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  1. Iam 45 yrs old,since I heard about aliens,its been maybe about 40 yrs
    ago,and they still look the same,
    Same shape,no clothing,their movements, are slow,they look,distracted, on
    the other side humankind, has evolutionated
    Shape,moves, and everyday is more intelligent, ,, so how can aliens can
    survive, ???

    HISTORY OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM and WHY (the Most High is allowing for the
    super soldier movement in United States and also the world together with
    the alien invasion during this time) Yahua will be merging the dimension
    hence the human/angel clash from here on out. (alien invasion still to



    It’s very simple:
    Want to see an alien ship? (Just watch the video I uploaded
    yesterday MASSIVE UFO STARSHIPS NOW VISIBLE United States 8/17/2014.
    Yehushua has revealed this ship was built by the Chinese, who are,
    predominantly, the serpent seed race according to Yah.) [(It is they with
    their own lips confess they descend from the DRAGON, which permeates their
    culture. A cross is rarely found in their home. If a part human Chinese
    turns to the Lord Yehushua, they are tortured and murdered. (Most Asian
    races inhabit Islands, volcanoes, and other precarious low lying areas of
    earth as they are fit for destruction. The Lord is now ruling, secretly,
    over thee earth. It was Yehushua sank, is sinking the island of Japan. We
    can be thankful he has been merciful — right hearted Japanese are then able
    to flee before the island goes down. Where were all the people during the
    tsunami? Well the truth is the aliens abducted them. The Draconian ate
    them. The Lord has determined 3,000,000 people were taken by the aliens
    last just last year.)]

    Draconian provide a vast cornucopia of alien video goose chases
    because the first thing a thief does when he has his hand caught in the
    cookie jar is he points — to a distraction. Humans were born into an alien
    matrix. Take a look at even the simplest of items you have laid out on your
    desk before you — the humans body is the most efficient means of locomotion
    in our atmosphere. Draconian can easily shape shift into a tree if they
    want. These aliens, these angels are here.

    The following provides you with an overall picture and from the ground up
    and back again —

    «Bring their thoughts back to me child, tell them My hand is over the world
    and Lucifer is just a puppet to fulfill My plans.. I am not secondary to
    him — I am the king of the world….» — Yaweh

    Top down — beginning with the highest ranking aliens, the Draconian.
    Lucifer, a Draconian angel, *is* thee alpha Draconian it is he alone sits
    in the mighty pyramid eye with Yahua standing behind him now, ruling
    secretly over thee earth, and with a gun to Luci’s back now:
    Presently Luci is changing thee atmosphere of the earth so that the Annuk
    can walk among us. When Luci steps foot here, the earth and solar system
    which has a consciousness will rebel — with bad weather etc and eventually
    the pole shift as the planet Rahab once again passes.
    As mentioned Lucifer is changing thee atmosphere with chem-trails
    back to how it was in Noah’s day as Draconian cannot tolerate a lot of sun.
    ( the planet was always cloudy in Noah’s day. Noah never saw sun, rain or
    rainbows, in Genesis a fog used to come up and water the plants until the
    passing of Rahab altered the weather and produced the high tide of the
    flood and rain)

    Lucifer is the one man controls the Illuminati eye on the pyramid. He will
    wipe out the Illuminati cannon fodder props he has constructed which were
    born to die, and then gravitate back to the constitution NWO in the guise
    of heroism and promised riches shorty and of course also the 666 chip.
    Luci is all about MONEY and POLITICS, creation ruling creation vs Yahua as
    We still use fossil fuels and crude electric wiring for a reason. The
    Dracs employ gasoline as a water catchment system basically (that is what
    streets are for) for their underground bases as Luci’s forces will live in
    them during the chip enforce to feast on humans. The burning of fossil
    fuels suppresses orgone, and the ether in gasoline «separates a human from
    his/her sacred identity» quote Draconian and this is to facilitate mind
    control. (ether is an anesthetic) MIND CONTROL is *everything* with the
    Dracs now. The streets also starve the water table in the vicinity of
    dwellings, this is done so’s peeps cannot grow food effectively so they
    rely instead on the gov.
    The ether from the gasoline propagates electro magnetic waves the Dracs
    and co. use to travel, grounding, portals manipulation and etc. This is
    also why we forfeit wireless technology and the earth is draped in
    telephone poles and wiring.
    We use crude electric wires because they, thee aliens travel through,
    via them, and the resulting toxic electric smog is an atmosphere they
    require while being spiritually detrimental to their prey, the humans. They
    are hitting humans below the belt now. Due to legal rights, the Most High
    has now provided a weapon to combat them:

