The Secret USA Space Fleet, UFO!

The TR3B is an alleged top secret aircraft or «space vehicle» which has some quite incredible abilities. The source of the information is Edgar Fouche who started making public disclosures…

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The Secret USA Space Fleet, UFO!: 25 комментариев

  1. If memory serves, this TR3B is nuclear powered. I don’t remember hearing
    that it has any Star Trek shields. So, what happens when it gets shot down?
    Does it explode like a nuclear bomb or does it just become a small
    Fukushima disaster? This got me thinking about nuclear powered submarines.
    I’ve never heard of them being used in an actual war. What happens when
    they get torpedoed? Do THEY go up like an exploded nuclear bomb? Of do they
    become an underwater Fukushima?

    Then there are nuclear bombs on board those submarines, right? Shit! How
    the fuck can anyone afford to torpedo such submarines? How can they be
    safely used in a wartime situation?

  2. …the show Star Trek was a secret subconscious true testament to what the
    illuminati has really achieved in terms of off world space
    technology…that show demonstrates what they’re really doing in
    space…and it’s right in our face…right their on TV for everyone to
    see…but they knew nobody would ever get it because we are all programmed
    to believe and do what the mainstream tells us…ha ha hee hee!…the jokes
    on me..

  3. Ufos and aliens are real. They are flying around in intergalactic space
    ships! Abducting people at will. What will it take for the human race to

  4. Its time are government has more faith in the people, we already know this
    exists. If they would just bring it out in the open and stop wasting time
    and money trying to keep it secret, think how much further these programs
    could be advanced. We can handle it, what we cant handle is the lies and
    cover up$. We all want to be a part of the adventure, we will stand behind
    are government officials who finally share the truth. It’s time!

  5. Triangles are of human design, everything else is of E.T origin. $8.5
    trillion the Pentagon conveniently can’t account for…’s all gone
    towards what is being and has been built at Groom Lake.

    If you don’t think E.T and UFOs are real, i advise you look throughout our
    history at the famous paintings, cave paintings and ancient texts that
    describe these craft and those that control them,

  6. why does you tubes computer keep recommending stuff I ‘v all ready seen,
    reruns are boring////////////1! watch something ufo and thats all that it
    recommends. see an interesting top ten and you get buried. find a way to
    generate a little variety.

  7. To all you «hoaxsters» out there — Instead of jumping through the enormous
    number of hoops it would have taken to get literally 10s of 1000s of
    technicians and craftsman across the country to participate in the biggest
    lie ever perpetrated on humanity — why not just simply build a spacecraft
    and go land on the Moon? And what about the evidence that hoaxsters don’t
    want to hear about — the reflectors we placed on the moon’s surface —
    remember? The ones that get used every few days to measure how far the Moon
    has drifted away from Earth? Is it any wonder why the proponents of the
    moon landing hoax — like the authors of this video — never go and interview
    the people who work at the observatory and take these weekly measurements?

  8. If I may point out a few things. First, It looks like a giant three sided
    harmonica, Second, Everything is light when you turn off gravity, and
    Third, «asorbtiness’ isn’t a word.

  9. I seen two, I call them bell shape but very much triangle shaped craft in
    upper Michigan. Made no sound and were flying in formation. Tree top level
    and they scared the hell out of me. I told my wife when they retired the
    shuttle Just wait until you see what’s next !

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