The Suppressed 1974 Mexican UFO Crash

This show looks into the 1974 UFO crash incident in Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico, where the retrieval of crash material was subsequently suppressed by Mexican a…
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The Suppressed 1974 Mexican UFO Crash: 25 комментариев

  1. So the US troops show up and find all the Mexican troops dead. Yeah right,
    I would say the US troops killed the Mexicans and stole the disc, blowing
    up all evidence. That sounds more truthful.

  2. Mexico is starved for tourism. How long are they going to fly that damn
    mylar balloon? And that’s exactly what it is, some poor dumb wet with a
    balloon on the end of a fishing pole. They flew it to coincide with the
    eclipse so it would get the most press; everyone was looking up. Just

  3. yeah sure ..a lethal bacterialogical agent from out of this world ???? are
    you kidding me …oh sure you dont know what it was so you thought blowing
    them up and spreading this agent in the air was a good thing to do ??? come
    on …those mexican solders were murdered 

  4. its stupid to think any et race could traverse uncountable distance and for
    some reason when the get around earth they suddenly cant fly for fuck and
    wreck ,no proof no aliens its like jesus and the bible back up claim with
    evidence or shut the fuck up you boring weak minded losers

  5. What gets me is..OK..theres vastly advanced races out there..BUT!!
    Everytime I hear a craft has crashed..its like HOW do these superior
    thingys crash?? their brakes go…steering wheel come off????
    They come a berzillion miles..get here and hit a fuckin tree…I mean so
    many are reported to have crashed..i find it so hard to believe these guys
    are not that maybe ..but theres dozens reported..these guys
    transverse time and distance..they virtually «plug» themselves into their
    craft..and fly by mind control..theres no controls or machinery to
    malfunction ..the craft becomes… them!! PERFECT… travel.

  6. If i was a alien arriving to a inhabited planet would i land near a large
    populated area where chaos would occur? possible military action could take
    place? or would i land in a less populated area learn the planets
    inhabitants? and slowly make contact with the planetary inhabitants?
    unfortunately the Russians and us Americans are to aggressive to let this
    happen maybe our government has scared off contact with extra terrestrials.
    If our government does not stop being so aggressive maybe Extra
    Terrestrials will never make contact with us and give 3rd world countries
    the power to conquer or become more technological than us? 

  7. why not just charge u.s and russian jets to have 24-hour protection across
    the borders, and every time this happens, they will destroy the ufo and
    research things about it.

  8. The stars the sun the moon God created that for signs. Signs of time. When
    its night morning etc… stars for guides. But also for signs of his
    return. Its all in the bible. We are alone in this universe. And you will
    all see and bow down to our King Jesus in his second return. 

  9. The Americans «found» the Mexican soldiers dead ?Get outta here….!!
    Those soldiers were murdered and the UFO Jacked from them…..Must be the
    1st officially recorded UFO Jacking in the entire Universe….!!!!

  10. I believe in UFOs! But why there’s nothing about it related in military
    sites? Why Can’t I find the names of the military? If it’s true, it could,
    at least, be easy to find something about it in some site, beyond in UFOs
    sites, blogs, FB…I think it could be a legend! It’s not possible, it
    doesn’t have their names in some oficial site! Even this matter can be
    hiden, they had families, hadn’t they??

  11. these ufo aliens got some very advanced civilization, but what would deny
    the fact that they got their own share of idiots or even crackheads?
    in our society how many people that create new gadgets do we have? what’s
    the %?
    how many pilots do we got that create new engines for space shuttles?

    just think about it, not all individuals of a species must be bright and
    they can’t be all equally bright

    we got things like tablets, it’s not easy to make those things, most of us
    don’t know how to make one, yet every idiot uses one or at least can use
    one, yet none of these idiots is an expert on how to use all its functions

  12. We The People, in this communication-information age no longer require
    elected mediation. We The People, can make our own choices via the internet
    on any subject because we are all connected. We The People, can run our own
    country as it truly should be but never has been. We The People, legitimate
    owners of our country can run it as WE see fit by consensus. Or are we the
    apathetic sheeple going to the slaughter of all freedoms? I think we all
    know our voice has no value in the outdated system. Suggest a better idea
    or spread the MEME.

  13. The sceptics should be invited and then casually escorted out to a wall and
    then be shot. Why they even listened to these bastards to begin with is
    infuriating. Then spend time trying to convince these assholes. The aliens
    should load the craft with nuclear warheads. Knowing how piggish the
    American scum are, wait until they take it within their corrupt, putred and
    disgusting country and detonate. Hahahahahahahahahah fuck that would be
    awesome. Americans are a disease that need to be exterminated.

  14. oh sure, what I am thinking what actually happened is…

    a US experimental aircraft crashed into a Mexican plane. The Mexican
    government trying to take a look at what has happened come over there to
    investigate the wreckage, perhaps to recover something too, maybe if it’s
    interesting to study it or if it’s just some random crash, check to see if
    anyone survived then to clean up the mess are intercepted by the Americans
    who kill all the Mexican agents for the US cannot risk them leaking
    information about it. The Americans do the job effectively because they are
    recovering what is theirs. 

  15. a created military aircraft, crashes and the military has to hurry to up to
    recover it so it is not picked up by other governments or individuals.
    aliens is a good cover story. but sorry folks aliens are only in sci-fi and

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