The Best UFO Footage Of 2014. (August and September)

The Best UFO Footage Of 2014. (August and September) Other Mister Enigma videos: UFO Mysteries: 3 Strange Objects Found On Mars This Week. https://www.youtub…
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The Best UFO Footage Of 2014. (August and September): 25 комментариев

  1. Has anyone ever asked yourself are these crafts the government? Using alien
    technology, does anyone ever wonder if there’s other people from other
    planets flying these crafts?

  2. Here is my 2 cents worth of explanation of objects in the sky: If you see
    something and no noisy than is UFO — aliens. Everything the government own
    make nosies, plenty of noises. Yes, just that simple.:At this age and time,
    if you still don’t believe lives on other planets than you should do
    yourself a favor go see a doctor or something. 

  3. two nights ago during my evening walk when it was completely dark out and a
    clear sky, i saw a light moving at a constant pace in the sky from south to
    north, i was going south so the light was getting closer, it looked much
    like a star but i noticed it was brighter although not extremely bright, it
    shone like an ordinary bulb we have in our households so i realized it was
    much closer to earth than a star would be, hard to appreciate distance from
    the ground not knowing the size of the object, but i’d say it was a small
    object, if i had to guess, not bigger than a Pilates ball. it wanted to
    look like a star but it was moving constantly, it passed me and continued
    toward north, so i stopped and continued looking at it to see what happens,
    and not long after that the light simply disappeared.
    this was not the only time i have seen this kind of moving light, although
    this time was the closest and right above my head, the lights usually can
    be seen when it is dark and clear sky and it seems they cover a certain
    area, then they turn back and forth again. could these be DRONES ? does
    anyone have more info on this??

  4. Those of you that think these light objects are gov. crafts you are wrong.
    Most modern ufos are various top secret gov. planes, but not the ones made
    from light that are silent and very fast. Most of these things are
    lifeforms that mostly live in the sky. And it is well known all over the
    world in gov. circles. You can find a lot of info about them on google and
    youtube. I knew about these creatures since childhood from a ton of strange

  5. I’ve seen the one that goes straight up in Tucson AZ. That thing what ever
    it is, is crazy. There is a light that looks like a helicopter spot light
    but it is way brighter than any LEDs or white lights I have ever seen. It
    gets closer and there is no sound. My brother was on his cell phone so it
    didn’t do anything weird with the electronics. It just got real close and
    shot straight up so fast I couldn’t believe it. I saw the space shuttle go
    up and rockets multiple times in FL. This thing just got up and went. No
    sound. It went yellow, orange, red and was gone.

  6. Wait a min..scientist..says its what? My 8 yo can see its not a missile..A
    MISSILE!! someones back yard..where do these experts get their
    degrees…wallmart? Being able to make a cup of coffee don’t make you a
    scientist man!!

  7. Those outer space Pacmen really have my head spinning. They’re obviously
    intelligent, but may just be animals, i.e., outer space «critters». I sure
    wish NASA would get honest about them, and do some serious investigation on
    them, because I find them utterly fascinating, and I can’t stand an
    unsolved mystery!

  8. Its definitely our shitty government. Our government is creating objects
    that are unfamiliar to our eyes to deceive us into believing we where
    attacked by other worldly beings. This is how the government will eliminate
    most of us to begin their fycked up new world order (which by the way will
    backfire on them.). We have been warned by other worldly beings in the corn
    crop messages about our government. Reseach good people. All the info is
    there. When this do go down our veterans will be all we have to teach us to
    fight. That’s why our government treat them so bad. They have to keep them
    depressed with mental, physical, and psycological illnesses. All this
    racial tension going in in our world is Great distraction. Who is looking
    at the sky when there is so much drama right in front of you? No
    one!!!!!!!!!!! And that is when our government test and re test all their
    new little devilsh toys made from knowledge from other worlds. Sorry if I
    sound crae but I have researched this for a long time and as I mentioned
    earlier the info is out there. Be blessed good people.

  9. Good thing about saying you saw UFO is that you don’t imply that you know
    what the fuck was that thing doing crazy shit on AIR :D. So yeah I seen and
    recorded some strange shit 😀 and yes something is there but no one seems
    to know what are they! 

  10. I hate when I people say » I don’t know what It is. it may be a UFO» FUCK!
    THAT’S WHAT UFO MEANS, UNIDENTIFIED. It does’t mean it comes from another
    planet, it just mean you don’t know what it is. Stop using UFO wrong.

  11. I was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Lived west of there at Elk Lake where
    I grew up and having many encounters with a UFO’s. The entire area west of
    EC is a hot bed for sightings. I believe UFO’s fly around that area because
    a large meteor impacted there eons ago. I still believe Elk Mound is no
    mound,.but is a very old pyramid as it sits on a prairie sticking up like a
    sore thumb. The Craft shown in EC is one I do not have in my archives and
    gives me reason to believe it is not a ufo as it is made by man. Anything
    triangular is evolved from the usaf tr3b’s which do not employ the
    lift/propulsion systems used in interstellar flights, i wonder why it is
    white showing details and not the standard issue mat grey.

    I live south of Madison now,and live 25 clicks away from its airport. I
    know those are flown around here but we can never catch one to view,.we
    experience the same vibrational feeling in our chests along with a short
    low tone hum that makes your eardrums about to pop and on a regular basis,
    we run outside and see nothing. neighbors of ours were sitting outside on
    their porch waiting for their children to come home from school,just when
    they seen a UFO as large as a football field right above the
    neighborhood,.it was triangular. he jumped in his car to get his kids and a
    few dozen others who were running and screaming home..that incident
    prompted the neighbors to pack up and move out of town within 2 weeks.
    I have seen a lot of footage lately where UFO’s are making cameos during
    protests,civil unrest,large gatherings. I hope people become aware of this
    and do take their best cameras to any event and use their best skills to
    get coverage.

  12. wake up for Gods sake people this is real not reality.find imformation on
    utube about crop circles and there meanings. They tell us that everyone in
    the whole world should have power personal power and we are all being
    deceived by the elite. look up the ancient Mayan people and Nikola Tesla
    and the meaning of crop circles, then maybe you shall see. they are our
    friends, our govenments are our devil aliens, take heed people we must
    unite and overcome our false leaders.

  13. that one rotating without a noise is totally incredible and absolutely
    amazing and beautiful to think how its an advance technology far more
    advance than any gouvernement made craft 

  14. 1991 I have parked my car facing west towards the mountains at the I 15
    truck stop out side of Las Vegas. I use to see the same bright lights on
    many occasions. Been so long ago I do not remember the exact times but was
    in the evenings around the same times. Thinking it was government
    experiments because it appeared to be in general areas where the missiles
    get fired across the interstate. Back in the day when going west on I 15
    there has been times we would have to stop because missiles were being
    fired. I have also see similar siting south of 469/hwy 27 Ft. Wayne. 3
    bright lights and the two outside ones merged into the middle one and then
    the middle one diapered, vanished. Again my thoughts was experiments
    because of the air base west of 469 and 27.

  15. about a year ago I was driving in good light and to my right approx 1km
    away a chrome silver sphere shot past parallel to the hwy very fast then
    vaporized into an amber heat haze. I felt a tightness in my chest from the
    weird static type of energy it put out. It has me knowing this was not man
    made and that this crazy shit is actual real.

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