    [FACT: The solar system was heaven once — angels lived on our planets
    prior to man. Lucifer then rose to power on a planet called RAHAB and
    invented MONEY and POLITICS on that planet. Psalms 89 10 explains how
    «Planet X» got cast out «Thou has broken Rahab in pieces — you scattered
    the sea of the great dragon» (The sea were angelic peoples who were
    scattered into the abyss of space, constellations such as Orion are fake —
    they are angelic planet sized star ships not stars)

    This is why humans who enter those underground bases don’t have videos
    showing thee extent of them — humans entering those bases become food for
    thee aliens. «on your belly/APPETITE you will go, on dust/HUMANS you WILL
    EAT said the creator to a Draconian named Lucifer in Genesis. When humans
    feel creeped out in entering deep underground caverns it is for good reason
    that is the Lords quiet voice speaking to them NO TRESPASSING.

    Satan pound Eves face with his fists after having mated with her in the
    garden to produce the division in the DNA seed with the birth of the first
    reptilian Cain. He and his thug generals used to appear to Adam and Eve
    when they were living in a cave outside the garden and used to beat them
    and stab them with knives. That is what happened to them when they
    sympathized with Lucifer in the garden.

    Eve, the woman, was thoroughly deceived — the man was not deceived but
    also he ate. Point is Luci was able to trounce even god — and he did it
    with his magnetic charm and was even able to fool a perfect woman. Those
    who have met him (from thee outside looking in) of late have described him
    in one word — charming. Thee Annunaki are not going to need to employ charm
    during the reign of Lucifer and the 666 chip when the creator will have
    closed the door to thee ark of His protection and thee Annunaki walk
    blatantly up and down the streets of thee earth among us enforcing the mark
    of the government BEAST — watch THE CREATOR SPEAKS FOR 2013 on
    criticalelixir channel u tube to learn more about this.

    People who got the mark of the beast will be cutting their limbs off with a
    dull pocket knife to escape when the realization of what that chip is
    actually going to be about is suddenly driven home — removing limbs will
    provide no relief at all. 


    Not everyone on the planet is a human now. some are Lucifer’s SOME REALLY
    ARE BORN EVIL, THEY ARE NOT OF THE LORD. Not everyone at the supermarket is
    a human.

    In Noah’s day only 8 souls were preserved alive with human DNA — the rest
    were ALIEN. Nephilem, hybrids, reptilian, demons and so on.

    Some entire races on thee earth right now are NOT humans. They are
    Lucifer’s, serpent seed. While they are born with black hearts, they CAN
    and do turn to the Lord on very rare occasion if their DNA remains part
    human and an example are the Asian races. They, with their own mouths are
    the ones claim they are descendants of the dragon, the dragon predominates
    their culture and rarely is Yehushua (Jesus) mentioned by them or a cross
    found in their home. It is not too difficult to decipher which of thee
    other races are serpent seed. (and yes the recent earthquake in Japan was
    the Lords and Japan will be eventually sunk) Most serpent seed races
    inhabit precarious low lying coastline areas of thee earth, which are fit
    for destruction just as ancient Babylon was.

    The creator warns: «Do not sympathize with the wicked one.» especially
    considering HUMANS in our day — will, according to the creator, «become as
    rare as fine gold.» In Noah’s day, only 8 souls were left HUMAN — the rest
    were aliens it is a war of the seeds — the DNA. «Just as in the days of
    Noah, so the presence of the son of man will be.» ….said Yehushua — which
    is TODAY (with increasing frequency) Some are born evil, are demons or
    Nephilem spirits placed in human bodies by Lucifer FROM BIRTH, or in other
    cases a family member can become soul scalped and taken over and replaced,
    they try to blend in but they are always nipping love in the bud as it
    were, even if it is not blatantly obvious they are evil.

