The UFO guy

WGN Reporter Juan Carlos was out to get some sound (reaction) on a recent alleged UFO siting at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. What he got was a minute and a half…
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The UFO guy: 25 комментариев

  1. Even tho people keep bitching about him, and he should get his facts
    straight (Air Force 1 —> Area 51, «extraterrestials») I have such an awful
    lot of respect for this guy, daring to speak out in a world where everyone
    is laughed at when expressing an opinion or a belief deviating from the
    norm. I wish the best for him. ^^

  2. »they could be made of water»
    I hate how the reporter reacts to this.. »water!?»
    like »omg thats so dumb and never possible»
    even though we’re made out of water for about 70% or something ourselves…

  3. This guy is ACTING funny, he knows what he is talking about. for everyone
    thinking he is on acid, because of the remark made about hallucinations.
    I’m certain he is jokingly thinking about how our eyes take in the world
    around us. And as our brain is perceiving reality, who actually knows what
    can and cannot be recognized as Reality.

  4. See, this guy is really an Alien in hiding, trying to convince us all that
    they don’t exist by pretending to be a blathering idiot. They’re out there,


  5. High or not, he’s right. And i think the most people know. Just the fact
    the universe is huge. Maybe there is a planet with the same conditions as
    earth where life is possible.

  6. This guy was making fun of journalists, the other is a second he said some
    great things from this. so the E.B.E as citizens of the world calls it.
    They are here all around, and are among the human race, and they are not
    green or gray they are just like us.

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