The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization — Richard Dolan Lecture

The Secret Space Program: In this lecture Richard Dolan argues that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex than many have previously suggested, and th…

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The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization — Richard Dolan Lecture: 25 комментариев

  1. The reason that there are so many conspiracy theories is because whenever
    something strikes anyone’s imagination, the question becomes, if it were
    real, would a reasonable person expect the government hide it? The answer
    is almost always, «yes.» 

  2. Sorry, but I’ll continue to listen to what actual astronomers, physicists,
    etc. have to say on issues such as these. What I won’t do is take what a
    University of Rochester history grad has to say very seriously. This man is
    an entertainer pretending to be some sort of scientist. If he lived 100
    years earlier he’d be selling a cure-all elixir out of a horse-drawn wagon.
    One hundred years from now people will look back at message boards such as
    these and wonder why anyone believed anything this guy says. 

  3. How could people live in space after the earth is made unlivable from
    nuclear war? How would food be produced in space? Living in space will
    buy survivors some time but not much else. 

  4. i can say THIS about black budget/military tech: there is NO uber tech in
    the «regular» military. ive been military for 31 years now (active + civil
    service) in a more or less hi-tech sector and all our tech is «normal» and
    even a bit outdated due to procurement bureaucracy. but also — ther is a
    whole «other» military service behind security classification doors and in
    the most-secret military world — contractors (mercenaries). your real DOD
    tax dollars go to corporations with private, secret armies and air forces
    and space programs.

  5. I do not know what is the goal of US government hiding crashed UFO’s? Human
    kind will not be able used their aircraft’s to begin with, humans are to
    delicate to ride with that kind of aircraft. It just US government shows
    how small minded people are most of US government officials. 

  6. Your Creator is a Spaceman.

    Please read The Urantia Book. Free online. Google it.

    ALL of this is explained in clear language without any coercion or trickery.

    Disclosure has already happened only the government keeps telling you it
    hasn’t happened because that idea keeps you coming to the government for
    your «truth» and «reality».

  7. No one with an IQ > 1 takes this seriously. Dolan is now fully invested
    and must keep up the shenanigans (like interviewing a «dying CIA agent» in
    2013 who was also dying in a 1998 interview). LOL Do people not see that
    his books, radio show, speaking and «research» are what pays the bills? And
    he does sound sane compared to the reptilian White House shape-shifting

    Like others he makes sweeping claims without a shred of evidence (aliens
    are here, will reveal themselves openly «soon», we have their technology,
    the US is trying to «debunk» him, blah blah) then proceeds as if it were
    fact. But he does manage to sound earnest — even when interviewing a man
    who is on death’s doorstep for 15 years. 

  8. If you manage to make it to the end of this guy’s smug speech with his
    talking about boring issues that most people have known about for years,
    and his continual ass-kissing to, and name-dropping of Richard Hoagland
    (who I’m sure thinks this guy is an ass) just goes to show (and this is
    just my opinion…) that this guy has been planted by the very people that
    he’s talking about in the end of his speech…

    «It’s going to be so hard for the leaders to explain this» he says
    (paraphrased of course) and then they (the leaders) can refer to this guy’s
    so-called «work» and say that he was a hero by informing the masses ahead
    of time… (And of course Richard Hoagland will be thanked and
    dismissed… probably to his own liking.)

    This was vaguely entertaining background listening but I couldn’t help
    thinking that this guy sounded like a fuckin’ poser…

    Or more accurately, like «sophisticated meme guy» — Hmm? Hmm? yes!…mmwahh
    mwah hah… yes, yes, quite!!!… ah hah hah hah *swirls cheap cognac and
    drops his manacle* 

  9. If other life forms [ and there are many ] wanted to do us harm they have
    had thousands of years to do so. We are like some primitive life form that
    they study ,like we study ants.

  10. A civilization that does interstellar/intergalactic ftl travel will have
    far more efficient ways of acquiring resources and energy. Scarcity is not
    a problem and therefore a monetary system is obsolete since everything is
    So therefore even long range travel for prospecting for resources is
    obsolete as well.
    Sophisticated recycling technologies and well educated and actual civilized

    The technology needed to travel this «way» makes the travel itself
    obsolete, at least in current technological thinking approaches, so why fly
    around the vacuum and harass dumb species? For food? Genetics? Why try to
    learn from apes that have lost their hair just a few dozen thousand years
    ago and fail at nearly everything they start? Colonial expansion? What for?
    Place for more useless eaters, which an advanced society has no place for?
    Prospecting for chemical elements, that «they’d» probably just bang
    together from lighter elements? We can do it. It’s always us, deceiving and
    bullshitting ourselves, just to have a bit more stuff and power than the
    others 🙂
    If an indivudual’s competence doesn’t reach past materialism and power,
    then they will surely cling to the only thing they understand and can do.

    Humanity is baaaadly confused, about its obfuscated past. Noone knows what
    happened, everyone is afraid. And afraid/confused people behave
    inexceptionally erratic and dumb.

    Maybe we were already here and forgot the poor morons that were left here?
    Now our «ancestors» have found us again and «play games» with us?

    Again, what for? Nothing of all of this alien stuff, (I’m actually a fan of
    ufology and exosciences) makes any sense, not for us, not for «them».

    It doesn’t yield anything.
    100% wasteage.

    You should start synthesizing you ways of thinking with other
    «controversal» sciences, you might get a far clearer vision of «it all» 🙂
    You focus too much on alien stuff, breakaway freaks without looking at
    other aspects, like simple logics…

    Sure, there are those «5%» ufo sightings were really noone knows if it’s a
    fake or the real thing.

    But then again, how much serious scientific effort is put into this theme?
    Not a single peso. It’s a tabu. Even though current maintream-science
    clearly dictates an astonishingly overcrowded universe.

    One explenation would be that we fucked up, our «superiors» realized that
    long ago, and are just preparing to go elsewhere while leaving everyone
    behind, that is of «no use»

  11. Thank you, Richard, for your work — we need more like you. There are far
    too many nut-jobs in the U.F.O. field. If we can get more like you and
    Stanton Friedman — who approach the subject in an honest, thorough,
    scientific, objective manner maybe disclosure will happen sooner. This is
    THEE most important topic for people to get a grasp on. Unfortunately, it
    can get difficult to sift through all the crazies and dis-information. Keep
    it real! Get enlightened and pass it on!

  12. To Richard Dolan…what is the point. Anyone can Hypothesize…I DID work
    at area 51. I will tell you…your stats…innuendo…all meaningless,
    regardless of how you «deliver» your ideas. When you wrapped up your
    speech…what changed. What value for society did you did you bring to the

  13. You poor humans don’t you think you’ve milked this alien ufo thing about as
    far as fantasy can go. You people need to get your head screwed back on
    straight and stop boring the hell out of the rest of us . Have you ever
    noticed that when they run into problems regarding physics they just make
    up some new made up physics to explain there impossible concepts. Not to
    mention the fact that the nearest star is 81,000 years away at our best
    possible speed. That’s reality and that our nearest star they get much
    farther after that . All of this is to convince you to by there crap. Cds
    DVD and book, it fiction that only work’s on star trek and that’s where it
    will stay. Remember they have not one piece of evidence, not 1 piece of
    proof, not 1 clear unblured picture or video

  14. This guy seems very laid back in his speech. Where was this made?
    Amsterdam eh? Why Amsterdam? (cough cough) He reminds me of the public
    defender from «My Cousin Vinny»…….»ladies and gentlemen of the jjjj j j
    jj……jj ….. .jjj…….ahhhhh……JURAYYYYY!

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