UFO caught in Egypt Hurghada

Unidentified Flying Objects found at the sky of Hurghada on Redsea Egypt.

UFO Over Taiwan August 2013, Same As China UFO Seen Last Week! UFO Sighting News

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UFO caught in Egypt Hurghada: 27 комментариев

  1. I’ll go one further… when the ufo passes overhead….that audio you hear
    is a file of the space shuttle gliding on approach. I have that exact same
    audio file from Native Instruments Transportation Audio Effects Volume 1. I
    compared them in a spectrum analyzer and the audio matches up exactly. And
    yes I actually do have a life…. : )

  2. It’s fake because I already seen it over 4 years ago in Metacafe & it was
    already among dozens of similar fake videos, but that doesn’t neglect the
    fact that it was perfectly made !!

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