    The Most High informs us thee Annunaki will walk thee earth to enforce
    the chip shortly — presently these aliens, who are already here, among us
    still maintain a lowest possible profile. Yehushua came down here to teach
    you people who runs this place — A Draconian angel named Lucifer offered
    him all the kingdoms of thee earth if he would bow to him, proving he owns
    them all.

    Even a father, brother, husband, wife, son, or sister could be one
    of THEM. Posers: Placed here by Lucifer — the (partially human, currently)
    systems tolerance of crime in jails speaks as testament to how effective
    these wolves who on occasion flash carefully orchestrated sheep clothing
    are at persisting with us here now currently — they being perpetually
    forgiven by society. Discrimination is taboo in today’s society — sadly
    thee aliens will exploit this loophole to infiltrate society which they can
    only accomplish through legal rights as they are all about paperwork.

    What were they thinking in Noah’s day?? Today just as in Noah’s day,
    peeps are also on thee edge of their seats to get only a glimpse of a UFO,
    alien or Bigfoot Sasquatch (which the creator refers to as «the bears», and
    they are also remnants of the angelic sea that was scattered from planet

    Lucifer has been given the legal right to place his own down here on thee
    earth in our day. «just as in the days of Noah, so the presence of the son
    of man will be.» (In Noah’s day the giants walked thee earth.)

    DRACONIAN ANGELS: Draconians father reptilians when mating with a human.
    The fathers (Dracs are high ranking fallen angels) of these reptiles have
    technology to capture and place these pure evil demons or reptilians or
    Nephilim into human bodies emptied by careless guardians. (a demon is a
    WATCHER angel/human hybrid, and Watchers were a guardian class of angel who
    fell to become thee Annunaki) If you can accept the biblical fact that
    fallen angels run our planet, from there you will become in touch with
    reality. You can begin to train yourself to easily be able to spot them
    (running) society among us. They are easy to spot. The support patriotism,
    government, the constitution and the money system. Remember, Lucifer
    invented MONEY and POLITICS = creation ruling creation vs creator ruling.

    They are pretty easy to isolate once you understand a few basics but for
    the most part their role is to govern in society. (gangs, obviously angelic
    of an evil nature for instance, obviously, with increasing frequency
    closely moderate society) They are very old for one. They use marijuana
    heavily to numb their particular pain (which like anything else they do
    only serves to make things worse — they are in a fundamental sense dumb as
    a rock) They are fire proof — psychopath narcissists, they may have a
    blatantly evil, say homosexual channel on you tube and yet not be burned in
    the slightest by comments of ridicule) They are cattle herders in one way
    or thee other — governors. (When Yehushua was on earth, Lucifer offered him
    all the kingdoms of earth — GOVERNMENTS as a potential «reward», proving he
    owns them all) They are aliens. Alien to the universe. They don’t resonate
    with nature. You may have a brother or sister who although a law abiding
    citizen simply does not, say, get along with animals, or just has a
    coldness to them. They are from a universe all their own. They are not
    always sporting demon tattoos and go around saying how they love to hurt
    people, but love is always eventually nipped in the bud by them as they are
    energy vampires basically love flows this way, they flow that way. If you
    get suspicious a family member is one of them, which he may well be, he may
    haunt your house with phenomena and pretend to be surprised, may claim he
    once saw an alien un cloak, or the classic pointless you tube videos
    pointing at reptilian reporters all day which promotes boils down to
    promoting lizards and really it does nothing to instill ones faith in the
    living god.

    You can isolate them using biblical questions — especially regarding the
    Most High and they refuse to acknowledge Him — at least not in a
    (genuinely) tasteful light. By the way they are quite capable of
    speaking/using the creators name. Since Luci still desperately attempts to
    run the planet currently while the creator methodically abysses him, his
    star children are often found secretly placed into positions of authority
    on earth as cattle herders, in an attempt to keep human minds in «place»
    now. These may be teachers, or found in Luci’s money machine, engineering,
    advanced construction and so on. They may, say, use a music master demon to
    nip HUMAN talent in the bud. (they hate humans as a human has the Yahweh’s
    trademark in his/her DNA, which can, actually WILL eventually be used by
    Yahua Himself in order to destroy them)

