Ufo 2013 Exclusive Barack Obama Asked Alien Ufo Live

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Ufo 2013 Exclusive Barack Obama Asked Alien Ufo Live: 25 комментариев

  1. Some people are funny. They believe in an invisible wizard in the sky who
    loves them and watches them but when aliens and UFOs come up, they laugh it
    off as unlikely and BS. How? God is more believable than an advanced life
    form that lives in another part of the universe and potentially has the
    technology to get here. Seems entirely possible and believable while God is
    less believable.

  2. Society has bred us so that when anyone talks about this stuff they are
    made to look crazy, that’s what they want, and also I like how they «beat
    Round the bush» there is more evidence on youtube alone, then a ignorant
    politician would like to admit. They are not allowed to admit anything it’s
    an ongoing deception, a touchy subject for public comment to be said by the
    controlled political game if you believe «illuminati» there would be
    repercussions for such actions. But hahaha ufo’s? You must be crazy right?
    lol got to love our frustrating ignorance of society lol

  3. The disapproval of giggling — the sign of an America that fails to do its
    homework. How sad when there is so much just waiting at their fingertips.
    No one was giggling after the Washington Merry-Go-Round… yet so few now
    are even aware it ever happened. 

  4. You guys forget that Obama was just another Senator at the time that this
    was recorded, so how would he have even known if they existed or not,
    regardless of if they do. On top of that, why would the government let the
    president know of such a thing anyways since they can only be in office for
    a maximum of 8 years before they’re kicked right back out, and a new one is
    elected. Isn’t it easier to keep a secret if less people know about it? Say
    what you want about Obama, but even if the government is hiding
    extraterrestrial life (Which I seriously doubt), then it’s even less likely
    that the president even knows about it, let alone a senator. So yeah, I
    think he was being completely genuine here. 

  5. It’s a shame that he had a beautiful, peaceful experience and feeling, then
    didn’t give them credit for it just cuz the audience was full of ignorant
    fucks who were beat into their believe systems as kids

  6. I love how the crowd laughs at this question like it’s a joke and the guy
    is dead serious. Smh humans are crazy. But watch, once the aliens come,
    people aren’t going to be joking and laughing, people are going to be
    crying and praying. They need to take this mess seriously. 

  7. he knows and admitted to having a real ufo experience then played like it
    wasn’t shit instead of saying what he believed cuz how people would judge,
    fuck the people not in touch with reality that this is happening, doesn’t
    matter cuz more important people are speaking out like high ranking
    military officials, police officers, military pilots, astronauts 

  8. We are clearly in contact with ET everyone, but until we learn to
    communicate with each other don’t expect us to join a larger community of
    powerful beings for a long fucking time

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