UFO Abduction Caught On Video In Newbury, Massachusetts. AMAZING FOOTAGE!!!

UFO Abduction Caught On Video In Newbury, Massachusetts. AMAZING FOOTAGE!!! This footage was sent in by an anonymous viewer from Newbury Massachusetts who cl…

UFO historian Richard Dolan takes us through a journey through 6 decades looking at the relationship between the US national security establishment and the U…
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UFO Abduction Caught On Video In Newbury, Massachusetts. AMAZING FOOTAGE!!!: 50 комментариев

  1. interesting….taken for little over a minute……I guess in our quantum space
    time continuum…..perhaps whatever timeless zone they were taken too they
    were held longer and returned safely……if you want to get all time travelly,
    this would make sense, they wouldn’t want to return the person before they
    took them so they would have to return them at a later time(otherwise this
    person gets caught in a loop of constantly being taken and returned)…..I
    guess they figure a minute after is a decent amount of time so as not to
    screw up our time stream and alter the future…..thanx!

  2. I got to see the crafts come to me and one hovered right over me then a
    smell covered the area, then the girl friend screamed and pointed to a
    person not of any ive seen, then i think i went into shock after i said ill
    go say hi and she said dont trust it, dont remember after that but hous
    later remember seeing them leave, for one year i did not know how to talk
    to anybody anymore»

  3. This along with the abducted car is very interesting.
    So Interesting That it’s making people go into denial. First time I watched
    all I wanted to tell myself is that it’s a fake. Then ask yourself what if
    it’s not? Makes you feel incredibly vulnerable that someone could disappear
    in a instant. 

  4. him fliming it with his phone explains the poor (but still clear enough)
    quality and shaking. it’s more than likely he had no idea what happened to
    him during the whole incident. Which is why he stombled off normally but
    with hint of confusion.

  5. Wonder if the guy has a chance to locate the girl to ask some questions?
    The disappearance was not just a void she walked into, but it is curious
    that she stopped to do something pointing upwards? 

  6. Was that Chris Angel? He’s been known to do crazy stuff like this. Or it is
    a ufo abduction. Or maybe both! Lots of extraordinary things out there that
    people only choose to ignore because it scares them so badly.. Which are
    the ones who say, «fake!» or try to use mans stupid logic.. 2015! I feel
    there’ll be more believers, but not by their choice, lol.. We’ll see.. :[]

  7. if it was a security cam it would have been a stable film. this is not and
    is operated by someone, not a mounted camera! these vids have been getting
    lame and more desperate…

  8. to the guy who would not stop shouting during richards talk…………
    NUISANCE i will be attending quite a few of his talks coming up well if you
    see a guy short hair 5,11 250lbs well built walk towards you then it all
    goes dark its because ive knocked you out please for your sake let the
    speaker speak nobody has come to hear you and nobody wants to.

  9. «A truth warrior» at 57:25. I like that! On the other hand, in this machine
    that we call a society, such a one seeking truth is outgunned, outmanned,
    outfinanced and probably outclassed in almost every way. Such a one would
    definitely be going against the current of society, and would appear to be
    anti- everything that is «normal, and average». Who shares truth willingly?
    I have yet to see any truth in modern media, government or even churches. 

  10. When the others will decide that the time has come to create a bridge
    between civilizations, we will get answers. Until then, if we pay attention
    at how this world works right now, trust no one.

  11. enjoyed listening to the various topics, but i agree with huskvarsm, the
    annoying twat who kept on rudely interuppting in should learn some respect,
    what an absolute bell end !!

  12. I have a few questions, if the aliens that visit us are more technically
    advanced then us, do the aliens visiting us have aliens that are more
    technical then them visiting them (I mean do our aliens have UFO’s that
    they can’t explain?)…and if that’s the case do those more advanced aliens
    that visit our aliens have aliens visiting them…on and on?

    Basically my question is, are our aliens (the ones visiting us) the most
    advanced aliens in all the universe and of all time…and if so, how did
    they become self aware? Were they created by their alien God (like say the
    Bible teaches us about the creation of man in God’s image) or did they
    evolve from some sort of primordial soup (like our science teaches us we

    And if they evolved then how come they evolved before us? And if they
    didn’t evolve before us how come we didn’t evolve at the same rate and
    aren’t as intelligent as they, or at least as intelligent as the less
    intelligent aliens that visit us?

    Do you know how ridiculous you people are?

    I love when people say to me I’m ridiculous for believing in God, yet
    somehow they believe they have the answer and that answer is we were DNA’d
    here by a race of aliens or something.

    I also love when people say, our ancient ancestors like the Sumerians,
    Babylonians, Egyptians and others wrote about aliens…UFO folks use this
    as evidence of alien existence, but when you say that over 275 ancient
    cultures from around the world have a Flood «Myth» as part of their
    creation stories, the same UFO folks say it’s absurd, and there was no

    You people are deluded!

    Hosea 4:6
    6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected
    knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
    seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy

  13. I like Dolan, but Richard really doesn’t seem up to his usual game here.
    Strange. Compare his fluency to some of his other lectures. I might be
    imagining things, but I wonder if he was interfered with in some way. There
    certainly seems to be an unhelpful American interrupter in the audience.

  14. So the only option is that they are from another planet? Pretty
    unscientific way of thinking. There is spiritual, time, other dimensional,
    etc. No evidence they are from outer space. Good lecture other than that.

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