Timothy Good ★ Secret Space Program Paradigm Shift Ancient Alien ♦ UFO Disclosure Global Deception

https://www.387911.com ☆ Timothy Good, Alien, UFO, Disclosure, Secret Space Program, Conspiracy Coast to Coast AM Full Radio Shows! — Great additional info! Wednesday Feb. 25, 2015 (February…

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Timothy Good ★ Secret Space Program Paradigm Shift Ancient Alien ♦ UFO Disclosure Global Deception: 17 комментариев

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  2. It’s seems to me that it’s the same old info I was watching at the
    conferences with Tony Dodd and Graham Birdsall about 20 years ago who were
    outstanding . I’m really disappointed that’s it’s just about doing the
    rounds and making the appearance money from lots of researchers I

  3. OK Timothy. If Gary Kinnon exists then why the constant need to promote
    that he does? Anybody knowledgeable about computers knows that NASA will
    hide their secrets at other locations than on the web — deep web or
    otherwise. If they don´t want something to come out it won´t come out
    because it´ll not be put on the web.

  4. The «commercials» inserted in MANY You Tube videos are a «new thing»
    appearing in 2nd half of 2014, another act of the usa Government
    «controlled Agencies», trying to «control» the Internet as well as Radio,
    tv and written sources of information. ISN’T IT OBVIOUS THEY ARE DESPERATE
    ? ,WE HUMANS must stick together, people NEED to be educated. It is
    unbelievable we are 15 years into the 21st Century and we still discussing
    and doubting the UFO and the «Real History» of mankind, and allowing our
    children and young people to receive all that phony education system,
    following an Agenda. Adults MUST be responsible and educate themselves
    first, in so many aspects in order to be FREE of this malevolent «hidden
    entities» called «Humans» , controlling all governments in the world. WAKE
    UP PEOPLE…! 

  5. i went to start watching this but the advertisements are shocking so found
    a different video that had none whatsoever…thanks for the upload anyway.

    p.s advertisements suck its only for mugs that go…ooh i must buy
    sorry rant over :-)

  6. Hello livingselfsufficient, very good conference on Secret Space Program
    with Mister Timothy Good and i hope much readers for this book and the
    others because is good food for consciousness of humanity all around the
    planet Earth, thank,@+

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