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Video Rating: 4 / 5

This television special reinvigorated the public’s interest in the UFO phenomenon. It has credible cases and witnesses along with more dubious and silly parts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. sorry, lost me at 2:56 after ridiculous oration from ‘Chief Daniels,
    singing «Dream the Impossible Dream» (partialy) and then misquoting Hamlet.
    «There are more things between heaven and EARTH», not heaven and hell.
    how do these people expect anyone to respect their opinions?

  2. Hey y’all im trying to find the video where the guy admits to bring part of
    an excavation team and he stumbles upon an underground facility housing a
    bunch of alien technology and even alien beings. Can anyone help me find

  3. All you motherfuckers need to read The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan to
    be able to detect baloney in this bullshit-saturated subject. There may
    very well be intelligent extra-terrestrial life, even interacting with
    human civilization, but there’s drastically insufficient evidence to treat
    it as ‘truth’, let alone legitimate scientific certainty. This video is not
    remotely close to sufficient, scientific evidence. Nor are the other
    blurry, pixely, indistinct, YouTube videos of meteorological and
    astronomical phenomena you’ve never heard of (and don’t understand)
    mischaracterized as ‘UFOs’, or 3D animation students trolling you with
    their latest projects.

  4. after watching this, now what? we dont see any ufos or anything. boring…
    before u guys anger on me, i used to trust ufos alot and been researching
    for all these shits for years, been waiting to see one, now i know i
    wouldnt want to waste time on these cos i dont see any. yawn, need to go
    work as usual to pay for my bills

  5. I was in the Marine Corps and we SAW a lot of wired shit flying in the
    Middle East…… Oh yea, there are UFOs alright. I believe everything
    these people say!!

  6. One of the most important video to hit the you tube channel. Spread the
    word and find other like minded people like you who want to live in peace
    with all life on earth and ( EVERYWHERE ) throughout the universe. Live in
    Peace. Thank you. 

  7. The only problem I have with supposed whistleblowers or people that speak
    at conferences are the ones who claim to know aliens exist, claim to have
    seen them or just try to make people believe in something they have no
    proof of… all of those claims and beliefs are okay but if you are a
    serious christian and believe in an invisible god in the clouds for which
    there is zero evidence of and then you try and convince people aliens
    exist, then your credibility with me has gone down the toilet. It says a
    lot about someone who worships an invisible god and follows a corrupt bible
    that has been written 800 times over 100s of years before and after christ
    allegedly existed…. to me it says you are quite unrealistic, very
    gullibal, delusional and will do and say anything to convince people of
    something fictional that you believe in. A heavily religious person bas no
    business going up to the podium to tell people stories of aliens and ufos
    that they have no direct proof of because religious people are known to be
    liars just to convince people to believe in something fictional. Dont get
    me wrong, I believe in life outside earth but to this day little proof
    exists outside of whitness testimony and hear say… that to me isnt proof.
    Dr greer is on the right path but he needs to break through the supposed
    government cover up and try to himself and through others, produce PHYSICAL

  8. the one thing that makes this so authentic and is undeniable is that
    witnesses are trully nervous and fearful of what they are saying and the
    conseques that this may bring them — many had been threaten before coming

  9. while i definitley do not believe we are alone, i also take this with a
    grain of salt. i guaruntee you that our government hides almost every
    truth and aliens obviously HAVE to be real based on simple science and
    statistics, BUT what ppl need to think about is, how do we know these ppl
    arent commissioned by the government to spread futher misinformation and
    disinformation which propogates their agendas? not saying i have an
    opinion, but these are interesting questions

  10. It is evident full disclosure is not going to convince the world because
    there are morons out there who still would not believe even if a UFO
    abducted them and they were anal probed and dropped on their head out of a
    flying saucer and lived to tell about it.

    Some people are just very dense, thick skulled individuals who will never
    admit that they are wrong even though the rest of the world sees that they
    are. It is really pathetic, sad, and disappointing that I am part of a
    species that does this.

  11. It’s now 2014, so 8 years ago. On 2:24 he said it’s been 7 years. So 15
    years, and no progress except more books, more videos, more websites, etc.
    So obviously it doesn’t work.

  12. Would the US ditch tens of billions of dollars worth of black-budget/ops
    satellite weapons in order for a global warming and global government
    attempt via falsely described climate change? I’ll get back to you about
    that as soon as I find out. Spoiler alert: answer is probably yes but not
    for a little while. The human population is still enslaved stupid and they
    are playing out the tortures that will follow. Knowing a slightly raised
    «truth» about the world does not necessitate the un-enslavement of
    humanity Slavery with the knowledge of satellite weapons / a ban on them
    does not facilitate awakening to slavery! -LC PS Wise up. Polish your P’s
    Scrub your Q’s and think Freely.

  13. as Joey Garza pointed out in a comment about a year ago below, what the
    HELL was that that fell out of his ear area at 1:13:21 ??? too big to be an

  14. I about wet myself when I read thru the 900 numbers and on the last one
    they wanted people to call if they had «NO EXPERIENCE»…wtf??? What did
    they talk about on that line? 

  15. Strange way to do a ‘live’ show. Take the first piece with the scientist.
    The questions were live but the answers were prerecorded or ‘canned’. You
    can tell when they talk over one another. They had to do this so they could
    sync up the animation with what the scientist was saying. It would be too
    hard to do on the fly. What is strange is pretending it was all live!

  16. I live in Northern California and I’ve seen dozens of UFO’s just over the
    past year. The best was an Cylindrical ship, 40ft long 10 ft high that
    materialized under an jet liner spraying chemtrails. It slowly maneuvered
    towards us then hovered over my home at about 500 — 600 ft high for around
    30 sec., then disappeared out of view. It was clearly an multi dimensional
    craft. I’m reluctant to say that prior to the craft materializing, I was
    engaged in an 20 min. meditation where I was projecting my thoughts for my
    need to see an UFO, simply to see if they were real, this craft responded
    to my request. It was the second UFO I’d ever seen, since then I’ve had
    dozens of star ships come over my home. This kind of contact has been
    termed an encounter of the 5th kind.
    I have an video on my channel of one UFO that shot a beam of bright light
    at me. 

  17. Thanks for uploading this, was going to myself. There is a group that meets
    here once a month and I want to use your channel as a referrance. I remeber
    taping this also during that night in 1988 when I was 11 years old. To
    date, this one is the most thurough. Shows today or more or less just a

  18. The truth is that pilots are fearful of reporting any aerial phenomenon
    they are not familiar with, aka UFO. The risks of negative career
    implications are high, and not worth sticking their neck out. Meanwhile
    flight safety is at risk.

  19. Hi SixStringHarmonies! I just wanted to ask you : How do you know they are
    hoaxes, and that it’s them on the show? I’m not saying this because I’m
    skeptical, but because i’m interested : I’m on a internet forum where we
    talk about paranormal, ufos and things like this, so I would like your
    sources 🙂

  20. It’s a good video except for the MADDENING, INANE ‘music» in the
    background; after twenty minutes of this, I had to stop viewing it. What a
    shame to treat this serious subject as if it as a circus act!

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