UFO buried on Bristol Island? «Reichsflugscheibe» — how to locate with Google Earth

NEW — Something flies by ISS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUKnzfd-ano Imagery property of Google Earth Thanks pballplayu94!! Fake? Legit? Have FUN and an …

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UFO buried on Bristol Island? «Reichsflugscheibe» — how to locate with Google Earth: 50 комментариев

  1. Sorry to burst your little green men bubble, but for those thinking this is
    real, it actually appears to be a worked version of the USS Defiant from
    Star Trek made to look like its in the ice….. But carry on believing if
    you wish.

  2. This looks more mechanical, hence a vast air inlet for any connecting deep
    underground bases. Spaceships are generally organic in build, meaning no
    sheets, rivets, moving parts I.e slats.

  3. Well, it’s more simple than anything anybody wrote:
    The point is, anyone can post any picture on Panoramio with any coordinates
    = I can post the image of a pizza in the middle of the Sahara: are you
    going to believe there is a unidentified flying pizza there ?!

  4. @ Cathy Margin, Youve explored Antarctica on google maps, wow you must know
    everything. i did an 18 month expedition there, and must say i dont think
    you cut it as an authority on the matter. lol 

  5. I dont think he would help you find the location if he made it up.
    But just because it looks very unfamiliar or similar to what we expect an
    alien ufo to look like does not mean its not something man made.

  6. 100×100 hoax propaganda of 65 millon year hoax cause the flood caused the
    state of the earth in wich is now since.knok knok…and y agree…quote
    This is a photo taken during a movie shown in a planetarium. This part of
    the movie shows the meteorite hit that killed the dinosaurs (65,000,000
    years ago) and created the Gulf for Mexico. The ISS was not around for
    that. The movie is computer animation. Black splotch is the planetarium

  7. That’s not a UFO. Looks like the reflection of the sun in the ocean with a
    planet next to the sun. No wonder NASA is cutting off all public access to

  8. Disinformation. They want us to tell everyone about this so that later on,
    when they reveal that it’s a Hoax, they can ridicule us, making us look
    illegitimate. They use something called, «controlled opposition,» pointing
    us in the wrong direction, mixing some truths along with disinformation.
    Alex Jones is used in this manner. There’s an English guy, Gorilla199, who
    does a lot of flying saucers and symbolism. He’s a Reptilian shill. Check
    out his video, «Alien UFO Fortress: Malta…. At 6:47, and again at 6:50
    his Reptoid tongue darts out. At 6:51 you can see his lip morph into his
    reptoid tongue, lol. The slow motion, frame-by-frame Reptoid finder
    techniquethat’s going viral really works. Check out the video if you harbor
    any doubts.

  9. i call this BULLSHIT no shadow and if it was real then people will be
    calling it it that then means it be all over the news so yes its BULLSHIT 

  10. Looks like something HAARP cooked up 😉 And I ask you, who DOESN’T know
    about HAARP now a days? Especially when they have one stationed up in
    Alaska and a few others heaven knows where else, but I digress :/

  11. They are here and want to be noticed these are seen popping up all over
    earth so it’s no fake but how will the public handle it and what are their
    intentions are anyone’s guess. They seem to only be hostile if their is a
    threat to them but the fact that they are here says we were never alone.
    God bless..

  12. I told you all that i have 1 million starships, this is a little one. My
    family owns this planet.If you people of the earth do not cooperate with us
    we will re create you all. My purpose for coming to this planet is to
    choose the people that will come on board our vessels in case it is needed
    to destroy this planet. The people that i select will be used to repopulate
    the planet after the destruction period has recided. I am warning you all
    you better watch the type of interaction that you have with ASAR RA
    SETEPENRA MAAT. I am the SUN. I am a SUNGOD.

  13. Astonishing that the video acknowledges the image is from a *planetarium*,
    and yet, seems to pretend it’s somehow a real picture. Apparently the
    maker of this video thinks a «planetarium» is a space based telescope, and
    not a fancy projector theatre.

  14. According to several sites, this is a photo taken inside of a Brazilian
    planetarium running a meteor explosion simulation. If you’ve ever visited a
    planetarium, you’ll recognize the familiar ceiling projector in silhouette.

  15. I feel like throwing up when I read all that comments here!! -.- OPEN YOUR
    MIND FOLKS!!! And STOP talking save in the knowlegde about things things
    like that! We’re ON EARTH. And none of us have the slightest idea of what
    is going on OUT THERE!! 

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