The UFO incident

Betty and Barney Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire on September 19—20,…

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  1. You non believers ask yourselves…why would a perfectly normal American
    middle class couple make this up?…what could they possibility gain from
    it ?…open your minds! 

  2. The Hills were a highly dysfunctional couple, both with records of
    emotional instability (frightening in that Betty was a social worker) and
    who perpetually felt alienated from the rest of society due to their mixed
    race couple status. Betty, though coming off as timid, completely dominated
    her husband in an emotional sense to the point where she was able to
    transpose ideas and thoughts into his mind. Whatever was left of her
    credibility was completely destroyed when, years later, she claimed that
    she saw aliens and ships two or three times a month due to having
    established a special psychic connection with them. She actually stated
    that she knew of a special ocean inlet where she would go at night just to
    (no joke) wave and say «Hi, guys!» to the aliens just happening to be
    passing through.

  3. @1:09:40-This is where the story falls through. If she didn’t know where
    she was from on the map and the ‘leader’ didn’t find any point telling her
    where he was from, then why didn’t the ‘leader’ show her where she was on
    the map and then point to where he was from? Obviously they got to the
    Earth from where they were from, right? -unless they were lost.

  4. Pretty good movie. James Earl Jones was amazing. My favorite part was when
    Estelle Parsons’ «Betty» is reliving the moment when the two of them are
    being led to the spaceship and she’s saying «Bah-knee, wake up.» then the
    alien says in her voice «Is ‘Bah-knee’ his name?»


    I’m terrible, I know, but I keep thinking did anyone ever say to them «Hey
    Betty and Barney, where’s Wilma and Fred?»

    Never mind.

  5. this takes me way back to 1965. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade at the
    time. My teacher brought in a copy of Look Magazine (I thought it was Life
    but the internet says it was Look) For a couple of days she would read a
    little of the story to the class at the end of the day. All the kids in my
    class were so excited and couldn’t wait for the class to end the next day
    so we could hear more of the story. I wonder how close to telling the real
    story this old movie is. I just watched it again and it sure makes one
    think. Are we alone?

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