The Most Bizarre and Believable UFO Conspiracy Theories (Full Documentary)

The Most Bizarre and Believable UFO Conspiracy Theories (Full Documentary) . 2013 2014 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries sho…
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The Most Bizarre and Believable UFO Conspiracy Theories (Full Documentary): 25 комментариев

  1. UFO are seeing for centuries or even for milleniums before and now we have
    on thousands of videos,pictures,testimony of civillian &millitary pilots ,
    circle croops in wheat,corn… hidden files from govermants who say that
    UFO is lie but in the same time they censure documents and keep them
    secret from (stupid) public !! why you censure and hide documents if this
    is «lie»??? 

  2. UFO’s (i.e. Little green men {or ‘Greys’}) DO NOT exist!!… PERIOD!!
    Why would they fly millions of light years (even if they could) to just zip
    around in the atmosphere for a bit before ‘shooting off at high speed’ and
    …. Use your common sense!! (If you have any)….It’s no different to God,
    Angels, Ghosts, Demons, The Devil, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster etc., etc….
    IT’S ALL BULLSHIT that people believe in despite absolutely NO scientific
    evidence!!…. DELUDED IDIOTS!!!

  3. Why do folks who do not believe in extraterrestrial life even watch these?
    Is it so they can bash it? Granted, the «Matrix» thing is a bit far fetched
    but if you don’t believe then don’t watch. 

  4. OK,so aliens from outside our galaxy noticed the first Atomic Bomb go off
    and from then on have taken an active though secret interest in our world.
    I see a couple of problems with this. Our galaxy contains hundreds of
    millions of stars, to notice one nuclear explosion on our world would be
    like noticing one specific rain drop in a thunder storm. Secondly, the
    light from this explosion would take thousands of years to leave our
    galaxy, even if aliens could reach us faster than light, (against
    Einstein’s Equation E=MC2), it would still take them thousands of years to
    reach us. David Icke by the way, believes he is the son of god. The
    Illuminati by the way, originally were formed in Bavaria and were forward
    thinking people looking to improve the world through enlightenment. They
    were actually medieval good guys. Do we live in an alien created matrix?
    I don’t know. For some reason though, I tend to think not.

  5. david needs to be cure from is paranoia yep they could be ets that came
    along time ago and intervined with earthling but to tell they live among us
    wich could be, but shape shiffter let me laugh he took his idea from a
    science tv series from the late 70,early 80(maya in cosmos 1999,she could
    shape shiffted in anything she wanted)he think he knows well he his deluted

  6. Wow…. The blast was detected across the galaxy?
    So news of atomic-tests travel faster than light…?
    …Amazing that mankind had inter-galactic com-systems before live tv……
    Now why dont we «morse» them a greeting with a series of controlled tests?

  7. If reptilians do exist David Icke where is the evidence of them. There is
    no evidence in these aliens except for these fake photoshopped images.
    David Icke you are just as fake as these images that are posted on YouTube.
    When is someone going to expose as clown by robbing people showing his
    stupid books with nonsense and garbage that is not real.

  8. David Icke must be way off — not just because it all sounds a little bit
    far-fetched, but because if he was on to something, surely he would have
    had a regrettable «accident» by now… or committed «suicide». As they do.

  9. Think of humans for a minute as fish in a aquarium trying to look out but
    time and time again just seeing what are limited minds wants us to see. I
    believe there are so many more dementions we are unaware of some of these
    so called aliens are able to travel from there to here and it very well
    could be time travelers etc. I will shut up because I cant admit to not
    knowing anything for sure but like to keep a open mind on all of it.

  10. You can spin it however you want, but you can not change history. The
    Sumerians knew who ran this planet in their day and who were their
    «Gods». Today man has become arrogant in thinking he knows all the
    answers, yet he can not even explain 1 of the many thousands of unexplained
    mysteries left behind by the ancients. All they can do is point to science
    that they have uncovered so far and say it is not possible so they must
    have done it this way or that. Until next week when a new discovery points
    even closer to the truth that he wants to deny. but go ahead, deny all
    you want. They do not care.

  11. What’s more likely;
    That within the trillion trillions of trillions trillions trillions of
    trillions stars of few galaxies (not all of them; the number is way bigger)
    there is life, that might have spawned a long long time before we emerged
    from the sludge, which would have evolved to the point on uncromprehension
    to our rather feeble minds, that our father’s father’s (etc etc etc etc)
    mistook for supreme beings they called «Gods» for lack or better name..
    That there Is a God who created the universe(s) in 6 days then rested on
    the 7th, and He is observing us from where he is, i mean observing ALL OF
    US, all at once, but isn’t yet decided to «help» humanity …until the end
    of the bet He made with one of His creation «satan, the Devil, and all his
    other names»

  12. David Icke you are such a moron. Reptilians do not exist. However, they
    want Americans to believe this. There is a species of aliens that do exist
    but they look human like us as far as I know this is what I hear from

  13. I imagine the aliens taking some relaxation time in front of a screen where
    they are watching this video and rolling with uproarious laughter with
    tears pouring from their eyes. They have a Friday night comedy hour and
    this is it. 

  14. This is the problem i have with most documentaries, especially ones that
    are on TV. They are told from such a bias perspective, they really want to
    make your mind up for you. By belittling the people shown, making them seem
    crazy, uneducated and just plain weird. 

  15. I know this voice (voice over) but can’t put a name on it, it is always the
    same smarty pants, commenting with this irony in the tone that seems to
    say, «hey you idiots emitting the idea «civilisations far more advance than
    us, could have come on earth visiting or even medling with our «destiny» by
    genes manipulations, or still coming and going as they please» «.
    As much as i like British people, usually these commentators always are
    taking the piece, out of rather serious matters; Crop Cirles, Marijuana,
    UFOs etc, which to me make Them look stupid and extremely annoying !

    Brits are famous for trying to discredit the crop Circle phenomena by
    showing two ..uckers with wooden planks, going about crops, trying to
    recreate figures and shapes, or the Denier in chief (then admitting » yes i
    was part of cover up ..boohoo shame on me») N.Pope

    My question is ; WHY.?
    Is the US govmt so far up their bottoms that they have to fake stuff, as
    well as, almost plainly calling «believers» (i dislike this term, it is
    more about ADMITTING THE POSSIBILITY OF ET EXISTENCE rather than Believing
    in it as in BELIEVING in god !!!) stupids ??!!
    They believe in a god that they’ve never seen, that never manifest itself,
    that let children die by the millions etc , they believe in this
    Mordicus…….but deny something that shows not only great probabilities
    (see the Brave Drake equation) but also more and more an increasing
    possibility !!!
    Peace out ..»Beam me up scotty» !

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