UFO and Alien Disclosure They Are Here Fastwalkers Files

UFO and Alien Disclosure They Are Here Fastwalkers Files Fastwalkers They Are Here UFO and Alien Disclosure. Fastwalkers UFO Documentary FULL Top Secret Reve…
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2nd Contact U.F.O attempt in 2002 -  NASA's Carl Sagan The Arecibo message

Why We Are Taught this in School…. E.T been around Since Ancient Civilization this On Tuesday 21st August 2001 two new crop formations were reported near C…

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UFO and Alien Disclosure They Are Here Fastwalkers Files: 25 комментариев

  1. One thing jumps out here, and that is the antagonism of people toward one
    another. Surely this is a subject that doesn’t require an answer from any
    lay folk, but scientific scrutiny and objective conclusions. For example,
    the idea of including silicone as a building block of life is alone
    something worth exploring. My question is, why hasn’t that been done?

  2. you people do know these crop circles are made by humans aided by 2×4’s
    strapped to their feet right?….idiots…lol

    i’ve made em before. granted they were no where as incredible as some of
    the ones shown here, there was only one of me…it is still possible.

  3. «In 1974 Carl Sagan designed a graphic binary message for NASA to send into
    space. He coded the message to include our numbering system, what elements
    we are made of, formulas for the nucleotide of our DNA, our two strand DNA
    helix, our average height, world population, where we are located in our
    solar system and the instrument for sending the message. In August, 2001,
    twenty-seven years later an answer to Carl Sagan’s message arrived in the
    form of a crop circle mirroring the format of Mr. Sagan’s graphic binary

  4. I think its nothing more then obvious the message from aliens the «beware
    the bearers of fales gifts and their broke promises» ect ect clearly
    states, we need to abolish and get rid of all religions, if mankind ever
    wants to seriously move foward as alive human beings capable of doing
    anything besides worshiping things you can never prove exist and submitting
    all your free through to and letting governments run out lives we need to
    rid that from us, shed that old skin and truley move foward.

  5. stfu is not like they gone be hey im real…u try speaking their language
    ur an alien too but a dumb fuck 1………c if they came down to u what
    will u do prob run like a bitch instead of loving the moment……

  6. Why thank you my good sir, many astounding journals have been published on
    the wide web and I would be happy to point you their direction. Now if you
    excuse me, I have a thesis to write on the intelligence of the human mind.
    Oh, and I will be meeting Einstein for a cup of tea and crumpets to talk
    over the fundamentals of sarcasm.

  7. Just read the response from Derek. Even though his comment was two years
    ago, he could not be more correct. Really crop fields? If they have the
    technology to get here they really would have a better mode of
    communication. Although the makers of the crop designs make nice abstract

  8. Your so claimed evidence is at the same level of that of religious claims.
    For you even the lack of evidence is evidence by it self, because if there
    is nothing then it must be that the FBI/CIA/Secret Cabal took all the
    evidence and cleaned up the place. For you there is NO instance where
    something is NOT evidence, I mean, I was talking about this video, which
    isn’t evidence of anything else of an elaborate prank, and you dismissed
    the facts just to use it for your own beliefs.

  9. @1liveandlearn11 «Physical Isotopes not of this world»… what?… do you
    even understand what an «isotope» is???. I mean… what the fuck are you
    talking about?. Are you talking about Isotopes of elements not commonly
    found in nature?, like radioactive Iodine and such?, because those are
    formed by the decay on common LEU nuclear reactions. What I found out about
    John Lear is nothing else that someone who claims there is «evidence» for
    magical aliens, without actually showing anything.

  10. @1liveandlearn11 Lulz, yeah, a real scientists are like you. ¿You see a
    light in the sky?, Aliensdidit ¿You see something unusual on the soil?,
    Aliensdidit. ¿You hear an inexplicable sound?, Aliesdidit. ¿Your food
    tastes strange?, Aliensdidit ¿You found an abnormal skull?, Aliensdidit
    ¿You found a binary message in the crops that uses ASCII human code?,
    Aliensdidit Fuck that shit of Scientific Method, that’s for «wannabe
    scientists», «Aliensdidit» is the REAL SCIENTIST way!!1

  11. You are an ignorant fucktard. Binary means nothing, binary are just number
    base 2, that doesn’t translate to anything. How this was translated was
    that they used ASCII codification over the base 2…. and guess what, ASCII
    is a man made codification, in fact ASCII stands for «American Standard
    Code for Information Interchange». You can still believe that «aliens» did
    that, but you will be just plain wrong and stupid.

  12. Wait a minute…… 1) 8 bit binary messages? 2) binary to ASCII text
    conversion? 3) English? The crop circles are quite complex I must
    admit…..but sorry this story lacks credibility. As much as I want to
    believe, this documentary is a bit of joke.

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