The Stan Romanek Story — Messages — Full UFO Contact Documentary

Messages: The Stan Romanek Story — We are not alone and Stan Romanek can prove it. From his first sighting of a UFO to chilling alien abductions, Romanek rel…
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The Stan Romanek Story — Messages — Full UFO Contact Documentary: 25 комментариев

  1. What makes me skeptical about all of these people is that they are very
    similar, middle aged white people, reasonably well educated, sometimes a
    few crazies. Never any black people. A bit weird.

  2. UFOs defy all rules of physics. They can make right hand turns while going
    4,000 miles per hour.
    You never see many land during daylight hours. They exert mind control on
    people they encounter. They do experiments on people and cattle.
    They appear and disappear at will (dimential creatures).
    I believe they are demonic in nature. What more could Satan want to do is
    pollute the human genome.
    One encounter with a person who is a christian called upon Jesus’s name
    when was being abducted. He said the gray’s got afraid and ran from him as
    fast as they could.
    There are several types of creatures (fallen creatures) gray’s and reptile
    These creatures will show up after the rapture of the Christians from the
    earth soon.
    They, along with the anti-christ will tell the people left here on earth
    that the inferior people (Christians) had to be removed so mankind could
    If you ever get abducted or run into these creatures invoke the name of
    Jesus to protect you. He will and they will flee.

  3. Aliens always get bad press when I’m on You Tube. I put aliens on the same
    level as the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland or the belief in the
    British Rail Timetable.

    Shepperton Station to London Waterloo in 55 mins, it’s pure science fiction.

    If aliens exist why do they go to a secret bullshit area in the US. If it
    was me I would go down a pub and get pissed out of my brain.

  4. If the two clowns at the end of this video were truly concerned about the
    public hearing all about the aliens & Stan’s life story, they would NOT be
    putting it on a «Pay-per-View» website. That tells the public «SCAM»
    bigtime! You want to get people’s attention, post it FREE on every avenue
    of media available & then you’ll impress me. Other than that, take your
    video & shove it because I’m not paying to see something Stan has been
    discussing & showing evidence on for years. I already know the story so,
    why should I pay these two clowns $6 to watch something I’m already
    well-versed in??? SCAMMERS! This is exactly why the masses don’t
    believe… it’s ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

  5. Most Abductees who believe the Aliens are benevolent make money the ones
    that hate them get tortured or murdered like Karla Turner and John Mack.
    They want you to believe they are highly technical advanced sweet little
    Beings but they are not. As you can see they entered Stan’s home or
    personal space without being invited in. If you will do research on the
    Greys they always appear in our bedrooms our most personal space on Earth
    so does this make them benevolent and they conduct painful experiments on
    our bodies and when they install an implant they do not numb you first. I
    have more documentation than Stan and I am starting to put it up on my
    Blog. What I find interesting is Stan never described them as stinking.
    Most men get raped and James Barley on you tube will tell you that story.
    I am just starting to go through my documentation and I am having a
    horrible time remembering what I had to go though especially all the times
    I was raped by them. Google Alien Abduction Affects and witness the other
    side of the story.

  6. Stan is typical of so many alien contacts. There is probably truth in much
    of the early encounters and then after receiving attention and or money,
    the story becomes fabricated. Gray aliens do not prowl outside peoples
    houses and peep in their windows. They have technology, yet unfamiliar to
    humans, to look inside homes from nearly any distance. These are not real
    looking aliens anyway but totally fake. They also do not give shows to
    humans aboard ships to make them realize how much we are destroying the
    planet. They also do not need Stan to calm others being abducted. The
    Grays can control that part of our brain whenever they choose. The normal
    fear process is part of what makes us forget our encounter and so a planned
    part of the incident. 

  7. This guys fantasy is that he was abducted and used as a «stud» to
    inseminate a female grey alien who had hybrid children, all his children
    were of the female species, what we call «girls» here on earth. Now these
    «girls» want to know who their human father is and so that is why they
    search him out and contact him all the time, but all it is is his «didler»
    fantasy…the part he doesn’t disclose is his dirty incestuous fantasy’s
    that he has about them, even if it were true…FUCK!!!!!!! I can’t believe
    I had to explain this to a bunch of «didler» worshippers and hope that they
    would see the light!
    FUCK#&^#$&*#^&#&^&#$!!!!!@$%$#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL ME

  8. *Only a few cocky white people seem to be the ones that are into UFOs and
    extraterrestrial life. There is some most definitely, but what does it

    *Go to truthcontest•com and read «The Present» to know something that
    matters — The ultimate truth of life…*

  9. Remember folks, if you call within the next three minutes we will give you
    not one but two copies of the book plus a free egg beater for absolutely
    FREE! just pay for the first book and shipping!

  10. IDK the details of his arrest but he is supposed to be innocent until
    proven beyond a shadow of a doubt guilty. The length of time it took for
    the arrest seems fishy. Maybe he is guilty maybe he isn’t. That is for a
    jury to decide. I am not defending him but I am also sure there is plenty
    of evidence not reported by the media. As for the Alien story, as soon as
    I have doubts I see just enough evidence to make me think «maybe.» The
    professionals that state he wrote down equations about time and space among
    other science related peoples intrigues me. That being said I would like
    to see the qualifications they have. They could be quacks or they could be
    legit. Time will tell.

  11. WOW, the passion of the discussions here are incredible! The real
    documentary Film can be seen at if any of you are interested in
    watching it. Let me be clear about a few things, Stan and I have never said
    you have to believe one word we have to say…although it is the truth you
    can decide what you are or are not ready to believe. Now, yes, Stan was
    arrested, he was also attacked 2 weeks later and by a person or persons in
    dark blue uniforms…He maintains his innocence of these charges, and
    anyone with 1/2 a brain knows Stan has talked about this kind of devious
    harassment for a very long time!! WAKE UP! Again, believe what you will,
    but understand this, WE DO NOT OWN THE DOCUMENTARY FILM…j3films does. We
    do not get paid for or own the video posted here, and we make appr. $1.50
    per book sold. There is no «fraud plot» to get rich folks…it just doesn’t
    work that way! Heads up…No one asks for this kind of attention, no one
    wants to be called crazy, liar, hoaxer…but we will not back down from it
    , out of fear, nor will your ugly comments deter us from telling the truth
    of our experiences! have a great day! See the film, feel the pain of our
    lives… and WAKE UP!

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