of 2013 (January and February): 25 комментариев

  1. There was an Italian scientist hundreds of years ago who wrote about some
    human looking guy coming in a flying machine and sharing knowledge with
    him. I’m sure he was lying to himself in his journal or just wanted people
    in the future to think aliens exist. That’s always the last explanation
    skeptics fall back on when Venus, the iss or a weather balloon doesn’t
    satisfy stupid peoples need for an explanation, it was just a hoax.

  2. Its real… I was working on some UFO stuff ever since I was a child. Their
    technology is simple, but hard to understand. Let me give you an example;
    NASA real footage (reported as space debris) on UFO during moon mission
    shows that an object moving with some hundreds of G, stops at once and then
    bounces reverse with same speed. Its impossible for humans to understand
    how it works… The reason is, we do not allow our mind to think beyond.
    All we consider is Physics; but we must realize that there is something
    more than physics. All we think about flying is wings… But, its only in
    our atmosphere, once we fly outer face, wings got nothing to do. Actually
    there is nothing called gravitation… Its just a force and we do not know
    how to create a counter force, so we feel gravity… I know its hard for
    many of you to understand, and many people think that I have gone mad…
    That is why I keep silent, its time waste to educate people…

  3. In 1997 when the phoenix lights appeared I was there no pics no funny
    videos i saw that thing with my own eyes in person a huge ship unknown to
    everyone and was there for hours, Yet our government said they where flares
    ??? It was real I saw it the entire city saw it. and that’s the truth 

  4. HA!! I love it on the NJ lights in a fixed triangular configuration that
    are blinking, ahh the official word is «roadside flares attached to
    balloons» problem with that is they blink and they are fixed in relation to
    each other!! Like maybe a triangle. Shaped thing with lights at each
    corner? WOW!! 

  5. Does anyone ever think for once that aliens don’t want anything to do with
    us. They just are curious because they think we are a circus. Lol. The
    world watches too much movies.

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