This is the best of the whole story of UFO investigation that we have today FULL MOVIE 1

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UFO Shows Up On Russia Today News In London, England, June 13, 2013, UFO Sighting Daily.

Source Video: Keiser Report: Ooops, My Bad Economics (E457) Total Length: 25:46 Date of sighting: June 13, 2013 Location of sighting: London, England I got a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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This is the best of the whole story of UFO investigation that we have today FULL MOVIE 1: 50 комментариев

  1. Government regard anything they don’t understand or can not control as a
    enemy threat these governments are the biggest criminal murderous
    organisations the world has ever witnessed millions of people are slaughter
    due to governments and they are not slowing down to me they are the primary
    threat to human life and always have been along with world religions

  2. It’s the BS like this that our own elected officials hide from us & the
    #1 reason why another MAJOR civil war is mandatory in this country today.
    The people of America need to declare war on the U.S. government & put an
    end to this shit. Any elected official no matter what position they hold
    or anyone who works for the government on any level who does not fully
    disclose 100% truth on everything should immediately be charged with
    treason & subject to the firing squad without hesitation. The United
    States government truly believes they are not answerable to anyone, that
    they are untouchable and that practice has to cease immediately! Death to
    every traitor, foreign and/or domestic!!!

  3. I think it is really really awesome what these men are doing through Dr.
    Greer, although i feel (and was told) that he is working disclosure through
    the military intelligence and this is easy peasy lemon squeezy disclosure.
    Either way, OUR Black Opps intelligence feels like it is time for a trickle
    down of info and Greer is ONE of their front men. Dont believe the hype
    folks…if Dr. Greer is in front of congress with disclosure than he has
    been PLACED there! This is what i told, «GREER is a double agent, working
    for disclosure and relations for both earth gov and non earth entities.»
    (does not mean he is a bad person or is trying to pull the wool over
    anyones eyes, his whole purpose is controlled disclosure to prep the people
    for certain change..he is merely greasing the gears of a knowledge machine
    that has been in the works for the last 50 plus years and this will make
    the official, imminant presidential disclosure statement less shocking
    when it happens and IT WILL HAPPEN!!! not a matter of IF it happens but
    WHEN it happens. We are threatened by Russia all the time to make those
    things that are hidden from the American public about UFO’S and EBE’s
    public knowledge to start in internal fight. (this last statement is
    conjecture and not first hand account about Russia, only what I looked up
    on my own..but I think there is validity to it))Anyway, either way times
    are a changin and we def need to change with it and stop being the walking

  4. He says «if they’re hostile» For christ sake, you have creatures flying
    machines that are so far ahead of what we can even dream about, taking
    humans from their surroundings, their beds, cars, what habe you, and when
    they take these people there are horrible experiments done on them, there
    have even been cases where human beings have been mutilated just like
    cattle, and their bodies just thrown near the general area they were taken
    from, in autopsies done on these mutilation victims prove that the victims
    suffered «vital reaction» injuries which shows these victims were kept
    alive throughout the entire mutilation, not only were they kept alive but
    they were kept wide awake and coherent during the whole process, Now if
    these acts aren’t hostile, I don’t know what the fuck would be considered
    hostile, these little bastards are hostile to us, our animals, and our
    planet, they use our blood and bodily fluids as a source of food, and they
    also use cows in the same way, that is why we will never get disclosure,
    Ever, not only that but the government made deals with these little
    bastards, another reason we will not get disclosure. Soumds crazy eh….
    well research it a little

  5. In selected ponds lay dormant an amoeba. Awakened in due time will give
    rise to a starfish like giant in a day. The starfish looking giant will
    open up like a flower over the entire ponds circumference and lay fizzled
    into Earth mineral. In seconds, grow the neon green skinny as can be hairs
    with the names of those who are not of love for humankind. Then erect, this
    starfish creature will rise up, emitting these neon green hairs into the
    air and will rain down eliminating the tired free will folly. The movie
    ends with the credits going up slowly as they do. Fading to black is the
    scene of a neon green pouring of rain. And the «SSSSSSSSSSS» sound. The
    entire theater sits confused and scared as the credits continue but the
    black screen shows no more pictures but only audio of louder
    «SSSSSSSSSSSSS» louder and louder forcing the movie viewer to get up in
    horror, bumping into other movie goers. Isn’t that so fucking

  6. There Nazi back engineered craft crewed by Nazi trans human hybrids to
    confuse people this is why technology is kept secret when they send one to
    crash they always seem to know where they will crash because there
    basically there then they gather there craft and hybrids and tell
    everyone there was no crash it was a ballon they create this curiosity
    then they unleash there hybrids on humanity hitlers dream was to create a
    master race well guess what he’s been busy they all have they cannot
    capture real craft that’s what worries them.