    Meanwhile the creator is (here) again now, ruling secretly. He is an actual
    person you can literally point to, with a definite body and an actual name
    in a definite space in time, (His throne is in the Sun) and He is ruling
    once again, now, over and on this planet (Earth), secretly, as of the year
    1914 and so these seeds of Lucifer placed on the planet now live an
    awkward, painful life indeed — since the creator police’s them intimately
    now, yet «as a thief in the night,» secretly, and no crime goes unpunished
    — in fact the locust plague of revelation sees to it that sting operation
    is the perpetual name of the game now beginning in word and evolving into
    deeds with the death-stroke and jail and FEMA camps. Lucifer has always
    been known as thee ACCUSER, It’s how he eats — and so Lucifer’s stinging
    locusts are the creator’s wrath such that they BURN all evil doing with the
    sting in their «tails» (meaning actually predominantly with their mouths
    (accusations) but these stings will eventually become physical climaxing
    with the death-stroke and FEMA camps) Lucifer does not want the demons and
    reptilian «humans» among us to know the creator is ruling and secretly has
    a gun to his back now — and so he first lobotomizes them, then places them
    here after erasing their past memories as evil spirit persons. (other of
    these ones here now know exactly what they are)

    These aliens in society are actually notoriously easy to spot: very bossy,
    they harbor an inner rage that always inevitably leaks its way out in one
    way or thee other, since they do not bully others freely as the blatant
    giants they once were in Noah’s day and this «anomaly» burns & confuses &
    torments them greatly. Why?..because today, unlike in Noah’s day the Most
    High is ruling once again and so will destroy bullying by a fire, meaning a
    symbolic permanent and complete condemnation of thee earth that is now,
    meaning the wrongdoing itself — the literal earth of course is forever.
    Meanwhile the money king loosh (love of tortures) loving «Dracoinians»
    enjoy watching the reptiles burn. If this message speaks to you and your
    inclined to the gang language mentality, if you can behave your self now,
    while still on earth, it may bode as a relief with you discover at death
    that you only return to the painful 4th dimension at your human bodies
    demise to exist in the spirit realm during the thousand year reign of
    Yehushua. Alas these evil immortal reptilian, demons and Anuk (and the
    Draconian) fallen angels and angel/human hybrids will eventually all be put
    to death, cast into the lake of fire at thee end of the thousand year reign

    SUPER SOLDIERS: Lucifer is blessing the super soldiers entity program now
    as regards it’s exposure on you tube specifically and these chip implanted
    soldiers will become embraced as celebrities of sorts — and the chip
    technology will begin to rise and shine as being a good thing. The
    promotion of the chip was in fact the whole point from the get go with
    super soldier program and Lucifer currently blesses these soldier peeps to
    function as whistle blow front men: (Incidentally Luci is not at all happy
    with having to be left to resorting to this…. and all his primary routes
    have now been closed through both exposure and also quartz crystals/sting)
    (operation) Lucifer is presently instilling the idea chips are are the
    next stage in evolution and make you super human and are a good thing. The
    chips are Lucifer’s crown «jewel» but in truth to be controlled is a
    human’s base core worst nightmare and that is the whole point with them.
    Torture. It’s how Draconian eat and and this evil, vampiric manner of
    energy feeding they refer to as LOOSH.

    SUPER SOLDIERS as front men:

