Some ufo sigtings from the passed 5 or so years, theres so much evidence for UFO’s now surely the world governments have got to admit to it soon. Honours: #9…
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A security camera in Cavalier, North Dakota caught this strange event that looks as though a car has been abducted by a UFO or something else? ©2014 / The De…

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  1. I know alot of you will tell me Iam stupid for saying but i just letting
    out my opinion i heard this theory that the government encountered aliens
    already and made a deal with them the deal was we let them abduct us for
    experimenting in return for new technology!

  2. about the phonecall from the Art Bell wiki-page: On September 11, 1997,
    Bell took a call from a frantic man claiming to be an ex-Area 51 employee
    who grew progressively more upset as the call wore on, culminating in the
    show’s going temporarily off the air because of a satellite failure. On
    April 28, 1998, a person claiming to be the caller called back confirming
    that he was just acting.

  3. you know if this is aliens or any other life force. we dnt know if there
    going to attack us yea all the signting could be them planing to attack or
    them trying to contact us like the blue white red and spinning lights. but
    we dnt know till it happens. i belive in all the video part from the end
    bit the recording that could be fake

  4. They were Heavenly Beings, black holes, and many were either Ufo/government
    vehicles. But whatever is happening it’s serious and it’s going on soon.
    This is obviously real and will be taken down because the Government wants
    us to kno nothing. Friends out there if you have a way of exposing all
    this, before it is demolished, this needs to be known.

  5. Swamp gas everyone, now go back to being sheep, so we 1% can rule you. I
    heard mcdonalds has a new burger ans tim tebow is now a new york jets…
    Did my last 2 lines distract you enouh? Ha. Too easy.

  6. Notice how the number of UFO reportings and stories have gone up
    SUBSTANTIALLY over the last few months? Ask yourself if you believe these
    sightings are all real OR the media/people that run the governments are
    trying to ‘soften’ us people up to the idea that aliens are really coming
    here, so that in the future when they announce the world needs to shut down
    borders and all come together to fight an alien force off, we all will
    agree with it. Not saying aliens don’t exist somewhere out there, but when
    these people that control the media use aliens to control us, that’s a
    whole other thing right there. Be worried first about what is going on here
    on Earth and your freedoms, THEN worry about ‘out there.’

  7. Leaked Apollo 20 UFO Video. Why We Never Went Back. (Secret Apollo Mission)
    UFO OVNI — Leaked Apollo 20 UFO Video. Why We Never Went Back. (Secret
    Apollo Mission)

  8. If there was a faulty security camera and it blinked why would just the car
    disappear. In this day and age we have security cameras all over the place.
    So now we can see things we never could before. We have enough with our own
    Immigration illegal Aliens crossing the border by the thousands. Now we
    have to deal with Aliens from Space!

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