The World of Weird News: Bigfoot, UFOs and Other Questionable Claims (Sharon Hill)

Weird news is its own niche on the web and in print. The more sensational the story, the more eyeballs it gets. Topics include Bigfoot and UFO sightings, hau…
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The World of Weird News: Bigfoot, UFOs and Other Questionable Claims (Sharon Hill): 10 комментариев

  1. You shouldnt promote Skeptoid. You could not get further away from serious
    true skepticism than Brian Dunning. Even calling him a debunker is a
    stretch. He certainly is not a real skeptic. Truzzi would be rolling in his
    grave at Dunning (and Sherman and pretty much ALL well known skeptics, that
    he would call pseudoskeptics) He is a conman and a fraud. Who much prefers
    to attack a person, then address the real claims. He is very much guilty of
    having already decided something is bullshit, before he looks at the
    evidence. And as such, he cherry picks his evidence to support his
    predisposition on the matter. I have yet to see an issue of his podcast
    that isnt riddle with logical fallacies, and that actually tries to address
    the claims with a scientific methodology. He almost never actually even
    gets to the issue. Spends most of the time name calling. Or my favorite,
    and he has a surprising number of podcast that fall in this category, That
    there is nothing legitimate to even address, so why the hell did you make a
    podcast just to basically say there is nothing for you to even dispute that
    is seriously worth the effort. Almost every other podcast consist of just
    some name calling and calling bullshit on the issue, and that there is
    nothing for him to even address. Any five year old could do that..
    Pathetic, and this guy makes BIG MONEY doing this pseudoscience fraud.
    Shame he will only get a slap on his hand out of the FBI raiding his house
    and charging him with fraud. He is a criminal, and even worse, a promoter
    of bad science. He belongs in jail, not given a platform to preach to all
    his gullible pseudoskeptic followers..

  2. Hey you fuckin MORON come to Wisconsin and spend the night in a few spots
    and you tell me Bigfoot isn’t real. They look like Chewbacca and yell at
    the moon like him too. 

  3. The skull of the tiny alien could not be shaped like that in the womb and
    with a strange ridge on top. The bones also seem too developed.
    The skull in the dust is way to big and is way different to a human skull
    eg the eye slits. Overall some good points and informative, thanks.

  4. Excellent vid . Although the dietry supplement point is rather vague. Does
    she mean vitamins and minerals? If so she is guilty of what she accuses
    these altnews sites of in the 1st place, the science on vitamin and mineral
    supplementation is overwhelming. Why would midwives give pregnant mothers
    calcium and iron supps if they were bogus. I do think it was just a matter
    of her not explaining what she ment by dietry supps rather than the above

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