    Draconian angels are super human it is crucial to them any super
    human entity or being beheld on the earth is not seen as *angelic* because
    that would instill faith in reality — that there is a god after all which
    there is. They don’t want people putting 2 and 2 together. Lucifer is going
    to need an army when he and his forces becomes a worldwide Hitler on
    steroids shortly, and this is going to mean he must first perpetuate the
    idea that super soldiers are lovely, handsome guys that everyone looks up
    to and so peeps are watching these initial truther soldiers coming out on
    you tube and are finding themselves blessing them and praying they move
    forward with their agendas (and penises). Lucifer was given the legal right
    place angels from heaven on earth against their knowledge to test them.
    Therefore these lovely people could be used to perpetuate the Luciferian
    soldier movement. God bless them, but evil will follow behind them. Lucifer
    never gives you anything without taking something bigger in return. He
    pound Eve’s face with his fists after mating with her in the garden. The
    super soldiers movement will become no different. Husbands will be tied up
    while their wives and children are raped before their very eyes it will be
    a time horrific beyond worst imagination (watch the video CREATOR SPEAKS
    FOR 2013 criticalelixir channel u tube the creator explains it better then
    i do.)
    The result also being a massive influx of human guy wannabees
    pretending to have joined the SS program. All these men taking part in the
    FEMA camps round ups will suffer the plagues of revelation soldiers are
    always typically the first ones to be eaten actually — by the Dracs. Thus
    Lucifer entices a vast army of humans into joining the soldier movement
    during the rise of the chip so’s they can have a piece too like they
    (think) the super soldier props are doing the same way gangs think they are
    going to be so «blessed» by Lucifer when they are sent to a prison for 2
    years and then murder a prison guard and get life because they have grown
    up feeling that evil is romantic, and also gang leaders are often demons
    who are just plain dumb as a rock and insane. Always remember that word
    insane. Aliens in one word personified? *INSANE.*
    (but really all it amounts to is the *CHIP*. the 666 chip — Lucifer
    is using chipped soldier intrigue so’s the truther movement peeps absorbing
    the video become attracted to the *chip* basically and really that’s it
    right their in a nutshell.)

    Meanwhile Yahua only spoke 4 times in thee entire bible and once was when
    Yehushua was dying on the cross and He said «this is my son, the beloved —
    whom I have approved — LISTEN TO HIM.» With no other name in or under
    heaven can humans find salvation.

    Lucifer in one word? is an a$$hole. a major a$$hole basically. Once
    you get to know him he is the same person you will be hating the most.
    There is no one can make you hate like Lucifer can.

    ….where people go in their mind with Lucifer now is their problem
    just like it always has been with him.
    There’s people that are anointed. And so you cannot kill the Lords
    anointed. Whether they’re good or bad people they’re anointed.

    Satan’s anointed. He’s been given a calling, he has a role to play and he
    has time to do that and so we can’t diminish — we can’t take anything away
    from him that which the father has given him.»
    Lucifer is anointed to perform the death stroke shortly wherein the wicked
    are removed from off of thee earth. Luci needs humans to embrace the
    Draconian presence during this time. He is (presently) spear heading in
    this with the super soldiers movement he cannot enter until humans afford
    him the legal right to enter. He is all about paperwork. You must give him
    permission in all cases as pointed out in this video. (In this video,
    Pindar is in reference to Lucifer.)
    criticalelixir channel you tube to learn more about the super soldier
    program as it ties in to the bible and Yahweh

    Pencil: The alien technology right there on top of your desk: Why a team
    of you if given a hundred years in a native North America, could not build
    me a pencil with its shiny yellow paint that does not rub off, the alloy
    tip, the perfect long cylindrical lead inserted into the wood, the perfect
    lettering, and to say nothing of the machine that puts out 100 pencils an

    I was actually hoping over the years that at least one person would argue
    with my pencil illustration. To be honest I thought I would instantly be
    laughed off the threads — I have been delivering my pencil analogy for
    years with no arguments what so in thee ever as of yet.
    But then none of you have ever seen a Draconian in person either you have
    only light. No darkness. You need both not one or thee other to understand
    what contrast is.
    So far no one on you tube has even bothered to begin to argue with
    me on the illustration of the pencil since not even one of them could ever
    come remotely even close to building one. (from scratch) Not in this life
    time. You wouldn’t even know from square one. I’ll make it easier perhaps
    you would like to begin by going out in the woods in your native north
    america and simply harvesting me some graphite. Easy huh — My guess is you
    will likely need to refine it first if you want to make a pencil out of it
    but then that would be the second step to say nothing of forming it into
    those perfectly round long cylinders. But again you would not even know
    from where to point. 

