The Best UFO Footage Of 2014 (August)

The Best UFO Footage Of 2014 (August)

The Best UFO Footage Of 2014 (August) Other UFO videos: UFO Swarmed By Helicopters In San Fernando, California. (2 Camera Angles) UFO …
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The Best UFO Footage Of 2014 (August): 15 комментариев

  1. Humans haven’t yet investigated this planet. Deep oceans, mountain ranges &
    the poles may have been mapped but they still remain unknown. Aint it
    strange that no planes or satelites (available to public) show any pictures
    of the poles. We need to know the contents of mother earth before we
    suggest where things come from.

  2. Sometimes people see lights in the sky and no one ever figures out what
    they are really seeing. I live 3 miles from Newark airport in new
    jersey and have seen some weird craft flying over my house at all times of
    the day and since its a controlled air space where you cant fly model
    planes or anything like that at all, because you will be arrested. i’ve
    reported these objects time dates direction to mufon because the radar at
    the Newark airport had to pick these object up as air traffic and they
    called me and told me they don’t have access to the radar data at all.

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