Trap Music — Bro Safari & UFO — Drama (FREE DRINKZ Remix)

Bro Safari & UFO — Drama (FREE DRINKZ Remix) | Trap Music Free Download: Check Out FREE DRINKZ | Click Show More Never Miss a Beat, Sub…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Does John Searl Have the answer to the Global Energy Crisis? John Searl claims he does …Furthermore, Searl says he’s had it for over 60 years. Regarded by …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Trap Music — Bro Safari & UFO — Drama (FREE DRINKZ Remix): 49 комментариев

  1. I love the style Bro Safari and UFO use in their music, and FREE DRINKZ
    just made it so much better. Hard to decide which I like better, this or
    the original.

  2. How is Frequency Controlled in these Units as Everything in America Runs on
    60 Cycles, I could Understand that Voltage Could be Regulated with a
    Regulator-This Sounds Good but the Proof is in the Pudding. If it Really
    Works, the Powers that be Will Never let it Get to Market==Maybe the
    Project could be Built and Produced in some Third World Country that is not
    Controlled by the Illuminati???

  3. 6:52 Hey Bernard Cribbins, that’s not how you do Sudoku! I didn’t believe
    alien hyperdrives were possible until the large black lady said ‘I agree’.
    Now I believe.

  4. John Searl and his free energy Machine Watch NOW
    Hey!! Julia!! Mal, Waynnie, Conroy, cop a look at this one!!
    UFO Sightings Free Energy Device? «THE MACHINE» Full Disclosure Share With
    World! 2013

  5. you have to lose the UFO words in the headline of this video, if you want
    more people to pay attention to the content of this video… dont get me
    wrong , i know the deal, but people see » UFO» in the title, and
    immediately say this is bullsh%t … you know it to be true… its about
    getting this info out right!!

  6. Hey I’ve got sum footage but I don’t do Facebook where can I send it u’ll
    have to clean it up though it’s shaky but good an very strange an I haven’t
    seen anything like it I’ll put up a pic of it on my tube channel

  7. Remember, once this shit is discovered, he who reveals it must not allow
    himself or anyone to claim rights to it. This is a UNIVERSAL GIFT to
    mankind, and must not be OWNED, PERIOD.

    Could you imagine if someone *owned* fire…

  8. nothing in this world is free u still get charged for windmill powe
    electric companies will make these but will still charge to disturbute
    thier electric what about the lithuim and the metals all those have to be
    extracted out there ores melted and paid energy is myth not unless
    u can make these urself there is no free energy and 95 perecent of the
    country probaly dont know how electrics even work.

  9. John Searls seg theory is all wrong, This silly thing will never work,no
    matter what these idiots are telling us,…. Have you noticed that there
    is NO video proof of a unit actually working, just continuous verbal and
    documented bullshit from these morons… its been fucking 70 years, and
    they still can’t show us a working seg device…… Fucken lying, money
    hungry, lazy idiots…..

  10. Authorities have successfully covered up the free energy devices almost a
    century now….since N.Tesla invented it….that is the only success the
    elite have achieved….

  11. What a waste of 10 minutes,you said nothing. There is nothing to say that
    is why you dont say anything of value. Do not waste your time here people.

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