    Ok here’s an easier one — wander out into a cotton field and build me a
    T shirt. You are now surrounded with 100 percent cotton right? is what the
    plant already delivers? — and you don’t even have to learn how to point.
    Get back to me when you get your t-shirt built. I will even allow you to
    enlist thee aid of the person who has been knitting all his or her life for
    60 years, and whose father did same, and great grandfather — to say nothing
    of making something along the technical expertise found in a»simple» pair
    of panty hose or thousand count sheets… So rather then try and destroy
    this analogy merely with clever wording — meanwhile the t shirt will never
    come to fruition not single hand-idly, and certainly not from scratch and
    not…. by any humans hand.
    Thee angels were cast down into, and confined to the vicinity of thee
    earth as of the year 1914 — go back to the 1800’s and show those people
    something as simple as a clear plastic Sparkletts water bottle — you will
    instantly attain fame, wonder and notoriety and as far as thee eyes can

  3. 1) The blinking eyes of the ‘Skinny Bob’ entity was VERY interesting. Who
    ever it is that would spend the kind of money it takes to create a puppet
    and the software program to animate the body language for some hoax would
    have to be well funded or just very affluent. Affluence has its circles, so
    it’s still a fascinating scenario no matter how you slice it.

    2) On that last one, of the entity folding back into some other dimension,
    you can see the light’s reflection on the leaves of the trees.above it.
    It’s a very natural one that is consistent with how light refraction works.

    Interesting stuff regardless of wether or not one believes that
    extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional entities exist. Physics’ String
    Theory and the results from the LHC is making scientists wonder if ANY of
    this exists in some kind of ‘real’ way. Mathematics defines all
    possibilities; it is the Universal Language.

  4. I love Grey Aliens as the anal probing is great! Unlike Human anal sex it
    fucken hurts like hell , i need lubes and douching.
    With Aliens its noninvasive , medically clean and I don’t have a hangover
    like booze?
    LMFAO ,Peace to all Asian believers! 冚家鏟

  5. Ive seen this phenomenon, where these so called «GREY ALIENS», are found
    in graveyards. Anyone come to think, maybe these «GREY ALIENS», are demons?

    Alot of men who were high ranking masons, have came to same conclusion as

  6. OMG, another blurry, unstable, low quality video of aliens on youtube! It
    must be real! But only the uneducated who will believe *anything* think
    it’s real, while anyone with any intelligence discounts it! It must be a

    The difference between the uneducated and the educated is this:
    The educated don’t care one way or the other if aliens are real, and they
    don’t create a conspiracy when others disagree with them; they have
    evidence on their side.
    The uneducated only care about being infallible and can’t handle the truth
    if it means they’re wrong, and they create conspiracies when others
    disagree with them.

    Rule of thumb: if you are making something up out of whole cloth, create a
    conspiracy, otherwise just rely on the universe to tell the truth and don’t
    worry about it.

  7. I saw one today, I’ll describe it. Glowing dim red, slowly moving
    vertically up until it reached a point where it flashed a few times and
    vanished. The sighting took place from San Clemente, Ca. The total duration
    was about 14 seconds.

  8. Are they here to help or to deceive?….I would like to think that maybe in
    another thousand years or so the human race would have evolved by itself to
    become star travellers.

  9. how can i know that this is truth what the reason of they to fly in sky? we
    need to understand they signals like morse… is this not everything an
    military super high tech prduction? we have 2013 everything is possible

  10. Folk going on about it being fake. Maybe some of it is BUT its 1 hell of
    alot better then third phase’s rubbish at least this guy aint staring in
    the video bigging himself up. I come here at the end of each month and have
    done for a while as i think its a really good reliable channel. If you
    don’t like it why not go over to fake cousins channel and spread your hate

  11. Here is another genuine UFO video of a varity of spacecraft the last one in
    this video if you watch close you will see transforming A very advanced
    ciivilation to have technoligy like that just amazing enjoy!

  12. Yeah its all legit too, ive see SOOO many, seriously go to rural area for 2
    hours a night in the summer, bring a camera, do this each day for 2 weeks
    and I GURANTEE you catch at least one, works every time for me, I live in
    illinois… june 29th, 2011 I saw the holy grail, but it deactivated all my
    electronics sadly so no video

  13. AFO is my second favorite youtube channel behind Penguinz (critikal). Yeah
    some of them you are going to say… FAKE! But others you can really say, I
    am not so sure… anyways his stuff is great.

  14. tis not about future or past..tis about can you accept things that aint
    mainstream?….like drinking flouride?…think fossil fuels is all we
    primatives have to offer or discover??interresting [0_0]

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