  7. Please tell me there is another version of this video somewhere without the
    music, where we can actually hear what is being said.
    We don’t need music on informational videos. Why do we all have to put up
    with this Hollywood bullsh1t, that crap should be kept where it belongs, in
    the movies, not in informational films. We are (or at least I am) not
    brainless idiots, we are able to sense the mood of a film without it being
    forced on us by silly background music. Is this all part of the great
    American dumbing down? Where we all have the attention span of Homer
    Simpson? Give us some credit, please.

  8. They intentionally air brush out things that may look like an alien object
    to make the public believe that there are in fact aliens out there that can
    do us harm but it’s all a cover for the need of military projects to
    protect us from potential human threats here on earth…

  9. This is ridiculous I cant sit and watch because the back round music is
    overpowering. Why do you people think the music has to be pushed
    relentlessly?. You are an idiot. I am not watching screw your stupid video
    you suck.

  10. Right. Why would Aliens come to Earth?
    1) We advertised ourselves!
    They detected our radio signals and decided to come on over and see why
    radio signals came from our solar system… hmm, so assuming they could
    actually fly AT the speed of light and had a spare ship ready, and let’s
    say the first detectable signal was in 1910ish and Roswell was in 1947 then
    they must be within say a 18-20 light year sphere of Earth.
    2) Meddling with our past!
    They already had been coming here for millennia (see Nazca lines,
    Mayan/Aztec murals depicting ‘spaceships’) and we have only recently been
    savvy enough to notice them. They may be the ones who people attribute
    Human development to (genetic modifications over millennia).
    3) Baloney!
    The chances of ‘life’ being out there, close enough to Earth to be able to
    travel here within the lifetime of Humanity on Earth, is so indescribably
    small on a galactic timescale that this alone debunks 1 and 2. The
    possibility of two space worthy civilisations being around in the galaxy at
    the same time, let alone within a 18-20ly radius sphere, just beggars

  11. all this is a trick by Greer…hear the music in the back,,get a idea about
    that…Can any nation here do what they have been doing??..invading
    countries, taking natural resources,?,maybe they will do the same but they
    will not make Steven Greer a rich person.

  12. UFO ?? LOL LOL LOL. It’s a bird gliding a few feet away from the window.
    Come on people, if you want to prove that UFO’S exist…you need to do
    better than this. Please.

  13. and for those who think an ufo cannot apear during the peak tourist season,
    in broad daylight, in the middle of a work day well yes they can because
    they are very tecnologic advanced and they can afford to do that besides it
    was very fast and very few people might have seen it because people dont
    stand hunting ufos in the sky the’re bussy with they’re journally affaires
    and the aliens know thats why they do this

  14. We see aliens are coming back for Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, even on
    Russia Today they can make asses of themselves. It would explain why all
    they do is rant and have no background on economics on Earth 

  15. its not a jet ure pathetic a jet would be heared its sound is very high and
    beside why the hell should a jet fly so low in the centre of london lol i
    think is a drone, an alien drone or windsurfer ))

  16. Come on people, these are your best guesses and intelligent observations?
    It’s a shame there are so many people which dismiss the obvious conclusions
    out of fear, ignorance or are blinded by the many agents of disinformation.
    Do yourselves a favor, don’t be drawn into what others say, think for
    yourself, analysis the data, do the research before offering an opinion on
    this very serious subject matter which could be the greatest story of all

  17. So it can’t be a jet, it can’t be an airplane, it can’t be Batman… Or
    superman, for that matter. Now, it might be extraterrestrial or just a hub
    cap. It’d say it’s a freaking UFO. You know, ’cause it flies, it’s
    inanimate and we don’t know what the heck it is.

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