UFO & Alien HD Wallpaper Pack (Download)

https://thyrring.deviantart.com/art/UFO-and-Alien-HD-Wall-pack-207842173 This is a pack of pictures of UFO’s and aliens I have collected over time, hope you e…
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UFO & Alien HD Wallpaper Pack (Download): 20 комментариев

  1. I do not see a nuclear war. We cannot launch an ICBM without it being shot
    out of the sky by a UFO. The last two fell to that fate. Both were filmed.
    We, meaning the human race is being protected from ourselves and hostile
    aliens. That is my view shared my others. Not because of humans. It is
    to protect those that travel the dimension many call wormholes. Nuclear
    explosions can cross dimensional borders can cause havoc there. The only
    way to get there is travel 365,000 miles per second or gate into another
    dimensional highway which travels thousands of times faster. Like falling
    into a storm filled river. Makes trvel to other star systems almost
    instantly. I have been told there are 32 such gates in the world.

  2. the last one is definitely not real,its from a film no one has commented
    on-Alien,Aliens,Alien3,Alien Resurrection, AVP , AVPR,why are all the alien
    pictures your stereotypical ones

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